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Best Dryers: Keeping Your Clothes Fresh for Longer

  1. Maytag Electric Dryer
  2. Maytag White Electric Dryer
  3. Whirlpool 7 Cu. Ft. Gas Dryer
  4. Maytag Maxima Electric Steam Dryer
  5. Duet 7.3 Cu. Ft. Chrome Shadow Electric Steam Dryer - WED97HEDC
  6. Buyer's Guide

Dryers are an undeniable part of our laundry activities. We use them weekly, whether we come into contact with them or not. They are as integral to the process as a washer, for without them, we would be left to hang our clothes on a line and hope for sunny days. There are two main dryers that most people need to consider, those options are electric and gas. Before you begin the process of weighing through these handpicked selections, it is incredibly important to understand which model is right for you. For more information on what to look at in selecting the best dryers in 2022, check out our buyer's guide listed below which provides the basic information you should know about these appliances before making a purchase.

Best Dryers of 2022 Reviewed in Detail

best electric dryer

Maytag Electric Dryer - Best Dryer Overall

Maytag appliances tend to be reliable, which has contributed to their presence in so many homes. With modern home appliances incorporating so much technology, however, the latest models may be less capable of lasting for decades. If you’re looking for a simple and basic dryer likely to last you a long time, the Maytag MEDC215EW may be a good option for you. This electric dryer offers a generous seven cubic feet of space, with 15 dry cycles and four temperature settings. A wrinkle control feature prevents wrinkles by tumbling the garments for up to 120 minutes after the cycle is complete. Although this dryer is less “stylish” in its appearance than more expensive models, it uses commercial-grade parts for excellent performance and durability. Maytag has also included a ten-year limited warranty on the drive motor and dryer drum.

best white electric dryer

Maytag White Electric Dryer - Runner Up

The Maytag MEDC415EW offers excellent basic performance and functional features for a reasonably affordable price. While this electric dryer might not be flashy, it has a large seven cubic foot capacity with 13 drying cycles and four temperature settings to choose from. The MEDC415EW uses a built-in sensor to detect moisture levels, allowing it to save time and energy by automatically stopping the cycle when contents are dry; this also prevents excessive wear and tear on your garments. This dryer also features a sanitize cycle and a wrinkle control option, so you don’t need to worry about rushing to remove your clothing as soon as the cycle ends. Commercial-grade parts contribute to this models durability, and Maytag has included a ten-year limited warranty on the drive motor and dryer drum. This dryer dries loads quickly, is quiet, and is easy to use.

best gas dryer

Whirlpool 7 Cu. Ft. Gas Dryer - Honorable Mention

This gas dryer from Whirlpool combines basic functionality and good performance with affordability. The WGD4815EW might not have a lot of features or fancy touch screen controls, but its seven cubic foot capacity can quickly dry large loads of laundry easily. A choice of 14 drying cycles including a heavy duty cycle for large items, makes for plenty of drying options. The built-in moisture sensor makes drying clothes even easier as it senses when garments are dry thus ending the cycle. The WGD4815EW has easy to use rotary control knobs and a wrinkle control option that intermittently tumbles the dryer’s contents for up to 90 minutes after the cycle completes. This dryer offers excellent value, thanks to its good performance, easy-to-use simplicity, and affordable price.

best electric dryer

Maytag Maxima Electric Steam Dryer - Consider

This electric steam dryer from Maytag isn’t cheap, but it offers a tremendous amount of performance and convenience for the money. The MED8100DC runs quietly and has a generous 7.4 cubic foot capacity, which is plenty of space to accommodate even bulky loads such as bedding and pillows. A choice of nine dry cycles and eight options offer plenty of control, including a sanitize cycle, refresh cycle, and rapid dry cycle for when you’re short on time; steam is used for multiple cycles, including wrinkle prevention.

