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Comfortable and Stylish: Best Jeans for Women

  1. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Modern Skinny Jeans For Women
  2. WallFlower Instastretch Luscious Curvy Bootcut Jeans For Women
  3. Democracy Plus-Size Ab Solution Straight Leg Jeans For Women
  4. Amazon Essentials Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans For Women
  5. Daily Ritual Standard Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans For Women
  6. Buyer's Guide

Whether you are a comfort-seeker looking for pants to lounge around in or an aesthetics-focused customer searching for the perfect fit, the need for a stylish, yet functional pair of jeans is a critical must-have in any woman’s closet. The best jeans are comfortable enough to wear every day while you run errands and stylish enough to keep you looking (and feeling) good at the same time.

To help you figure out which jeans are perfect for you, we’ve put together a list of the best jeans for women on the market in 2022.

Best Jeans For Women Worth Considering in 2022

Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Modern Skinny Jeans For Women - Best Overall

Available in two fit types — regular and plus size — these skinny jeans are a crowd favorite. In addition to the two fit type options, they also come in three different lengths with 10 different color washes to choose from. These jeans feature a zip fly and button closure with a classic five-pocket design. The selling point for these jeans is their comfort and fit. They're stretchy enough to fit curvier body types and sturdy enough to comfortably stay in place without sagging. The mid-rise fit is also a plus, as it is flattering for every body type.

WallFlower Instastretch Luscious Curvy Bootcut Jeans For Women - Runner Up

Available in 17 different color washes and both standard and plus sizes, these jeans are a great option for the more picky customer. These jeans for women feature a zipper closure and mid-rise contour waistband, making them stay securely in place without compromising on comfort. The jeans are made of “instastretch” denim, which ensures that the jeans sculpt themselves according to your unique body type. In addition, the design features a five-pocket design and contrast-stitched button-flap back pockets. The fit is bootcut, which means that it is tight across the hips and thighs but relaxed below the knee, making them an ideal choice for those who like a less tapered fit to wear over heels and boots.

Democracy Plus-Size Ab Solution Straight Leg Jeans For Women - Honorable Mention

The Democracy Women’s Plus-Size Ab Solution Straight Leg Jean is one of the more affordable jean options available. These jeans feature an innovative and intricate design, dubbed ‘Ab Solution,’ which incorporates super-stretch denim, slimming panels, a hidden inner elastic waistband, mesh panels, and a curved back yoke for a look so flattering it borders on deceiving. These jeans are available in seven colors and come in short, long, petite, and plus sizes. They fit well and are comfortable enough to lounge around in, but are stylish enough to wear out and about as well.

Amazon Essentials Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans For Women - Contender

Low-priced and classically designed, the Amazon Essentials Women's Mid-Rise Skinny Jean is a product that is hard to beat. Available in 16 colors and washes, this product is a great option for those who are on a budget but don’t want to compromise on style. The jeans feature a zip fly with button closure and have a bit of stretch for extra comfort. Sizing is also diverse, with sizes 2-20 available along with short and long varieties to make sure every customer is satisfied. These jeans are made of a thinner material than some other options, but that makes them nice to wear in warmer weather.

Daily Ritual Standard Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans For Women - Consider

Classic, affordable, and skinny, the Daily Ritual Women's Standard Mid-Rise Skinny Jean is a product best suited for customers looking for that standard skinny jean look. Featuring premium denim with some stretch, these skinny jeans have great hold and shape that fine-tunes the body’s silhouette. These jeans stay in their original shape even after multiple washes, which is an added plus if you are looking for longevity in your pair of jeans. These jeans are also advertised to require fewer washes, which is not only environmentally friendly but also saves time. In addition, there are nine different colors and washes available along with three size varieties.

Buyer's Guide

For most women, having a pair of good quality, well-fitting jeans in your closet is essential. From casually wearing them around the house to dressing them up for more formal occasions like interviews or dinners, our jeans go through a lot. This is exactly why the need for a stylish yet long-lasting pair of jeans is absolutely necessary. Deciding on a pair of jeans can be a daunting task, but we are here to help you choose the best jeans for you.

Selecting the right pair of jeans can be confusing, partly due to the incredibly diverse range of jeans available on the market. From fit to stretch to aesthetics, there are so many options to choose from. To help you choose which jeans are perfect for you, we have developed this buying guide so you can make your decision with confidence.

How are jeans sized?

Women's jeans come in a variety of sizes, and it can be easy to get overwhelmed if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. When purchasing a pair of jeans, it is essential to be aware of the sizing and whether it fits you well. Sizing can be in one of two ways, either by waist size or standard sizing. Sizing can also come in three types, short, long, and petite.

