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The Best Washing Machines for Your Next Load

  1. Electrolux Front Load Washing Machine
  2. Whirlpool Top Load Washing Machine
  3. Whirlpool Top Load Washing Machine
  4. Samsung WV60M9900AV FlexWash Front Load Washing Machine
  5. Buyer's Guide

A washing machine is not something that is frequently purchased by customers, but it's an essential household appliance nonetheless. Whether you're in the market because your old washing machine broke down or you've simply decided that it's time for an upgrade, you'll definitely want to select the best one to suit your needs, budget, and available space. There are excellent choices in both the front-loading and top-loading categories, and we've identified the best washing machine in 2022 each respective category with respect to performance, features, pricing, and availability. If you'd like to research your purchase further, we've included a washing machine buyer's guide below our recommendations.

Here are the best washing machines of 2022

best front load washing machine

Electrolux Front Load Washing Machine - Best Washing Machine Overall

Electrolux has quietly made a name for themselves by offering reliable, high efficiency washing machines that focus on one thing in particular: top-of-the-line clothing care. The EFLS627UTT is the company's home laundry flagship, combining its renowned washing capabilities with all of the features you'd expect from today's best washing machines.

In terms of basic specifications, the EFLS627UTT is a front-loading washing machine with a 4.4 cubic foot capacity. Unlike other manufacturers pushing design boundaries with multiple washers and a literal built-in sink, Electrolux has opted to refine its design and focus on functionality. The control panel carries the trademark circular display that has graced the company's consumer washers for years. Each of the 9 wash cycles can be accessed by pressing the dedicated buttons on the panel, and the display shows the estimated time left to complete the washing cycle.

In addition to its performance when it comes to washing dirty clothes, the EFLS627UTT also includes a long list of convenience-enhancing features. The loading compartment for the detergent has been redesigned to accept detergent pods; when paired with the SmartBoost detergent pre-mixing feature, it ensures that there is a consistent ratio of detergent to water before it ever reaches the washing drum. Several other features allow the EFLS627UTT to stand out from the crowd, including a pre-soak feature designed to lift stubborn stains from dirty clothes. As with other machines in this category, steam clean functionality can help remove stains in a more gentle manner than tumbling the clothes in the drum. If you're in a rush, there's also a 15-minute fast wash feature that will deliver passably clean clothing.

As with all other front-loading washers, the EFLS627UTT is Energy Star certified and uses less water to complete cycles than top-loading designs. The SmartBoost mixing and soaking features tend to use more water than other front-loaders, but the trade-off is unmatched washing performance, especially when considering stain removal. It's not the most feature-packed washing machine we've come across, but the ones that Electrolux included are real-world useful and contribute to overall performance. With all things considered, the Electrolux EFLS627UTT is our top recommendation for the best washing machine overall.

The matching dryer for the Elecrolux EFLS627UTT is the EFME627UTT (electric) or the EFMG627UTT (gas).

best top load washing machine

Whirlpool Top Load Washing Machine - Runner Up

As one of the biggest names in home appliances (if not the biggest), it should come as no surprise to find that Whirlpool offers one of the best all-around top-loading washing machines on the market today. The WTW8000DW sits squarely in the middle of Whirlpool's lineup, and it's the one we'd recommend as the best top loading washing machine if that's specifically what you're in the market for.

The external appearance is a modernized take on Whirlpool's tried and true cabinet design, with pushbuttons and a circular LCD screen taking the place of the dials found on older generation models. The tinted glass lid adds a modern touch to the overall design, and has a practical benefit in that it allows users to observe into the machine during the wash cycle. The lid is also equipped with a soft close mechanism, avoiding the irritating metallic slam that owners of older top-load units are all too familiar with.

Between the cavernous stainless steel drum and impeller design, the WTW8000DW offers 5.3 cubic feet of capacity - enough to handle a weeks' worth of dirty clothes from the entire family. There are over two dozen wash cycles offered, and Whirlpool goes one step further by separating out "What To Wash" and "How To Wash" controls that make it nearly impossible to select the wrong cycle. While the WTW8000DW isn't equipped with the latest features like Wi-Fi connectivity or Smart Home compatibility, the control panel and wash cycles are carefully thought out for real-world convenience and everyday usability.

Although top load units washing machines tend to cost less than their front-loading counterparts, the WTW8000DW carries a comparable price tag in exchange for its superior washing performance. At $900, it's not what we'd refer to as affordable, but it's certainly reasonably priced. Whirlpool appliances are widely available, so you should have no trouble locating this machine either online or in a brick-and-mortar store. Paired with Whirlpool's excellent reputation for reliability and durability, the WTW8000DW a great choice for anyone shopping for a top-loading washer.