The MED8100DC has a moisture sensor so the dryer can detect when your garments are dry, enabling it to end the cycle, extending the lifespan of your clothing while saving energy at the same time. This dryer has a stainless steel drum with an extra interior fin for consistent drying, as well as an LED drum light to illuminate your laundry loads. The MED8100DC uses commercial-grade build quality and parts, and is backed up with Maytag’s ten-year limited warranty.

Duet 7.3 Cu. Ft. Chrome Shadow Electric Steam Dryer - WED97HEDC

Duet 7.3 Cu. Ft. Chrome Shadow Electric Steam Dryer - WED97HEDC - Best Steam Dryer

The Whirlpool WED97HEDC offers a 7.3 cubic foot capacity, which can accommodate even bedding and pillows thanks to a dedicated “bulky cycle” for such items. Ten drying cycles, five temperature settings, and memory touch controls to save your preferred settings offer you plenty of control. As to be expected from a higher end electric dryer, the WED97HEDC includes a built-in sensor to detect moisture levels and adjust the drying cycle as needed, both saving energy and preserving the lifespan of your clothes. This dryer uses steam for its refresh cycle and sanitize cycles while also helping remove and/or prevent wrinkles.

Additional features are included such as quad baffles for more effective drying and a quick dry setting for when you need certain items of clothing in a rush. When you’re taking things a bit slower, the WED97HEDC has an energy efficient “EcoBoost” option that lowers the heat and extends cycle time. User friendly, quiet, and effective, the Whirlpool WED97HEDC is a good option if you’re willing to spend more money on a fully modern and feature-laden steam dryer.

Buyer's Guide

Modern dryers are no longer the loud, bland appliances they once were. Stylish and advanced options for the modern household now do more than simply dry garments, with even affordable models now offering built-in sensors and a range of high tech features.

Depending on the size and type of your typical laundry load, you may need a dryer with special features or settings. For example if you have garments or fabrics requiring special care, there are dryers offering special cycles for gentle drying without tumbling. Other elements to look at include the dryer’s controls, ease of opening/closing the door, as well as lint filter size and accessibility.

A budget-friendly dryer typically will operate as efficiently as a more expensive unit; the major differences between budget and high end options will boil down to specialized drying cycles, special features, and style. Fortunately, most household dryers can be had at steep discounts during sales, especially around the holidays.

Dryer Types


Gas typically cost more than electric dryers to buy, and can also be complicated to install. However, their operating cost tends to run less to run over time, so if your house has the proper hookups, a gas dryer may be the right choice for you.


Electric units use more energy but are more affordable and offer a wide variety of options in terms of style, features, and laundry capacity. Most electric dryers run on a 240-volt current which requires a special outlet, although many homes will already have one in place.


Steam dryers can be either gas or electric units, and tend to be higher end, pricier models. The use of steam greatly increases the utility of a dryer, allowing for better sanitization, wrinkle control, and odor elimination.


Screen Displays

Many modern dryers feature bright screens displaying all the information related to your machine and individual loads. Some displays can be fairly complicated so test out the dryers interface first to ensure user-friendliness.

Special Cycles/Settings

Most dryers feature multiple settings and cycles with some including the power of steam to both sanitize garments and remove wrinkles. There are also speed cycles to cut down on drying time and the option to keep tumbling clothing after the cycle is done to prevent wrinkles.

Moisture Sensors

A moisture sensor detects your loads dryness level so it can adjust or end the cycle accordingly. This takes the guesswork out of choosing the right amount of time for each load and also prevents unnecessary wear and tear on garments.

Smart Features

Dryers are beginning to incorporate smart features such as allowing you to monitor and control the dryer using specialized apps downloaded onto your smartphone. These features are still uncommon and quite expensive but expect to see widespread integration of these features in the future.

Additional Options

Some dryers come with additional convenience and safety options such as delayed start, sophisticated timers, and vent-blockage indicators.

Capacity & Installation Considerations

In general, the capacity of your dryer should be about twice as that of your washing machine. Take the time to accurately measure your laundry area, leaving clearance for all necessary hookups as well as space for the door to open and close easily.

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