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Camp in Comfort in the Best Tent

  1. Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6 Tent
  2. Featherstone Backpacking Tent
  3. Coleman Sundome Tent
  4. The North Face Tadpole Tent
  5. Coleman 8-person Elite Montana Tent
  6. Kodiak Canvas 10x14 ft. 8-Person Flex-Bow Canvas Tent
  7. Eureka Copper Canyon 12 -Person Tent
  8. Coleman Cabin Tent
  9. Kelty Parthenon 8-Person Tent
  10. Coleman 8-person Elite Montana Tent
  11. Wenzel Klondike 16 X 11-Feet Eight-Person Family Cabin Dome Tent
  12. Alps Mountaineering Zephyr 1 Tent
  13. Buyer's Guide

Tents are one of the most handy and versatile pieces of recreational equipment you can own. Need a quick and relatively inexpensive shelter during your motorcycle trip down the coast? Pack a tent. Want to explore some backcountry wilderness where few have set foot? A lightweight tent will add comfort and protection to your trip. The tent market is brimming with options to meet the many diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts, from the lightest shelters imaginable to a polyester and mesh mansion big enough to fit a brood of twelve. This list is designed to minimize your work in sifting through all those options and help find the best tent in 2022 for your individual needs. Numerous criteria have been considered to find the best options in each category and rest assured that every option is backed by positive consumer reviews. Best of luck during your search and cheers to your future adventures!

Detailing the Best Tents of 2022

Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6 Tent - Best Tent Overall

The Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6 offers an exceptional combination of space, comfort, and reliable weather protection. This mansion of a tent offers 95 square feet of space, with an additional 26 square feet of space in the vestibule. In the larger portion of the tent, the peak height reaches a respectable 5 feet, 6 inches, providing more than ample headroom (although full standing range is limited for taller individuals). The large and small portions of this tent are separated by a zippered fabric divider, giving you the option to fully separate or unite your tent space. You can even leave half of the partition up while stowing the other half. Sidewall vents and patches of mesh wall paneling help the tent breathe while also giving you adjustable control over the temperature of your tent. Setup is simplified by color coding, and since this tent is freestanding, it can be moved around the campsite until the most desired position is achieved. Considering the epic size of this tent, be sure to determine the dimensions of your prospective campsite beforehand as this tent may not fit in all designated areas.

Featherstone Backpacking Tent - Best Use

With a polyester rainfly and a mesh canopy to keep insects out, this Featherstone tent is ideal for camping, hiking, and riding in all three seasons. The seam-taped design prevents leaks by creating an impenetrable rain barrier, and the bathtub floor design raises the tent's bottom to keep you dry on damp ground. It features two entrances and two vestibules for storing convenience. You may move this tent without disassembling it because it is freestanding. It comes with metal stakes and a line rope for increased security. At 43 inches in height, the floor is spacious enough for two persons to walk on. The tent's single aluminum pole structure makes it simple to set up.

Coleman Sundome Tent - Runner Up

The REI Base Camp 6 is an all around excellent choice for a tried-and-true camping tent. Consumers are repeatedly pleased with the durability of this tent and its incredible resistance to inclement and even severe weather. The loads of mesh paneling allows for great tent ventilation while ceiling vents keep condensation under control. All that mesh paneling will afford you great views on a clear night, but you can't zip it up so privacy is limited when the rainfly is off. Two doors make entry and exit easy with multiple campers, and both are covered by vestibules which offer a total of 38 roomy square feet for storage, cooking, or even lounging in lawn chairs. The tent interior offers 83 square feet of space and a peak height just over 6 feet, making this one of the tallest tents on this list. The Base Camp 4 is a smaller version of this tent if your camping needs require less space.

The North Face Tadpole Tent - Honorable Mention

The North Face Tadpole 23 is an excellent choice if you want your camping tent to last through years, even decades, of use and abuse. Considering this is a lightweight tent that fits one to two people, it is best suited for backpacking or lightweight camping expeditions. This tent is exceptionally breathable and well ventilated, with overhead pockets to store your necessities and color coding for easy setup. Both the frame and overall tent design are extremely dependable, and are built to handle a broad range of weather conditions from mild and easygoing to relentless and unforgiving. You can sprawl out and relax in the 26 square feet of floor space, store your gear in the 9 square feet of vestibule space, and stretch out your arms and neck under the 41-inch ceiling.

