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The Best Blinds to Make Your Space Look Warm and Inviting

  1. Levolor Classic Collection
  2. Customized Real Wood Window Blinds
  3. Design View Chestnut
  4. JC Penney Faux Wood Blinds
  5. Blinds Chalet 3 1/2" Premier Wood Look
  6. Graber Vinyl Crown Vertical
  7. Kirsch Classique LouverDrape Vinyl
  8. Levolor Windsor Fabric Vertical
  9. Bali Marble Sculptured Vinyl Vertical
  10. Lotus Vinyl Vertical
  11. Buyer's Guide

Blinds are a popular choice for those looking to manage privacy and the amount of sunlight entering the home. Window blinds typically come in a few specific materials, including wood, faux wood, fabric, vinyl, or plastic. Wooden blinds provide a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room of the home. They are more durable than vinyl, easier to clean, and more efficient in blocking light. Wooden blinds are versatile, come in a variety of colors and textures, and are made of eco-friendly materials.

We've done the research to find you the top deals on the best blinds in 2022. Don’t spend another dime on blinds that break or ruin the decor of your home. By spending just a little more on quality, long-lasting materials, you’ll be saving money in the long run. They’re also easier to keep clean – a big benefit for most homeowners.

The Best Blinds of 2022 Reviewed in Detail

Levolor Classic Collection - Best Overall

When you buy wooden blinds made by Levolor, you know you are getting a quality product that will last a very long time. These are value-priced, and have the option of including ‘cord-free’ design. If you have children in the home, cord-free blinds are a smart way to keep children from hanging on, and potentially harming themselves on, blind cords. Levolor’s Classic Wooden Blinds come with the standard 2” slats, and are available in a wide range of sizing. Be sure to measure your windows carefully before ordering, and then select the size you need from the pull-down menu. Available in both light and dark wood tones, these blinds will blend beautifully with any décor. Backed by a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty.

best Customized Real Wood Window Blinds

Customized Real Wood Window Blinds - Runner Up

Get the convenience and look of custom-made wooden blinds without paying the high price. Select the finish and length to fit your needs, and enjoy the smooth finish and durable design of these 34” real wood blinds. Select from white, off white, super white, golden oak, oak, pecan, cherry and mahogany. All the blinds comes with standard 2” slats, decorative valance, and necessary mounting materials. The blind cord construction conforms with CPSC child safety guidelines, to eliminate concern of strangulation or injury.

In regards to installation, one satisfied customer stated that, “Installation was simple and I had all six up within 90 minutes, without the aid of another set of hands”.

best Design View Chestnut Wood Blinds

Design View Chestnut - Honorable Mention

This attractive chestnut wood blind is available in several sizes to match your needs, and is offered at an affordable price. Each blind comes with standard 2” slats, which block light and protect privacy. The blind cords are designed with a break-away features that prevents accidental strangulation or injury. The rich chestnut color wood blind and built-it valance will look warm and rich against any décor, and the thick wood will maintain temperature control and keep the room comfortable. All of these blinds are available in 72” length and varying width. Be sure to measure your windows precisely to insure a proper fit.

JC Penney Faux Wood Blinds - Consider

If you like the look of wood blinds, but your budget is tight, consider buying faux wood blinds. A good-quality faux wood blind can be difficult to distinguish from the real thing at a glance, and they are a cheaper option when finances are tight. These 2” Faux Wood Blinds from JCPenney are available in a wide range of sizes and two neutral colors – white and cream. Select from two lengths, 64” and 72”, depending on your window size. They can be installed inside or outside window casings, and come a decorative valance, tilt wand, and all the installation materials needed for quick set up.

best Blinds Chalet 3 1/2" Premier Wood Look Vertical Blinds

Blinds Chalet 3 1/2" Premier Wood Look - Also Consider

Wood blinds for patio doors are extremely expensive and can be difficult to find. With Blinds Chalet, no one will know they aren’t authentic wood, and you’ll save a ton of money on your purchase. These faux wood blinds hang vertically and are customizable in size and color. Select your exact width and length and then choose your color – Dark Teak, Pecan, Honey, and Oak Mantel. All the wood tones are warm and inviting and will look beautiful in any home. Each set comes with an attractive decorative valance for a finished look, tilt wand or cord, and draw wand or cord.

