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Sleep With Comfort on One of The Best Twin Mattresses

  1. LUCID Breathable Cover Twin Mattress
  2. Vibe Gel Memory Foam 12-Inch Twin Mattress
  3. PrimaSleep 10 Inch Wave Gel Twin Mattress
  4. Casper Sleep Element Twin Mattress
  5. Olee Sleep Aquarius 10-Inch Memory Twin Mattress
  6. Buyer's Guide

Are you hunting for a twin mattress to finish up that guest room you've been trying to complete for ages? If the answer is yes, then you are absolutely in the right place! Twin mattresses are one of the most flexible, convenient, and affordable types of mattresses. Not just for kids’ bedrooms, they are also a great option for your college dorm room or first apartment furnishing. Also, twin mattresses can be a lifesaver if you are trying to set up a cozy guest room, especially when you're on a tight budget.

To give you a helping hand in finding the right product for you, we've done the research and are sharing our top recommendations for some of the best twin mattresses on the market. Also included below is a detailed buying guide with some essential considerations to make the buying process more convenient for you. Read on below!

Our 5 Favorite Twin-Sized Mattresses

LUCID Breathable Cover Twin Mattress - Best Overall

Starting our list is this 5-inch twin mattress by Lucid, specially designed for kids and teenagers. The comfort and build of this mattress are unmatchable: It features a 1-inch gel memory foam layer to keep you cool and sweat-free all night. Also, there is a 4-inch layer of infused bamboo charcoal foam to minimize odors and other allergens. Moreover, this twin mattress provides excellent stability; no matter how much you toss and turn, it will always stay firm and in place. The best part? The mattress arrives already compressed, so you won’t have to work hard to set it up. In short, this is one of the most versatile and best twin mattresses available right now. From bunk beds to twin beds to trundle beds, it works for all!

Vibe Gel Memory Foam 12-Inch Twin Mattress - Runner Up

Looking for the best twin mattress with great comfort and excellent foam quality? If yes, then this hybrid twin mattress by Vibe is all you need. With a combination of gel memory foam, gel-infused polyfoam, and 7 inches of a high-density polyfoam support core, this 12-inch plush twin mattress will give you nothing but comfort and relaxation. The combination of materials and layers will help keep the heat away from your body while leaving you cool and cozy all night long. Also, its high-density polyfoam support core efficiently relieves your pressure points and helps in eliminating stress aches as well. Its price tag is surprisingly affordable but its functionality, durability, and performance are remarkable!

PrimaSleep 10 Inch Wave Gel Twin Mattress - Honorable Mention

If you are someone who suffers from backaches and discomfort, then this model by Prima Sleep is one of the best twin mattresses for you! By helping you maintain a perfect shape and alignment while sleeping, the mattress aids in preventing joint discomfort as well. From plush to supportive firmness, this incredible mattress allows you to feel both! Its layered design of hard foam, ventilation foam, and gel will relieve your pressure points, support your body weight, and will keep allow your body to breathe and remain cool. Also, the whole mattress is covered with high-quality poly jacquard that feels super soft and comfortable on the skin.

Casper Sleep Element Twin Mattress - Contender

Casper has been producing high-quality and super comfortable mattresses since 2014, and this Sleep Element Twin Mattress is maintaining the streak! This mattress is equipped with high-end features but at a very affordable price. It provides you with a medium-firm feel with a combination of support and softness along with pressure-relieving properties to help you sleep like a baby. Talking about the build and construction, it has two layers of foam: a comfortable layer of memory foam, and a layer of AirScape foam for air circulation to keep you comfy, cool, and sweat-free all night. In short, this mattress can be a great pick for the best twin mattresses. If you're unsure, there is a 100-night trial period too.

Olee Sleep Aquarius 10-Inch Memory Twin Mattress - Also Consider

Ending our list is a versatile and comfortable twin mattress from Olee Sleep, specially designed to keep you dry, cool, and restful all night. This all-foam mattress offers plenty of support by dispersing your weight and regulates temperature at the ideal range for a great night's sleep. The supportive design makes this mattress perfect for any sleeping position, and you won't wake up with any aches or pains. No matter if you have a box spring, bed frame with slats, or are just using the floor, this mattress is compatible with any bedroom setup as well. Also, the mattress is covered with a soft and comfortable fabric that is breathable and plush.

Buyer's Guide

Things to Consider When Buying A Quality Twin Mattress


The first thing you need to consider when looking for a high-quality twin mattress is the type of material you prefer. This tends to come down to personal preference, so regardless if you want memory foam or gel, the material you choose should be breathable, resistant, and comfortable.


Twin mattresses come in 4 main types: hybrid, innerspring, latex, and foam. Each of these types has its own benefits and specifications. Hybrid helps in relieving pressure points while contouring your body, innerspring provides excellent temperature regulation, latex prevents sinking, and foam is ideal for minimizing aches and pains. All you need to do is determine which one suits your needs best.


The next important factor to consider while looking for a twin mattress is how thick it is. Always make sure to purchase a mattress with maximum thickness, especially for adults. If you are looking for something for kids, the mattress can be relatively thinner, but still thick enough to support the weight and body efficiently. A thin mattress will likely wear down faster than a thick mattress, and in some cases you may be able to feel the slats of the bedframe beneath you.

Price & Budget

Next, just like any other purchase, you should consider your budget while looking for mattresses as well. Twin mattresses are the smallest out of all the types of mattresses, so their price tag should be relatively small too. You can easily find high-quality twin mattresses in 2021 under $500. We wouldn’t recommend you to buy anything more than this.


Firmness is one of the most essential and critical factors to consider while looking for the best twin mattresses, and its level depends on your weight and personal preferences. If you are lightweight, you can purchase a twin mattress of any firmness you want. However, if you are heavier, you should purchase a mattress with maximum firmness that supports your body weight, therefore providing you with the most comfort.


Lastly, always make sure to look for warranties and guarantees. Usually, twin mattresses may come with a trial period of 100 days, money-back guarantees, or 5-10 years of manufacturing warranties. Having these warranties will help you make a confident purchase and will provide you with worry-free use. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase or notice any defects, you will be covered.


Up till now, you have gone through everything essential you need to know while hunting for the best twin mattresses, and we hope you are all ready to make the purchase. Twin mattresses are a small investment, but they can provide you with years of comfort. So, make sure to keep all our recommendations and considerations in mind, and we promise you will purchase the best of the best for yourself!

Twin Mattress FAQ

Q: What are the common dimensions for a twin mattress?

A: Twin mattresses are the smallest types of mattresses available on the market. Twin mattresses are usually 75 inches long and approximately 40 inches wide. There is also the Twin XL option, which has the same width but is a couple inches longer.

Q: How much does a twin mattress cost?

A: Because twin mattresses are the smallest, they are also the most affordable out of the other types of mattresses. Still, their prices vary depending on their types, features, and brand. They start from as low as $250 and end at approximately $800. You can easily find a twin mattress within any budget range that will be comfortable and worth purchasing.

Q: Are memory foam twin mattresses good for lower back pain?

A: Yes, memory foam twin mattresses are a great option if you constantly struggle with lower back pain or basic back discomfort. Their softness and high-tech layers help relieve the pressure points of your body and allow you to sleep in an optimal position.

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