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Best Vinyls in 2022 to Amplify Your Crafting Projects

  1. Scotch Extreme Premium Vinyl
  2. Kassa Permanent Holographic Vinyl
  3. Cricut Premium Vinyl
  4. Ohuhu 70 Permanent Adhesive Backed Vinyl
  5. EZ Craft USA Permanent Adhesive Backed Vinyl
  6. Oracal 651 Glossy Vinyl
  7. Buyer's Guide

Do you love the look and vibe of typographic stickers, decals, and graphic designs made with vinyl? This versatile crafting material is suitable to apply on a variety of surfaces, from glass to metal and everything in between. You will get a whole range of colors, patterns, finishes, and application methods for craft vinyl. So, it is natural for you to contemplate which vinyl is suitable for your craft project. And we’ve got you covered with the best vinyls in 2022 that will upscale the look of your crafting projects.

Best Vinyls Worth Considering in 2022

Scotch Extreme Premium Vinyl - Best Quality

Scotch Extreme Premium Vinyls are based on patented technology from industry leader Scotch and 3M. This roll of vinyl is extremely versatile and can be used for smaller projects, such as decaling your favorite water bottle, and larger projects, such as covering car exteriors. It can withstand some of the harshest outdoor weather, including -40°F and 200°F. This Scotch brand vinyl has pro-level technology for pinpoint accuracy when applying, a bubble-free coating, and it conforms to curved surfaces. It includes step-by-step directions to assist you in cutting, applying, and caring for your vinyl masterpieces.

  • Withstands extreme outdoor weather and washing
  • You can apply it to curved surfaces
  • Washable and water resistant
  • The vinyl is thin which might not be ideal depending on your project

Kassa Permanent Holographic Vinyl - Runner Up

When you want to create eye-catching details and colorful dimensions in your craft projects, then Kassa’s holographic adhesive vinyl sheets can be an ideal solution. The pliable and sturdy sheets have a thickness of 2.5 MIL, so you never have to worry about them getting wrinkly or bunching up. The pack contains 10 sheets in different colors with chameleon-like hues transformation, plus an additional transfer sheet to make your projects easier to accomplish. The pre-cut flat sheets are effortless to use. Therefore, you shouldn't worry about measuring and cutting the vinyl sheets to fit the cutting boards. This easy peel-off vinyl sheet is a premium quality product.

  • Compatible with circuit machines and crafting cutters
  • The 12"x12” size fits easily on the cutting mats
  • The adhesive-backed sheets can transfer onto many surfaces
  • The transfer sheet does not pick up the vinyl properly

Cricut Premium Vinyl - Honorable Mention

When you put so much effort into creating decals with vinyl sheets, you want them to sustain harsh environments and usual weathering. The Circuit Premium vinyl roll is precisely the product you need for decals that retain their appearance. In addition, with its resistance to UV rays and water and strong-hold adhesion, this vinyl variant is exceptionally durable. With 12”x180” dimensions, this vinyl comes in three black, white, and silver shades. This roll is suitable for professionals and beginners alike. The high-quality material is extremely easy to work with, and it does not cause common nuisances such as tunneling or creases. Additionally, this premium quality vinyl roll comes in various other sizes and color options as well. So whether you need bulk rolls in neutral and solid colors or more colorful options, you have plenty of choices to pick out for your favorite craft project.

  • The strong adhesive can last up to three years
  • User-friendly material
  • Can withstand heat and moisture for outdoor projects
  • Not dishwasher safe

Ohuhu 70 Permanent Adhesive Backed Vinyl - Honorable Mention

For all your DIY needs, this pack of 70 vinyl sheets is all that you need. Available in 30 different shades, this vinyl sheet is the perfect option for making decals, labels, and stickers and can adhere to various surfaces. From plastic, glass to wood, and metal, you can decorate unlimited surfaces. The pack contains 60 colored vinyl sheets with 10 transfer sheets to go along with it. The adhesive-backed sheets are a breeze to cut, peel and apply onto the surfaces.

  • Compatible with all kinds of cutters and machines
  • Dishwasher safe material
  • Works great with the circuit machine
  • Unsuitable for fabrics

EZ Craft USA Permanent Adhesive Backed Vinyl - Contender

The vinyl sheets from EZ Craft USA are an affordable option for your diverse craft projects. When you are working on decorative projects, you need an assortment of finishes and colors. This vinyl pack contains 40 pre-cut sheets in glossy, metallic, and matte finish. What’s even better is that this adhesive-backed vinyl is covered with a protective liner that ensures smooth and efficient cutting. The 3 MIL thickness of this vinyl sheet results in long-lasting crafts projects. With this flat-cut sheet, you never have to worry about sub-standard products that will crease, bend, or wrinkle easily.