Coleman 8-person Elite Montana Tent - Consider

If easy, spacious, mild-weather camping on a budget is more up your alley, the Coleman 8-person instant tent is definitely worth considering. This tent has a fantastic space-to-cost ratio, and practically sets itself up since the poles and tent body are pre-attached. Once erected, it offers 140 square feet of floor space - the largest amount on this list - and can be divided into two separate rooms if you so choose. It also features a ceiling over 6 feet tall, two separate doors, and seven windows. All this helps foster a roomy, airy camping experience with plenty of opportunities for outdoor views. This tent also incorporates Coleman's WeatherTec system to help keep you secure from foul weather, but be advised that it lacks a rainfly and the more advanced weatherproofing technology offered by other tent options.

Kodiak Canvas 10x14 ft. 8-Person Flex-Bow Canvas Tent - Best Tent for Camping

If you tend to prefer more luxurious amenities during your camping trips, the Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas tent will not disappoint. For starters, it boasts a 6-foot-6-inch ceiling height, spacious awning, and large front and back doors for easy entry and exit. If that isn't enough to excite tall campers, the 10-by-14-foot dimensions allow for loads of interior space, so feel free to pack extra large cots and other large camping comforts. The Flex-Bow frame is easy to assemble considering the tent’s large size and provides an extremely sturdy and supportive structure during inclement weather. The 100% cotton duck Hydra-Shield canvas offers insane watertight protection while no-see-um mesh windows help control condensation and keep the tiny flying critters out. Take note that this is a heavy tent, but many campers consider the weight to be a fair trade for the superior quality and strength of the tent materials.

Eureka Copper Canyon 12 -Person Tent - Best Family Tent

With a 7 foot high center ceiling and 168 square feet of spacious wiggle room, the Eureka! Copper Canyon 12 is ideal for a family looking to enjoy their camping quarters as much as their outdoor adventures. The tent sleeps up to 12 people (if the participants are agreeable to a snug fit) and would more than adequately provide comfortable space for a family of 6 to 8 people. The frame and tent body are refreshingly easy to assemble, making set up a breeze and freeing up more time to go explore your new outdoor wonderland. Numerous side pockets and gear lofts will help you store all the supplies and trinkets that will undoubtedly accompany your vacation, while a removable center curtain allows you the freedom to divide or unite your tent space as you see fit. You can even have electrical cord access to power appliances in your tent with the E! power port. After a fun day of rugged outdoor adventuring, this tent will provide a roomy, dry, and comfortable haven for you and your family.

Coleman Cabin Tent - Best Family Tent

The REI Kingdom 8 is aptly named considering it can act as your virtual camping kingdom during your adventures. The tent features two rooms, each with its own entrance and separated by a zippered divider. The front room is smaller and ideal for gear storage while the rear room is larger and can serve as a roomy sleeping space. Tall vertical walls peak at a height of 6 feet 5 inches, minimizing the risk of constantly bumping your head as you change or move around. Loads of mesh pockets and loops allow for easy gear storage and accessibility of frequently used items. The rain fly is full coverage which will keep you dry with the added bonus of keeping the tent nice and warm on cold nights. Although it is advertised as an 8-person tent, it would most comfortably fit a family of four or five people. This tent also has the added bonus of being lightweight, although it is still a little on the heavy side for more rigorous backpacking trips. A handy garage can be purchased separately and used for additional gear storage or shelter for a pet. As always, it is a good idea to consider purchasing the footprint to protect your tent investment.

Kelty Parthenon 8-Person Tent - Best Family Tent

This tent offers perks to keep everyone in the family happy during a camping trip. Set up is simple and even has color coding to further simplify the process. Since the tent is freestanding, it can easily be moved around in your campsite during set up to find the most smooth spot before anchoring down. Of note, the stakes that come with this tent are not as sturdy and durable as some people would like, so you may want to consider bringing along a stash of more hefty stakes. The interior offers 143 square feet of roomy space while the vestibule offers an additional 28.7 square feet for storage or simple shoe space. The Parthenon also features Kelty's infamous ArcEdge floor to keep you extra dry and protected. If you have family members that tend to use the bathroom in the wee hours of the morning, the noiseless zipper pulls will reduce noise and help keep other family members comfortably snoozing.

