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Review: Best Tummy Shapewears

As women, we tend to strive for constant perfection when it comes to our overall appearance. We are continuously dieting and spending hours at the gym in order to tone and maintain our figures. Until recently, when one of the most amazing products was created: shapewear to control our tummies. What an outstanding creation! This gives us the ability to smooth out any imperfections in that hard to tone area.

I have recently become a huge fan of these types of products and have been trying out different brands in order to find the best. When it comes to shaping and controlling the tummy area in a shapewear product, I took the overall ability control my tummy, design and fit of the product, and how well it hides itself underneath my clothes into consideration. For more information on what to look at in selecting the best tummy shapewear in 2021, we have listed below what product is best to buy.

Best Tummy Shapewear

Spanx Simplicity Open-Bust Camisole Tummy Shapewear

What can I say? I'm a woman who swear by her SPANX. This company has truly taken the world (and my closet) by storm. This specific piece has many great features as well as meeting all of my requirements for the best tummy shapewear.

First, the overall fit and ability to control the tummy (and back) is absolutely perfection! It sucks you in so much that you will actually lose inches off of your mid section! Next, this tank is available in a few basic color options as well as featuring a thin sheer lace layer at the bottom which provides the perfect little accent.

Finally, this tank hides itself quite well under clothing and doesn't smash your chest down due to the scoop that goes right another neath your favorite bra. This special feature also offers a little something extra: extra cleavage! This is truly a winner all the way around (physically and figuratively).

best lace trim tummy shapewear

Skinny Girl Shapers Cupped Cami with Lace Trim Tummy Shapewear

Bethenny Frankel is considered a "BRAVOlebrity" and has created an empire for herself with products ranging from alcoholic beverages to cookbooks, and now she can add shapewear to the list. I personally love this tank because it is very sexy, and unlike many shapewear pieces, it is meant to actually be worn as a tank top. It can easily be paired with many different pieces of your wardrobe to create an ultra sultry look as well as tame your tummy! Therefore, the overall design, fit, and way it sits on the body is right on target with this product.

The reason that this tank was pushed into the #2 spot is because of the ability to control the tummy. I think that because this tank is meant to be worn on the outside, it doesn't suck your stomach in as much as some others because there won't be anything worn overtop of it.

Wacoal Women's Shaping Up Thong Tummy Shapewear

The Wacoal Shapin-Up High-Waist Thong is a great shapewear piece for many reasons. Not only does it firm and shape the mid-section, but it also works the overall low hip area as well. It is easily hidden under everything that you are wearing from fitted cocktail dresses to casual clothing. I really love how well it hides itself.

Now, this piece doesn't really need to be fashion forward because it is completely hidden underneath your clothing. The only factor that pushed this piece into the #3 spot for is the fact that there is a little strip of skin exposed between the bra and very high waist that could lead to a little bump if its not smoothed and pulled up properly. Other than that issue, this is a winner!

Yummie Tummie Hip Length Stretch Tank Tummy Shapewear

The Yummie Tummie tank is a more comfortable and practical approach to taming the tummy. It is very basic in its design and not extremely fashionable, but it definitely does its job of sucking in the mid section.

This particular piece of shapewear was put into the last spot because of how plain it is, and the fact that it meant to be shown peeking out of the bottom of whatever shirt you are wearing. I am a firm believer that shapewear is meant to be hidden — what woman wants the world to know that she is using a product to make her look thinner? On the other hand, it made this list in the first place because of its great ability to smooth out any mid section imperfections. This piece definitely serves its purpose!

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