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Best Tummy Shapewear for a Slim Physique

  1. Spanx Simplicity Open-Bust Camisole Tummy Shapewear
  2. Sonryse Tummy Shapewear
  3. Wacoal Women's Shaping Up Thong Tummy Shapewear
  4. Yummie Tummie Hip Length Stretch Tank Tummy Shapewear
  5. Buyer's Guide

As women, we tend to strive for constant perfection when it comes to our overall appearance. We are continuously dieting and spending hours at the gym in order to tone and maintain our figures. Until recently, when one of the most amazing products was created: shapewear to control our tummies. What an outstanding creation! This gives us the ability to smooth out any imperfections in that hard to tone area.

I have recently become a huge fan of these types of products and have been trying out different brands in order to find the best. When it comes to shaping and controlling the tummy area in a shapewear product, I took the overall ability control my tummy, design and fit of the product, and how well it hides itself underneath my clothes into consideration. For more information on what to look at in selecting the best tummy shapewear in 2022, we have listed below what product is best to buy.

What are the best tummy shapewears of 2022?

Spanx Simplicity Open-Bust Camisole Tummy Shapewear - Best Tummy Shapewear Overall

What can I say? I'm a woman who swear by her SPANX. This company has truly taken the world (and my closet) by storm. This specific piece has many great features as well as meeting all of my requirements for the best tummy shapewear.

First, the overall fit and ability to control the tummy (and back) is absolutely perfection! It sucks you in so much that you will actually lose inches off of your mid section! Next, this tank is available in a few basic color options as well as featuring a thin sheer lace layer at the bottom which provides the perfect little accent.

Finally, this tank hides itself quite well under clothing and doesn't smash your chest down due to the scoop that goes right another neath your favorite bra. This special feature also offers a little something extra: extra cleavage! This is truly a winner all the way around (physically and figuratively).

Sonryse Tummy Shapewear - Best Design

Some tummy shapewear is a little bland or boring in its design, but this tummy tuck compression underwear from Sonryse is simply stunning. Availalbe in a range of colors and styles, it features lovely lace trims along the base, with strong Colombian girdles to compress the tummy and give you the most flattering and shapely silhouette. Ideal for use as a postpartum girdle or post-surgery tummy control, this shapewear is immensely stretchy. It's ready to suit people of all body types, with sizes from XS to 4XL, crafted from only the finest and most durable materials.

Wacoal Women's Shaping Up Thong Tummy Shapewear - Runner Up

The Wacoal Shapin-Up High-Waist Thong is a great shapewear piece for many reasons. Not only does it firm and shape the mid-section, but it also works the overall low hip area as well. It is easily hidden under everything that you are wearing from fitted cocktail dresses to casual clothing. I really love how well it hides itself.

Now, this piece doesn't really need to be fashion forward because it is completely hidden underneath your clothing. The only factor that pushed this piece into the #3 spot for is the fact that there is a little strip of skin exposed between the bra and very high waist that could lead to a little bump if its not smoothed and pulled up properly. Other than that issue, this is a winner!

Yummie Tummie Hip Length Stretch Tank Tummy Shapewear - Honorable Mention

The Yummie Tummie tank is a more comfortable and practical approach to taming the tummy. It is very basic in its design and not extremely fashionable, but it definitely does its job of sucking in the mid section.

This particular piece of shapewear was put into the last spot because of how plain it is, and the fact that it meant to be shown peeking out of the bottom of whatever shirt you are wearing. I am a firm believer that shapewear is meant to be hidden — what woman wants the world to know that she is using a product to make her look thinner? On the other hand, it made this list in the first place because of its great ability to smooth out any mid section imperfections. This piece definitely serves its purpose!

Buyer's Guide

Tummy shapewear is a popular product for those who want to feel more confident in their clothing, as it helps to smooth out the appearance of your stomach area. There are many distinctive styles and brands of shapewear available on the market, but not all of them will be a good fit for you. In this guide, we will give you some tips that can help you find the best size and style of tummy shaper based on your body type. So, let's jump right in!

What Are Some Benefits of Having Tummy Shapewear?

Tummy shapewear is a popular and widely used garment. It is vital to use a tummy shaper for four primary reasons.

  • You can use it for many medical purposes, such as during the last stages of pregnancy or for gastrointestinal problems. In these circumstances, the tummy shapewear provides comfort and support to the wearer.
  • When worn under-fitted clothing, including dresses – they help camouflage your figure to create a smoother, more streamlined silhouette.
  • Tummy shapewear can also be worn on its own for that extra boost of confidence when you want to look good without the hassle of resorting to traditional diet and exercise methods.
  • In addition to helping with your tummy area, shapewear can smooth out your bulging thighs, hips, and backside, making it easier for you to wear those skinny jeans or pencil skirts that have been sitting in your wardrobe for months!

