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Keep Your Bathroom Clean With The Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner

  1. Fluidmaster Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  2. Kaboom Scrub Free Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  3. Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  4. Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  5. Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel
  6. WBM Home Toilet Cleaner
  7. Buyer's Guide

While there are a lot of options out theres, it can be hard to know which ones are the best for your bowls. Luckily, our team of home experts has together a list of the very best toilet bowl cleaners in 2022.

Detailing the Best Toilet Bowl Cleaners of 2022

Fluidmaster Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner Overall

The design and strength of the Fluidmaster Flush ‘N Sparkle made it a clear and easy choice. Unlike a lot of other automatic toilet bowl cleaners, the Flush ‘N Sparkle® has design that prevent bleach from entering the toilet tank. Instead the bleach is dispensed into the toilet bowl for the concentrated cleaning power needed for really tough stains. This feature is a favorite in the plumbing world, since most other automatic cleaners dispense bleach into the toilet tank often damaging the operation of the toilet over time. Quick, and easy to use, you will love the fact that no heavy scrubbing is required. The actual dispenser has a 5 year warranty and the replacement cartridges pack enough power for more than 1000 flushes and easy to replace. The Flush ‘N Sparkle will not be the cheapest cleaner on the market, but its longevity and superior cleaning power will be well worth the expense.

Kaboom Scrub Free Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Runner Up

The Kaboom Scrub Free toilet bowl cleaner is similar in concept to the Flush ‘N Sparkle. Like the Flush ‘N Sparkle, the Kaboom cleaner’s design prevents the cleaning chemicals from entering your toilet tank. This system is easy to install, safe on septic tanks, and efficient, since the cleaning chemicals are dispensed directly into the toilet bowl. The only drawback to this product is the claim to clean for up to 3 months. This will be subjective based on the sized of your household. If your bathroom is busy, then 3 months may be a stretch. And, all though this is great for most stains, you may find that the real tough stains may still require work on your part. Like, the Flush ‘N Sparkle, the Kaboom will cost a little more than the average cleaner. However, for singles, couples, seniors, or anyone with a small family or multiple bathrooms, this system will be great for you.

Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Honorable Mention

A perennial household name, the Clorox® line has always been a consumer favorite. With the power of Clorox®, rest assured you achieve an amazing clean. This cleaner’s bottle has an angled neck for easy under-the-rim cleaning. Clorox® toilet bowl cleaner with bleach is strong enough for some of the toughest stains, with a fresh clean scent that will not nauseate or over power. Since this is a gel, it will cling to the bowl, so you can let this cleaner sit longer before you start cleaning. This will reduce the amount of effort needed to remove difficult stains and ensure 99.9% of germs are killed.

Lysol Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Consider

No matter how much we all hate scrubbing, sometimes it’s a necessary evil. When there is no other way, the Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner with bleach is your best bet. Lysol has been a trusted brand for generations. This cleaner cleans and disinfects by eliminating bacteria. Since you apply directly into the toilet bowl, the harsh bleach and other chemicals do not harm your toilet tank. Plus, the angled neck allows you to easy clean under the rim. Although this cleaner will require a little elbow grease, letting it soak for about 15-20 minutes before you start scrubbing will greatly reduce the amount of effort needed.

Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel - Best Toilet Bowl Cleaner

The Scrubbing Bubbles® cleaner is marketed as one of the most hygienic cleaners avaiable, since the dispenser will eliminate the need to touch the toilet bowl or gel discs with your hands. Each gel disc lasts for about 1 week and sits right under the rim, so this cleaner is safe for the toilet tank and the septic system. There is no lasting residue and each disc will dissolve away when depleted. It may sound like the cleaner of your dreams, but there will be a reality for some. If you place gel directly under the rim, but your water levels do not come up enough to activate, it will not work. Plus, you may find that scrubbing will still be needed for really tough stains. Still, if you are a senior, single, or don’t have to scrub deeply to keep your toilet clean, this will be a great option for you.

WBM Home Toilet Cleaner - Also Consider

This toilet cleaning system includes a wand, storage caddy, and 8 scrubbers. How does it work? Well, you use the wand to attach it to the scrubber/sponge and scrub, swish, and clean the toilet. Once you’re done, you conveniently pop off the scrubber with a mere button tap and throw it in the bin! We love this toilet cleaner in particular because not only is this a cleaner and more convenient alternative to a germs-ridden toilet brush in the corner of your bathroom, but it’s also highly functional and works miraculously to clean hard-to-reach areas under the bowl rim. Plus, it fits anywhere and it’s super easy to use! Don’t worry if you run out of your 8 scrubber refills that this cleaner originally comes with, you can easily buy them again! Moreover, the WBM toilet cleaner only costs $18 so you can always buy it after it has gone through the test of time.

Buyer's Guide

Every store will likely offer an apparently endless aisle of toilet bowl cleaners. These products vary in terms of quality, usefulness, environmental friendliness, and pricing. As a result, obtaining an ideal solution to your toilet problem might be as infuriating as the problem itself.