Coleman 8-person Elite Montana Tent - Consider

If easy, spacious, mild-weather camping on a budget is more up your alley, the Coleman 8-person instant tent is definitely worth considering. This tent has a fantastic space-to-cost ratio, and practically sets itself up since the poles and tent body are pre-attached. Once erected, it offers 140 square feet of floor space - the largest amount on this list - and can be divided into two separate rooms if you so choose. It also features a ceiling over 6 feet tall, two separate doors, and seven windows. All this helps foster a roomy, airy camping experience with plenty of opportunities for outdoor views. This tent also incorporates Coleman's WeatherTec system to help keep you secure from foul weather, but be advised that it lacks a rainfly and the more advanced weatherproofing technology offered by other tent options.

Wenzel Klondike 16 X 11-Feet Eight-Person Family Cabin Dome Tent - Best Family Tent

If you and your family enjoy the campsite amenities of a roomy interior and tall ceilings, the 158 square feet of space (including the screen room) and 78” center ceiling height of the Wenzel Klondike will serve you well. This tent makes it easy to keep your gear and accessories separate from your living space if desired, or to simply have unique tent spaces for different purposes. The attached screen room is great for breezy afternoon naps or bug-free picnics, while zipping up that screened space can also provide additional sleeping space or a weather-protected gear storage area. Set up may require a little extra care considering the size and height of the tent; having two adults handy would be ideal. Laying a footprint under the tent to increase its water-protective capabilities is also a good idea (this is a good rule of thumb in general).

Alps Mountaineering Zephyr 1 Tent - Best Single Person Tent

The ALPS Mountaineering Zephyr 1 has a solid reputation for extremely reliable weather protection and roomy head space where your head actually spends a lot of time (aka closer to the end of the tent rather than the center). Total carrying weight is less than four pounds, pole clips make set up fast and easy, and this bad boy is freestanding to top it all off. The cross-pole frame design allows for plenty of room to sit up and change while inside the tent. In fact, most consumers find the twenty three square feet of interior space to be plenty roomy. The vestibule offers a good amount of storage space for gear and mesh walls keep the tent interior well ventilated.

Buyer's Guide

Tents are a wonderful way to explore the outdoors and make some great memories. Whether you’re camping in your backyard or out in the woods, you need a tent that is easy to set up, provides adequate space, is strong and durable, and, perhaps most importantly, is within your budget.

Not all tents are created equal. As such, it can be difficult making a decision about which one is right for you. Every person has different tent requirements for their camping needs. For this reason, we have come up with a list of considerations and features you can use to help find a tent compatible with your requirements.

What is a tent?

A tent is a shelter made out of durable fabric that is sustained by sturdy poles. It is collapsible and usually used as a temporary building to provide you with shelter outdoors. They come in many different configurations, sizes, and materials, each ideal for different purposes.

Why should you buy a tent?

There are several reasons why you might need to create a temporary shelter. Here are some of them:

Visit somewhere outdoors

If you want to visit somewhere like a national park or nature reserve, you will want to set aside a couple of days to explore it properly. You will save time and money by staying on a nearby campsite or wild camping. If you choose to wild camp, ensure you are camping in an area where the local wildlife isn’t too much of a threat. Having a proper tent can allow you to set up a temporary home for a few days while you explore the great outdoors.

You may even just want to get out of the house for a few days and go to a campsite or wooded area near your home. Whatever the reason, a tent is a perfect way to go live outdoors for a night or two.

Music festival

If you want to enjoy the full line-up at a music festival, you may want to camp for the weekend. Music festivals often have a variety of campsites you can choose from. It is advised not to take an expensive tent to a music festival, but you’ll still want a tent of some sort. Plus, because you’ll be spending your time enjoying the music, it is unlikely you’ll use your tent for anything other than sleeping.