Graber Vinyl Crown Vertical - Also Consider

These blinds feature premium hardware, making them one of the better products. These easy-to-use, durable blinds give a clean, crisp look to any room. They are custom designed by you and offer such options as color (white, alabaster, ivory and tan) and allow you to choose the size. Both mount options (inside and outside) are included in the price along with the control option type. (left side, right side or one touch wand.) Left, right or split stack options are also included as well as ceiling and wall brackets. This product is great because almost every option is included in the price. The only option that you may find yourself paying extra for is size. For standard size, though, price ranges from $40-$60.

Kirsch Classique LouverDrape Vinyl - Also Consider

These blinds add just the right amount of personal touch to any room. Because they come in several shades including, rose beige, snow, vanilla and dessert sand, they match any color scheme for any given room. They are custom ordered and come either flat shaped or curved. They have the option of being mounted inside or outside and size is specified by you. Included in the price are left side or right side controls and for a small additional fee you can have the AutoWand option that allows you to control the rotation of the vanes with one simple wand. This option does away with tangling cords and chains. Also included in the price are the ceiling and wall brackets.

Levolor Windsor Fabric Vertical - Also Consider

These blinds are made to order so they are custom fitted to your specifications. These durable blinds are decorative and inexpensive. Price ranges from $85-$105. Available colors include white, beige, wheat, adobe, peach, ivory and aloe. In order to customize your order, visit BlindsGalore.com and chose sizing and color and other options. Some options such as a backstacker which allows the vanes to be pulled from the back and neatly stacked do include an additional price. Other special features are included in the price (Ceiling and wall brackets, free-hanging fabric).

Bali Marble Sculptured Vinyl Vertical - Also Consider

Bali is one of the leading makers of customized blinds and shades. This product is standard but can be adjusted to fit your needs. When you order this product, you specify what dimensions, style or design you are looking for. Standards dimension are 18 x 18 x 30 but can be adjusted for added costs. These blinds are perfect for the contemporary styling of any patio, or wider windows and are designed to keep out light. For a more sophisticated style, there is the option of the marbled sculptured vinyl blinds. These blinds feature a multi-colored palette that resembles marble in an S curve slat. The lightweight, durable blinds are offered in a basic cream color to go with any color scheme of a room.

Lotus Vinyl Vertical - Also Consider

This blind is simple and is bound to give any room an uplift. Great in the summertime to block out excess sunlight that heats up a room and increases your air conditioning bill. Works well in the wintertime because when opened it allows sunlight to heat up the room, decreasing heating costs. It's right or left draw makes it convenient to open or close. Included in the package are 3 half inched ribbed vanes and a matching valance. This product is inexpensive and ranges in price from $80-$98, however, it does not hold up to excessive wear and tear, which include pet and children handling.

Buyer's Guide

Blinds are a modern and aesthetically pleasing form of window treatment that won't go away anytime soon. They come in multiple forms, sizes, and shapes. Whether you want to add some shade and warm ambiance to your interior or simultaneously bring privacy and stylistic pizzazz, blinds are the way to go. However, if you are a first-time buyer, you must know everything about the best blinds to make an informed purchase decision.

How Do Blinds Differ From Shades?

Many people find it confusing to distinguish between blinds and shades, and sometimes people tend to use the two terms interchangeably; however, both have distinct mechanisms. Blinds have a hard exterior with vertical or horizontal slats made of many different materials, whereas shades are mostly made of flexible fabric pieces.

Why Should You Buy the Best Blinds?

Blinds offer better privacy and light control compared to shades. You can fully open the slats to let warm sunshine invade the room or you can partially rotate the slats for a more subtle sun-lit ambiance. Plus, blinds are easy to clean and maintain. All you have to do is wipe the slats with a damp cloth or dust away the particles with a vacuum attachment.

Blinds made with hardy materials, such as metal, plastic, and aluminum, also have a one-up over shades because they offer more durability against common wear and tear.

