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Review: Best Turkey Fryers

With the upcoming winter holidays approaching quickly, everyone will be looking for the most efficient (and delicious) way to prepare their turkey. Deep frying turkey is a unique idea to make a mouth-watering meal, plus it saves you time in the kitchen since a 12 pound bird can be cooked in about 45 minutes.

Many people find deep frying their turkey is superior over the traditional roasted method, since it makes the turkey crispy on the outside and super juicy on the inside. Always remember to put a well thawed bird into the fryer, because a frozen bird will cause a potential cataclysmic oil eruption that may cause a fire reaction if the oil bubbles over the side and contacts the burners.Turkey fryers come in both electric and gas models, so you'll have to choose the one that's right for your needs.

We’ve chosen the following best turkey fryers in 2021 on this list because they feature a non-stick interiors for easy turkey removal as well as convenient cleaning after you’re done using them. All of these fryers offers adjustable temperature settings for cooking your turkey to perfection as well as providing high BTU ratings to heat up the oil quicker and keep the temperature recovery at a minimum when the turkey is put inside. Additionally, each unit will come with a minimum one year, limited manufacturer’s limited warranty, unless otherwise noted.

The Best Turkey Fryer in Detail

Outdoor Gourmet 15-Liter Turkey Fryer

The Outdoor Gourmet 15 Liter Electric Deep Fryer is practical, precise, and small enough for use on your countertop. The burner offers 1750 watts of power which maximizes recovery time when you put your bird inside. Although this isn’t the largest turkey fryer on the list, you'll still be able to fry a 16 pound turkey which should be plenty of bird to go around for most households. The inner cooking pot is removable and made of dishwasher-safe  aluminum for convenient cleanup.

This fryer also comes with a magnetic breakaway cord that will "give" if someone trips over it, eliminating the potential for splashes of hot oil. It comes with a full-sized glass cover, temp and timer control knobs, and there’s also an automatic shut off once the time has been reached. One of the least expensive turkey fryers on our list, this fryer still has thoughtful cooking features and safety considerations built in to qualify it as our top pick.

Cajun 4 Gallon Turkey Fryer

If price is no object and you want bragging rights for the best turkey fryer in the world, than the only option here is to get the Cajun Fryer 4 Gallon Deep Fryer With Stand And 2 Baskets. This bad boy will fry virtually any size turkey up to 30 pounds and you'll still have room left over.

This gas powered marvel moves on wheels and is powered by propane gas that supplies 90,000 BTU's of heat, making it immune to heat recovery issues so there’s no faster (or more effective) way to fry a turkey using this baby. It takes a full four gallons of oil  to get this fryer up to speed and there’s also six and eight gallons models available if you need to feed an army. A thermometer is mounted at the front of the fryer so you can keep track of the oil temperature, to ensure it’s always at the perfect cooking temperature.

Obviously, this is overkill for all but the most dedicated turkey fryers who have a huge family gathering, or those seeking to "one up" the next door neighbor. But if you want to flex your mojo and show everyone who owns the biggest and baddest turkey fryer on the block, there’s no equal to this selection.

Char-Broil Infrared Turkey Fryer

If cooking in oil doesn’t appeal to you but you still want the taste of fried turkey, check out Char-Broil's The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-less Turkey Fryer which is a completely oil-free fryer. The Big Easy is so named because it uses infrared waves to fry the bird without ever touching any oil. Technically, this makes for a healthier turkey with less calories from the oil, yet it still seals in all of the natural juices as effectively as oil-frying.

This non-stick fryer allows you to cook up to a 16 pound bird with the 16,000 BTU burner keeping it hot and cooking the entire time. You'll cook turkey at about 10 minutes per pound which is about twice as long as actual frying yet one-third less time than roasting. Even though it’s a slower means of cooking, this hassle-free, oil-less fryer is a very safe alternative compared to traditional fryers, and that alone may be worth the cost of admission to many consumers.

Butterball Gen III Electric Turkey Fryer

For those big 20 pound turkeys that you can fry on your counter top, take a look at the Butterball Indoor Gen III Electric Fryer Cooker Extra Large Capacity. This unit has a 1650 watt heating element to limit recovery time, cooking at four minutes per pound and features a temperature control and a digital timer to fine tune the cooking process. Indicator lights let you know the unit is heating up as well as when the oil is at the correct temperature.

The non-stick inner cooking tub is dishwasher safe while the inner drain plug lets you effectively drain the oil before you start the cleaning process. While this could have been at the top of our list, a drawback is that the power cord is short and protrudes from the side, making it a potential tripping hazard. Regardless, this is a solid and good looking unit that will reliably cook your holiday bird in a very short amount of time.

Kamp Kitchen 30-Quart Gas Fryer

If you want a classic version of the ubiquitous turkey fryer, look no further than the Kamp Kitchen 30 Quart Gas Fryer which was the precursor to the modern turkey-frying revolution. It’s a propane gas fryer which will allow you to cook an 18 pound turkey inside. Nothing fancy here, just a tub that you pour oil into, and then put the turkey in once the oil is well heated.

The fryers 38,000 BTU burner will keep the oil hot no matter how frozen the turkey is, frying it blazingly fast at around three minutes per pound. It comes with a manual thermometer to gauge the oil temp as well as offering several safety updates including a CSA approved regulator, and a semi-enclosed burner that resists spilled oil. If retro turkey frying is your thing, then the Kamp Kitchen 30 Quart Gas Fryer won't disappoint.

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