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5 Tips to Prep Yourself Before Bed

5 Tips to Prep Yourself Before Bed

We all look forward to going to bed after a long day, don't we? If you have been jumping right into bed after a long day, you may have been doing things the wrong way. Nevertheless, don't be distraught; we'll share 5 tips that should be adopted as routines, using products to help prep you before bed.

Makeup Removers

Makeup removers are an essential part of any skincare routine, an important product to use before going to bed. The benefits of makeup removers are uncountable: washing away makeup (the most obvious one), preventing blemishes and wrinkles, and getting rid of dead skin cells are some of the few things that make up removers do for our skin. Makeup removers come in different textures and formulations, so finding the best one for you isn't too difficult. Just be sure to get a makeup remover that cleanses your face without washing out its natural oils.

Vitamin C Serum

If including fruits and vegetables into your diet has slowly become a part of your daily routine, adding Vitamin C serums in your nightly routines should not be any problem. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for healthy skin; it protects us from the sun's ultraviolet rays, slows aging, prevents hyper-pigmentation, and gives the skin a very bright glow. Sadly, studies have shown that the human body can not send Vitamin C directly to the skin cells. But don't fret - Vitamin C serums are here to save the day! When choosing the right Vitamin C serum for your skin, be on the lookout for these three: form, concentration, and PH. Vitamin C serums come in anhydrous and water-based forms. The recommended concentration for Vitamin C serums is 10% which can be upgraded as your skincare journey progresses. Your serum's PH is highly dependent on your skin type (normal is 3-5, sensitive is 5 or 6). Finally, keeping your serum in a cool, dark place is essential for its shelf life and your skin.

Hair Treatment Mask

A fundamental yet overlooked form of self-care is the use of a hair treatment mask. This product strengthens, nourishes, and heals damaged hair. An added advantage is that you can apply your hair mask and wrap up your day while the mask works on your hair. Selecting a hair treatment mask is an effortless task as there is a product for every hair type (even colored or dyed hair). If you're more of a lazy type or have trouble with commitment, this tip is for you as you are only required to use hair treatment masks once a week.

Night Cream

Another tip that is dying to get on your “routines before bed” checklist is the use of night cream. This helps in the repair, hydration, and rejuvenation of your skin. Night creams work on your skin while you are asleep, causing you to wake up looking like you dropped out of a fairytale story. It is best to seek out night creams that have antioxidants and vitamins in them because they boost your skin's health. Special attention should also be paid to skin types as products with natural ingredients such as fruit extracts will help with dry skin.

Retinol Night Cream

Last but not least is the retinol night cream. The main ingredient in this product is retinol, which is a form of retinoid, a type of Vitamin A. This night cream helps combat acne, averts wrinkles, treats hyper-pigmentation, and exfoliates the skin, giving your skin a glowing and youthful look as each day passes. However, this routine comes with a few warnings. For newbies and for people with sensitive skin, try a retinol night cream brand with low concentrations and watch out for reactions to your skin. Pregnant women are strongly advised to seek medical guidance before using a retinol night cream. Finally, people with sunburns and over-exfoliated skin should avoid retinol-based creams.

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