No room for guests

If you have friends or family who need to stay over for whatever reason, but there is no space in your home, you could put them up in a tent in your yard. This is also a fun activity for children if they have sleepovers with their friends. They can feel adventurous by sleeping outside and aren’t making a ruckus in the house but are still close enough to keep an eye on.

What are some things to consider when buying a tent?

To help you choose your perfect camping tent, we have provided this list of features and criteria you should consider:


Tent size is measured by how many people want to use it. If you are going camping with one other person, you would need a 2-man tent. For every extra person you are taking, you go up in 1-man increments— 3-man, 4-man, etc.

You may wish to purchase a 3-man tent if you want some extra room for 2 people. There is no harm in using a tent for fewer people than it can technically fit.

Added space

Some tents come with added compartments similar to having a bedroom and a living room. If your tent consists of two separate sleeping compartments, it will often have a room or hall joining them in the center. If extra rooms appeal to you, look for a tunnel tent, vis-à-vis, or a pod living tent. Tents like these are great for separating the sleeping space from the gear and other items you bring, especially dirty shoes.

Waterproof rating

The tent waterproof rating (hydrostatic head) will give you an idea of the outer layer’s water-repelling capabilities. This measurement is usually given as a number such as 3000 followed by mm HH. The higher the number, the more waterproof your tent.

What are the types of tents?

Tents come in all sorts of designs and styles. Here are a few of the most common ones:

Basic ridge tents

The basic ridge tent has a pole at either end and sometimes a cross pole that holds up the roof. The basic ridge looks like a classic triangular tent that often comes to mind. It is easy to assemble and is quite reliable but contains very little headroom. The ridge tent remains sturdy at any size and is very versatile.

A dome tent

A dome tent uses two flexible poles which are attached to the base of the tent. The poles are then placed across each other and bent downwards. When each end of the pole is bent downwards, they create a dome shape.

Dome tents are light and easy to construct, but larger tents in this design are less sturdy. Our advice is only to buy a dome tent if it is for 3 people or under.

Geodesic pitch tent

A geodesic tent gets its name from its tent poles crossing in a way that creates triangular intersections. Geodesic tents are what the experts use in harsh weather conditions and mountainside camping. As such, geodesic tents are always quite small. If you know you will be camping somewhere windy, do not use a large tent, or it may turn into a kite! These are ideal for camping in inclement weather.

Pop-up tents

A pop-up tent can take less than one minute to assemble. It usually just needs to be twisted in the right way to pop up into the shape you need. We recommend only using this type of tent during good weather conditions and only for a couple of nights at the most. These are also great for days at the beach when you won't need the tent for more than a few hours.

Tunnel tents

Tunnel tents are the most popular form of family tent. They are light, easy to pitch, and often have storage space separate from the sleeping compartment. These can have a large capacity as well, making them smart for bigger group gatherings.

Pod living tents

Pod tents have one main compartment with many pods leading off. This is a great tent to use if you are camping with a large group of friends or family because it affords extra privacy. However, these can take up a lot of space, so make sure your site is large enough. They may also take a while to assemble.


Tepee tents are undoubtedly stylish. Unless they are made of 100% heavy cotton, they should only be used during fine weather, as they do not contain an inner layer. These aren't as common for camping trips but are certainly always an option.

What is the price range for tents?

A tent for camping can cost from as little as $15 and up to $2500. Many cheap tents are not made to last long and are only appropriate for mild weather conditions. If you are looking for a large tent with lots of additional features, it will cost more money.


What weight tent can I carry when going on a hike?

A tent should weigh no more than 3kg per person— less if possible. If hiking with multiple people, you can split up the load to make it easier to carry.

How do I take care of my tent?

There are some key rules to follow to keep your tent in good working order.

  1. Use a ground cloth under your tent whenever possible
  2. Do not wear shoes inside your tent
  3. Place a doormat inside the entrance to catch mud and sand
  4. Do not keep food inside the tent - you may attract animals.

You should also avoid going camping in any extreme weather, especially if your tent did not cost much money. Cheaper tents will not be able to withstand the elements like higher quality, more expensive ones.

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