The matching dryer for the Whirlpool WTW8000DW is the WED8000DW (electric) or the WGD8000DW (gas).

best top load washing machine

Whirlpool Top Load Washing Machine - Honorable Mention

If your old washing machine unexpectedly gave out and you're in the market for an affordable replacement, we would recommend prioritizing performance over features. Whirlpool's WTW5000DW is one of the best examples of a budget-friendly top load washing machine without resorting to an agitator-equipped model. Outwardly, the WTW5000DW looks plain and unassuming; the unadorned cabinet is topped by a row of more traditional-looking dials on the control panel. There are 12 different wash modes available, including a quick wash cycle that takes less than half an hour to wash a moderate load. The impeller mechanism frees up space in the wash basket, and the 4.3 cubic foot capacity provides enough room for bulky items like blankets and comforters. There are a few sacrifices in exchange for the lower price, none of which impact washing performance. The most obvious one is the lack of Energy Star certification, which is somewhat surprising for a high efficiency machine. Additionally, the feature list on the WTW5000DW is rather short, limited to the aforementioned quick wash cycle as well as a pre-soak option for heavily soiled clothing. The old-school looks and strict emphasis on washing performance allow for an impressively affordable price tag; this machine can be found on sale regularly and can be brought home for well under its $749 MSRP.

The matching dryer for the Whirlpool WTW5000DW is the WED5000DW (electric) or the WGD5000DW (gas).

Samsung WV60M9900AV FlexWash Front Load Washing Machine

Samsung WV60M9900AV FlexWash Front Load Washing Machine - Best Steam Washing Machine

The first thing that stands out about the Samsung WV60M9900AV is not its control panel or cabinet color; rather, it's the height of the thing even without adding its matching pedestal. Upon closer inspection, you'll see that the reason for the extra height is that Samsung has somehow included a second washing compartment in the same cabinet - a truly unique feature amongst its main rivals.

The front-load compartment shares many of its specs with other higher-end Samsung washing machines, including its 5.0 cubic foot capacity. The extra-large drum size means it's particuarly well-suited to handle bulky items such as comforters or a whole family's worth of winter jackets, and the Direct Drive Motor is strong enough to spin the drum easily and without making a racket. Samsung's Steam Wash feature releases hot steam into the drum to lift stains and sanitize hard-to-wash items, and it can also be integrated into different wash cycles to treat especially stubborn stains. The steam function is also found in the matching dryer (see below), though that function is designed to prevent and remove wrinkles instead.

For smaller loads, the top-mounted 1.0 cubic foot washer is more than up to the task. This washer compartment is completely separate from the front-load section - it's even equipped with its own soap dispenser and water line (don't worry, the entire washer only requires a standard hookup, so you won't need to schedule an appointment with a plumber). This is done to ensure that the two compartments never mix, meaning it's possible to wash otherwise incompatible loads at the same time.

As Samsung's flagship washing machine, the WV60M9900AV comes with just about every single feature found on the company's lesser models. Between the dozen wash cycles, there's also a PowerFoam feature that can create suds and lather out of even the most notoriously stingy HE detergent. The Super Speed mode can shorten a full wash cycle to just over half an hour, similar to how long an older agitator-equipped machine takes - all without beating up your clothes. Samsung's VRT Plus technology balances the tub and utilizes weight sensors to eliminate vibrations, making the WV60M990AV particularly well-suited for second floor installations. There are smart features as well; one optional part of initial setup is adding the WM60M9900AV to your Wi-Fi network, which allows access to the built-in Smart Home features. The free app can be used to monitor washing cycles and troubleshoot any errors, and there's also an option to send an alert to your phone once the cycle is complete.

The Samsung WV60M9900AV is a superb performer and is packed with thoughtful features and modern touches, making it easy to recommend. That said, we see two drawbacks that can restrict its appeal. First, the washer itself is noticeably larger than most other units, so you'll want to make sure there's room in your laundry room or cabinet to house this machine. The second comes down to price - at a hair under $1,500 at the time of writing, this washing machine alone costs more than some washer/dryer matched pairs. That said, you'd be hard-pressed to find another washing machine that offers this level of flexibility and performance in a single unit.

The matching dryer for the Samsung WV60M9900AV is the DVE60M9900V (electric) or the DVG60M9900V (gas).

Buyer's Guide

Best Washing Machine Buying Guide

New innovations of the best washing machines make them so much more than a one-size-fits-all laundry solution. With a variety of sizes, designs, and specialized features, a washing machine is an investment in your home and lifestyle.
In this guide, we help you figure out which washing machine is best for your needs and what factors you may need to take into consideration before making a purchase.

Types of Washing Machines

One of the biggest factors to consider when choosing a washing machine is the design of your laundry area and how the washing machine will be positioned. To optimize this space, consider which of the following 3 washing machine types will be most suitable.