Types Of Tummy Shapewear

The types of tummy shapewear are different according to their function. Let's explore some of the famous ones.

Waist Cinchers

The most famous type of tummy shapers is waist cinchers. These are not designed to hold in the stomach area, but instead, they can help give you a slimming effect through the waistline by using compression. They are used to flatten any belly bulges that might be present and tighten up your waistline.

Contour Garments

These shapers work on a similar principle as waist cinchers by slimming your waist and pulling in any protruding abdominal muscles, which helps shape the body into a more flattering form.

Control Briefs

Control briefs are a popular choice for women that have large bulging stomach muscles. They can help you to lose your tummy by providing compression and firm support in the abdominal area. They usually have a flat seam panty shaped design that supports your body without digging in or pinching.

Underbust Shapewear

It is an ideal solution for women who have larger breasts and want to reduce the size of their bust line. Underbust shapewear will provide a slimming effect through the chest and waistline, creating a more streamlined figure that can be appealing to the eye.

Corset Style Shapewear

This type of shapewear tends to be quite expensive, but they offer maximum compression and control through your body. If you want to eliminate the appearance of your tummy and tighten up your waistline, then a corset will be ideal for this task. They will also help to reduce the size of your thighs and bottom by helping to flatten them against your body.

What Should You Consider When Looking for Tummy Shapewear?

If you're coveting that slimming, shaping, and smoothing waist of your favorite celebrity or runway model, then read on! You just might find that tummy shapewear is the answer to all your prayers. But before you go ahead and buy any ordinary shapewear, consider these factors.


Tummy shapewear is designed to hug your curves without pinching your skin. It should be snug but not too tight - no indentations in the fabric means it will work for you! Look for tummy shapers with a full tummy panel to provide an all-around slimming figure. Also, make sure it comes with an adjustable neckline to fit your body type.

Wear Style

Defined waistbands are on the rise, but less-defined tummy bands are on-trend. These styles offer the same slimming benefits of a fitted waistband while allowing more flexibility to your figure. Choose the one that suits you the best!


Cotton, spandex, or nylon--what's best? The age-old debate is still going on among women whether cotton or spandex is the better choice. It's all about absorbency. Cotton is more breathable, while spandex allows for moisture-wicking functionality. You might want to choose one made from breathable material so you can wear it during hot days without feeling sticky or hot inside your clothes.


Not all tummy shapewear is created equal! There's a big difference between the $20 piece and the $200 piece. The higher-end versions are made from better quality fabric and contain brand-specific details like reinforced seams and smooth cups. The investment is worth it if you plan on wearing your shapewear often.


Unlike other body-shaping garments, tummy shapewear shouldn't be black! Black may seem like the safest bet, but it accentuates every dimple and bulge. You want to choose a color that compliments your skin tone instead of matching it.


A full tummy panel may seem like the most effective way to slim down, but this is not always true. A fitted waistband can work better for some women because it offers more flexibility when you sit down or bend over. Find out what works best for your body type, and don't be afraid to try something new.


Unlike bras, there are no standard sizes when it comes to shapewear. The best way to know if your tummy shapewear fits is to check if the cup fits you perfectly. You should never compromise on fit, even if you happen to be on the right side of the size chart.

When Should You Replace Your Tummy Shapewear?

Different tummy shapers come with different durability and lifespan. You mustn't wear the same garment over and over again for a long period without giving it a break. This is a common mistake many women make, and this will cause the garment to lose its elasticity very quickly. Most shapewear garments can last at least a year with proper care. However, tummy shapewear should be replaced every 6 months to a year, depending on how often you wear it.

People Also Ask

Q: Can I Wear Tummy Control Garments When Exercising?

Yes, you can. The best tummy shaper will enhance your figure without decreasing your range of motion or mobility during any activity.

Q: How Do I Find the Best Tummy Shapewear for My Needs?

Before choosing a tummy control garment, you first need to determine what kind of results you're after. Some options are designed to slim down the waist and stomach only, while others also focus on flattening out the hips and thighs as well as improving posture. Once you know what results you want to achieve, finding the ones for your needs will be easier.

Q: Is Tummy Shapewear Comfortable to Wear?

A dirty tummy shaper will be uncomfortable to wear. However, the right product will feel gentle on the skin without pinching or digging in anywhere, and you'll barely even notice it's there!

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