  • 3 different finishes are available in a single plane
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor projects
  • Across the board compatibility with punch, die, craft, and silhouette cutters
  • Difficult to weed out

Oracal 651 Glossy Vinyl - Also Consider

ORACAL 651 is an industry-standard vinyl sheet for craft projects. They are available in a glossy finish of 24 colors with 2.5 MIL thickness. For outdoor applications, these vinyl sheets can last for more than four years. Plus, the monochromatic colors have extended durability. The vivid colors of these vinyl sheets are an excellent option for your crafting projects. The strong adhesive firmly secures the vinyl cutouts onto the surface. In terms of quality, adhesion, and cutting, ORACAL 651 is the best vinyl sheet available out there.

  • Available in stunning color range
  • Perfect for silhouette cutting
  • Compatible with thermal printing
  • The product lacks quality control sometimes

Buyer's Guide

When it comes to selecting the vinyl sheets for your craft project, the magnitude of various attributes, types, and finishes will leave you overwhelmed. However, fret not! This buying guide will demystify the colorful world of the best vinyls for you.

Types Of Vinyl

There are two major types of craft vinyls based on their application.

Adhesive Back Vinyls

Adhesive-backed vinyls are like stickers. The back of the sheets are lined with a sticky material that can adhere to any surface. The adhesive vinyl is an all-rounder craft material that works equally well for making decals, graphic stickers, logos, scrapbooking, and other projects. However, they are not suitable to transfer onto fabrics. The adhesive vinyls have two variants, i.e., permanent and removable.

The permanent adhesive vinyl is great for designing your outdoor and indoor crafts project, and they mostly have a glossy finish. This type of vinyl can sustain the environmental conditions and usual wear & tear for an extended period. Some craft projects from permanent adhesive vinyls can last up to 6-7 years, depending on the product quality.

Removable vinyls are for temporary use. And they are great for party decor and themed craft projects. You can use the temporary adhesive vinyl sheets on walls, windows, and delicate materials without the risk of ruining them.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

This vinyl sheet is applied via heat activation. Therefore, it is suitable for transferring the design onto fabric and heat-resistant surfaces.

Benefits Of Permanent Adhesive Vinyls

Permanent adhesive vinyl has a major edge over the other variants. This craft vinyl is effortless to work with. Just cut out your desired design and decals and paste them on the surface of your choice by peeling the sheet to reveal the adhesive layer.

Permanent vinyl is a cost-efficient and time-saving crafting material. Plus, you can easily avoid the hassle of heating and activation with an iron that is utilized for heat transfer vinyl.

Factors That Matter When You’re Buying Vinyl

Thickness Of Vinyl Sheet

For your craft projects and that of permanent nature, you cannot opt for a flimsy vinyl. Depending on your project requirements, always look for vinyl sheets or rolls with an optimum thickness to brave the drawing, cutting, and weeding pressure without creasing or wrinkling. 2-3 MIL thickness sheets are easier to work with, as they do not tunnel. Sub-standard vinyl that does not have the proper thickness will result in a less-than-impressive project.

Vinyl Finish

Vinyl sheets have a whole range of finishes available. Mostly permanent adhesive vinyl sheets have a glossy finish, but you can also find matte, metallic, holographic, and many other finishes as well. So, the choices for permanent vinyls are endless; however, it is imperative to determine the suitable kind of finish for your craft project.

Longevity & Durability

When you are buying craft vinyl for permanent craft projects, never cut back on the material quality. You do not want a vinyl decal on your car, mug, and interior design projects that would chip away or peel off in mere weeks. Therefore, always invest in a vinyl brand that has a good reputation and delivers top-notch quality. Good-quality permanent vinyl can last as long as 5-6 years and even more.

Vinyl FAQ

Q: What is the difference between 651 & 631 vinyl sheets?

A: All the vinyl sheets from the ORACAL have these codes to determine their type. The 651 vinyl series is a permanent adhesive sheet whereas, the 631 is a temporary vinyl sheet. The 51 in 651 represents ORACAL’s permanent series, and it will last up to 6 years. The 31 in 631 represent the temporary vinyl sheets series. Therefore, the last two digits are the series, and the first represents the vinyl’s durability.

Q: What surfaces are suitable for applying vinyl?

A: Permanent vinyl sheets and rolls with adhesive backing can easily adhere to almost any surface. It’s great for decorating and jazzing up your utensils and everyday items like mugs, jars, glasses, and tumblers. Additionally, it is easily applicable to both flat and curved surfaces. Other than fabrics and woolen materials, the permanent vinyl is great for almost every surface. Whether it’s your car's body, wooden objects, metal, glass, or plastic surfaces, the vinyl goes on without any issue.

Q: Can permanent vinyl survive in the dishwasher?

A: Not all adhesive vinyls are dishwasher safe. However, vinyl sheets with 2.5-3 MIL thickness are suitable to run through the dishwasher cycle. For instance, objects with ORACAL 651 vinyl are dishwasher safe. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions to confirm if the vinyl sheet can withstand dishwashing. Plus, if you are still unsure, then handwashing is always a better option for your decorative tumblers, mugs, and jars.

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