Waist Size and Standard Sizing

The sizing mentioned in inches refers to your waist size. This usually ranges from 23 inches to 36 inches, with the US standard size counterpart as 00 to 20, respectively. Having a waist size measurement can be helpful if you don’t know your regular US standard size. Be sure to check which sizing is being used by the vendor when purchasing, as a pair of 20-inch waist jeans and size 20 jeans are very different.

Short or Long

Women's jeans will often also have a secondary sizing option in the form of short, long, or petite. This is an added sizing metric to account for women of all body types and heights. Whether a pair of jeans is short or long is measured by the length of the inseam. Women who are 5 foot 3 and under should go for a petite or short size type, which has an inseam ranging anywhere between 25 and 28 inches. Long jeans, typically preferred by taller women, have an inseam measuring between 30 and 31 inches.

What are some jean styles?

Although it may seem like a trivial aspect to focus on, style should be a top priority when purchasing a pair of jeans. Depending on what you gravitate towards, your specific style will change the overall look of your outfit, which is why it is essential to be aware of what style you are purchasing.


The most popular option of them all, straight-cut jeans are the perfect choice for those who want something that says both business and casual. Straight-leg jeans fit firmly on your hips and skim in a sleek line down to your angles. This style is best for those women with apple-shaped body types that are broader at the shoulder than the hip, as it balances out the body’s overall silhouette effortlessly.


Classic and timeless, bootcut jeans have a snug fit across the waist and thighs and flare out below the knee. These jeans are best for when you want to wear something more comfortable and casual that will pair well with heels or boots.


The most popular and most recognizable jean style to hit the market has to be the skinny jean. Whether they are worn dressed down with a pair of sneakers or dressed up with heels, skinny jeans are a classic staple in everyone's closet. Skinny jeans, as the name suggests, are fitted all the way from the waist and hip down to the ankle. They are available in both high and low-rise and are very flattering when styled right.

Low-rise, mid-rise, or high-rise?

When shopping, you will often find a waistline type specified along with a pair of jeans. Usually available in three types, low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise, each are very different and have a great impact on overall look and comfort. When shopping for jeans, be sure to know what each means and which is best suited for your body type.


Low-rise jeans feature a waistband that rests just below your hips. These jeans don’t conform to your natural waist and are made to sit below it. They are a good choice for women with straighter body types, as they are flattering while giving off a casual vibe.


The most common jean style, mid-rise jeans, rest on the hip bone, making them as comfortable as they are flattering. Mid-rise jeans have the effect of elongating your legs while leveling out your torso, making them ideal for all body types.


Resting anywhere between the hip bone and the belly button, high-rise jeans are a great asset to have in your closet, adding an extra touch to an otherwise plain outfit. These jeans are ideal for shorter, curvier women, as they elongate the legs and show off the figure while providing coverage at the same time.

How do you decide which wash is best?

Nowadays, there are many different wash options when it comes to women's jeans. Each wash has a different look, so it is important to consider the style you're going for. The most popular wash is dark wash, which is a dark navy almost black tone. This is popular due to its versatility, as it can be worn both casual or formal. Medium wash jeans have a more traditional blue hue and are a more casual option. They are the go-to choice for everyday wear and what comes to mind when you think of jeans. Lastly, there are light-wash jeans. Light wash jeans are most commonly seen in summer and make for an overall boho or beachy look due to their playful feel and light color. You can't go wrong with any wash, so just keep in mind what style you think you'd get the most use out of.

Jeans for Women FAQ

Q: How should I care for my jeans?

A: After buying a pair of jeans, taking care of them in the right way is essential. A useful tip is to wash your jeans inside out. This will avoid early fading and provide deep cleaning. You should also choose cold water when washing and air dry them to prevent unwanted shrinking.

Q: How often should I wash my jeans?

A: Contrary to popular opinion, it is actually not necessary to wash your jeans as often as you wash your other pants. In fact, washing jeans too often will make them fade faster and lose their stretch, so it is best to only wash your jeans when they are visibly dirty.

Q: What will a pair of jeans for women cost?

A: Like most women’s apparel, the market for jeans is large and diverse. You can find a pair of jeans for as cheap as $20 and as expensive as upwards of $500. On average, you can find a good pair of jeans between $40-$60. While there are jeans for every budget, look for a pair that fits well and will last a long time rather than focusing solely on budget. Once you find a brand that fits you well, go ahead and get different colors and styles from them.

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