Cleaners come in a variety of types and packaging, and with so many options, picking the best toilet bowl cleaners may be difficult. This guide about the best toilet bowl cleaners will assist you in making an informed purchase.

Which type of toilet bowl cleaner should you buy?

Squirt bottle

These cleaners come in bottles, making it simple to target hard-to-reach regions of the toilet. The bottle contains liquid and gel cleansers that are quite efficient in removing stains from beneath the rim.


These toilet bowl cleaners are often liquid or aerosol. They are available in spray bottles, and all you have to do is spray on the afflicted region and wipe away with a sponge or piece of cloth. It is as simple as that!


These are thick viscous substances that may be applied to the bowl rims. They conceal and loosen debris and stains, making it simple to scrape them away with a brush. Generally, thick gels are quite efficient in cleaning the toilet; they remain on the bowl long enough to remove stains.


Tablets are solid by nature and require no preparation other than dropping them into the bowl or tank. The majority of pills are chlorine or bromine-based. These are incredibly potent compounds that work as both a cleaner and an antiseptic.

Which important features of toilet bowl cleaners should you look for?


Toilet bowl cleaners are available in a variety of application types. Drop-in tablets are ideal for those who despise cleaning since they are intended to disintegrate and cut through solidified dirt and filth upon contact. Then there are other alternatives that serve one-time use, making it convenient to scrub off the accumulated filth and remove stains. Such options eliminate the need to re-using old filthy toilet brushes.

Antimicrobial formula

Antimicrobial ingredients assist in preventing unpleasant smells and preserving a fresh scent. It is especially beneficial for large homes with more than ten daily toilet trips to ensure that your toilet won't stink.

Ingredients (natural vs. chemical)

If you have pets, small children, or are an enthusiastic recycler; you may want to go for plant-based formulations or biodegradable pads that dissolve quickly in water to avoid toilets being clogged. Additionally, natural toilet bowl cleaners generate fewer fumes, which can irritate the eyes and skin otherwise.

Fluid’s viscosity

The thickness of the cleaning chemicals dictates the amount of time they spend in the bowl. While thin cleaners will flow down the toilet water before even beginning your cleaning process, gel cleaners will remain on the toilet bowl for a longer period.


Toilet cleaners are available in a variety of scents, including eucalyptus, lemon, sandalwood, rose, and even spearmint. Decide on a scent and get a toilet cleaner with that smell; however, ensure that no one in your home is allergic to the aroma you chose for your toilet bowl cleaning.

Which factors to consider when choosing the best toilet bowl cleaners?

The stain's nature

Toilet bowl cleaners are classified based on the type of stain, its persistence, intensity, and the chemicals used. You can get a clear indication of a product’s usefulness by having a look at the ingredients list on the packaging.

Prior to purchasing a toilet bowl cleaner, determine the severity of your stains to ensure you get the right product. Additionally, you may read some customer reviews online to determine the stains that the toilet bowl cleaning agent is successful against.

Multi-purpose products

The finest toilet bowl cleaners should be able to disinfect as well as clean, but few solutions can accomplish both successfully, necessitating the purchase of two different products. Using alternative stain remover, protection, and disinfection product formulations may help you get better results.


How long you want the results of your cleaning solution to last will influence the type of product you use. You should choose a cleaning agent that is powerful enough to endure for the duration of your desired cleaning time. To ensure that you are purchasing the most effective cleaning products for your requirements, carefully look at the information on the package and label.

How much do toilet bowl cleaners cost?

Toilet cleaners are not prohibitively costly, particularly ones intended for single use. You can get a high-quality toilet bowl cleaner for less than $5 on the market. On the other hand, the price tends to grow as the toilet cleaner's lifespan increases.

Certainly, the toilet cleaners that last more are the handiest, particularly if you are not a fan of manual cleaning. To do so, though, you must be ready to pay more than $30.

If you are not on a budget, you may purchase a six-month toilet cleaning combination. This way, you won't have to purchase cleaning items more often.

However, if you're not prepared to spend a hefty amount on toilet cleaning, you may choose from several less expensive yet efficient toilet bowl cleaners.

Cleaning items appear to be increasing in price every month if you need to buy them more often. What costs you $1 one day may treble in price the next. If price increases are a regular occurrence in your area, saving money and investing in a long-lasting toilet cleaning product is preferable.


Q: Is using bleach tablets harmful to your toilet?

A: If used often, bleach tablets have been known to harm the rubber seals within your toilet, resulting in toilet leaks and other problems.

Q: Is it safe to use toilet bowl cleaners on your septic tanks?

A: When toilet bowl cleaners are used according to the manufacturer's directions, they pose no harm to the septic system. Before they reach the bottom, some of them decompose into salt and water.

Q: How do you remove the stains of blue toilet bowl cleaners?

A: A moderately abrasive handwash will help you rinse off the stains of blue-colored toiled cleansers. Additionally, you may mix baking soda and water to make a thick paste and use it to clean your hands. Alternatively, protect your hands by using gloves when handling the cleaner.

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