A top-loader washing machine is solid around the sides with a door on the top. Laundry is loaded from the top of the washer into a round drum. Some have a central pillar that moves the water and clothes. Other machines use a rotating plate at the bottom. The latter is preferable since it results in less wear and tear on clothing. The benefit of a top-loader is that you can add items to the machine during the wash cycle. Opening the top door during a wash cycle will pause the function. Once the door is closed, the machine will resume washing.

Since the machine door is on the top, this type of unit will not be suitable to store under a counter. The design is not stackable, so you will need to make sure it is easily accessible from above.


A front-loader washing machine has a door in the front of the machine, opening into a round drum. These machines generally use less water and electricity than top-loaders. The door of the machine needs to stay locked during the entire wash cycle. This means you cannot open the machine once you have started washing until the entire wash and spin process is complete.

Most front-loaders are stackable which makes them a good option if you have limited space, need to store the machine under a counter, or in a closet.

Combination Washing Machines

Combination washer-dryer machines are ideal for those with limited space who require a tumble dryer as well as a washing machine. These machines are a great solution when there is no outdoor area to hang clothing, or the climate is not conducive to outdoor hang-drying of wet items.

The downside of these washing machines is that they take a long time to dry clothes. Since the wash and dry functions take place in the same drum their complex systems make them somewhat less durable than separate stand-alone washers and dryers.

How to Choose the Best Washing Machine for You

Once you have considered the type of machine that is most suitable for the available space in your home, you also need to consider the exterior size of the unit, the connections, and the outlets required.

Washing Machine Size

If the washing machine is going to be stored under a counter or in a closet, make sure the dimensions of the machine are suitable for the available space. It is best to measure the machine and compare it to the area measurements before making the purchase.

Always check that the machines are listed as stackable if this is a feature you require.

Power Connections and Water Outlets

Regardless of the type of washing machine you buy, you will require a power connection, a cold-water connection, and a drain. Make sure that the area where your machine will be placed has adequate access to all 3 of these components.

What Features to Look for in a Washing Machine

When looking into the finer details of the best washing machine that will suit your needs consider the type of items you generally wash, the quantity, and any required special features for allergies or noise control.


Washing machine capacity can vary greatly from 2.5 up to 6 cubic feet. If you have a large family, or regularly wash bulky items like blankets, a high-capacity washer with a bigger drum-size is best. Top-loader drums usually allow for a larger load than front-loaders. You should, however, check this on the specific model. Keep in mind that this will affect the space required in your laundry area.

Cycle options

High-end machines have more cycle options to customize the type of wash to laundry items. All machines generally include cycles for whites, wool, and speed washing. Additional cycles may include heavy-duty, allergen, sanitizing, and self-clean for machine maintenance.

Bulk dispensers

Bulk dispensers are mostly found in high-capacity washers. They allow you to fill the detergent dispenser once for 20 to 40 loads. When the washing cycle starts, the machine will read your load and dispense the correct amount of detergent according to the load size.

Advanced wrinkle care

Wrinkle care technology tumbles clothes in a washer. It uses steam and a tumbling motion to prevent wrinkles. With this feature, you would need to be comfortable with your machine remaining on for a few hours or while you are away.

Vibration reduction

Vibration reduction keeps the washing machine from shaking excessively and creating noise during the spin cycles.

Allergen cycle

Allergen cycles are designed to target pollen and dust triggers and gently release them from fabrics using steam. This is ideal if you live in a high pollen count area or suffer from asthma.

Wi-Fi connection and App control

Washing machines that are linked with Wi-Fi enable you to track the cycle progress and control it from your mobile device. Some appliances can diagnose problems and alert the manufacturer's service center.

Washing Machine FAQ

Q: When should you replace a washing machine?

A: Washing machines have a general lifespan of around 10 years. Most manufacturers, however, only offer a one-year warranty. If your washing machine breaks and the repair cost is over 50% of the cost of a new machine, opt for a new model. Breakdowns that are not always worth the cost of fixing include failure to spin, a cracked drum, or leakages not caused by replaceable pipes.

Q: Should you purchase an extended warranty on a washing machine?

A: The cost of an extended warranty is most likely an expense you did not budget for when considering your purchase. On average, washing machine repairs throughout their recommended lifespan will not be more than the extended warranty expense. If you are concerned about unforeseen expenses, including the appliances under your household insurance may be a better option.

Q: Are newer, high-end washer models worth the extra cost?

A: This will depend on your needs. For a single person or couple with small loads of regular laundry items, it might not be worth the extra expense to get a fancy machine. Having said that, advantages to investing in a high-end model can include reduced energy and water use which makes it less expensive to operate. It will also be more environmentally friendly. Higher-end models have a plethora of specialized features which you will probably only use if you are washing specialized delicate fabrics or have certain health or capacity requirements.

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