Types of Blinds

Blinds are the best alternative to mediocre curtains and drapes. Additionally, they come in many shapes, sizes, textures, and materials. Here are a few popular types of blinds you can add to your interiors.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are available in different materials, from metal aluminum to vinyl & high strength fibers. Exceptionally durable and practical, these are perfect for high ceiling windows and expansive glass doors. They can also be a relatively affordable option.

Wood blinds

When you want to add richness and depth to your interior, wood blinds are the best course of action. The varying polished shades of brown and rich woodgrain tones add a classic and expensive outlook to any space. If you want durable wooden blinds, basswood material is a great option to consider.

Mini blinds

This type is mostly made of aluminum material that offers perfect coverage and privacy at an affordable price. If you have minimal window depth, this window treatment will be easy to install and maintain. Plus, they likely won't break the bank.

Different Types of Operating Mechanisms for Blinds

One of the most interesting elements to decide upon is finalizing the rolling mechanism. Nowadays, there are many types of operating mechanisms that you can choose from, and each has its perks and downfalls.

Manual cord lift

This type of blind lifting and sliding mechanism is the most common and cost-effective option. Pull the long cords, and the blinds will either move up or to the side to reveal the window. While it is an affordable option, the manual cord mechanism isn’t too long-lasting or safe for homes with kids and pets.

Cordless lift

A cordless lift system is an effortless and reliable operating method to raise and lower your blind without involving messy cords. With a cordless operating mechanism, you can lift the blinds to the top of the windowpane completely or partially with just a gentle push or pull on the bottom rail.

Top-down & bottom-up operating system

The top-down and bottom-up operating mechanism is perfect for those who want sunlight access without sacrificing the privacy of their room. This mechanism provides style and privacy in a single solution. You can opt for both standard cord or cordless options. This type of lifting mechanism gathers blinds in the middle of the window.

Automatic/motorized operation

If you do not like the hassle of pulling cords up and down, then you can install an automatic lift and slide system in your home. With just the flick of a button, the blinds will roll down— or to the side, depending on the slat placement. An automated option offers perfect convenience and ease of use.

Tips To Consider When Buying the Best Blinds

Choosing blinds to decorate your home requires some planning and understanding of your home's interior. In this section, you will find the perfect tip for buying blinds without any regrets.

Get the measurements right

Measure your windows with sharp accuracy, otherwise, all the efforts will go to waste. The rule of thumb is to get blinds that are bigger than your window dimension for proper covering and ensure minimal light creeping in from the sides.

Determine the main function of the blinds

Do you want the blinds to add privacy to your space? Or do you want warm light creeping through your room? What about insulation? There are more questions that you should ask yourself before investing in new blinds. Once you have determined what function they would serve, you will be ready to pick the perfect option. For instance, if you want to install blinds in a child’s room, opting for a coated blind will offer proper light blockage. However, sheer blinds in an atrium and living area will add subtle warmth and the illusion of open space.

Window positioning is essential

Blinds are a great way to maintain the temperature and light exposure in your house. However, the direction and orientation of your window are crucial factors to consider when placing them. If your windows receive extreme heat during the day, a dark blind would be an ideal solution to keep the room cool. On the other hand, a west-side window and harsh weather call for insulated and thermal covering blinds. All in all, window placement needs are largely dependent on your house location and surrounding environment.

Best Blinds FAQs

Q. Can I wash vertical blinds?

A. Washing blinds is not a great idea because it may cause rusting and rotting to the rails and slats if the material is metal or wood. A better option would be to wipe off the surface and gaps with a damp sponge or hire professional cleaners if the grime accumulates on your blinds. You can even simply dust the blinds with a duster or vacuum attachment.

Q. What do I do if my vertical blinds stop tilting?

A. Check the headrails and inspect if the slats have moved away from the tilting mechanism. Gently tug the rod over the tilting hinge and it would start rotating again. Sometimes the slats also become tangled or knotted with the connecting strings, affecting the tilting motion.

Q. Are cordless blinds durable?

A. Yes, cordless blinds are extremely durable and also kids friendly. They are easy to move and down with just a gentle push and do not require the hassle of dealing with the tangly, long cords.

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