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Review: Best Window Washers

There are different ways you can clean your windows, whether in your car, home, or office. You will find different products you can use for this purpose, one of which is the window washer.

The right window washer will leave your windows clear, beautiful, and streak-free if used correctly. But with different brands out there, finding the right window washer can be a little challenging. We have compiled some of the best window washers in 2021 out there and a buyer's guide to choosing the very best!

Best Window Washer

DOCAZOO Foot Extension Window Washer

Getting your windows properly washed shouldn’t be too difficult if you are using the right tools. DOCAZOO came up with this unique window washer featuring three sizes of squeegee blades and an extension pole for cleaning your windows. With the 5-foot pole that can extend to 12-feet, and additional window washing kit, you can easily clean your 1st and 2nd-floor windows without breaking a sweat. The product features a Chenille microfiber window scrubber which helps eliminate grit, dirt, and grime, giving you a clean and sparkling window everytime. What’s more, the washer is made to rotate at an angle for maximum effect.

  • Perfect for cleaning high windows
  • Sturdy enough to ensure stability
  • Easy to remove and wash
  • Does not have a water feed

ITTAHO Multi-Use Window Washer

Although many of the best window washer models are effective, they usually do not come with poles. This is why the ITTAHO window squeegee is complete from top to bottom with its additional extension poles that come with four sections that provide almost 5 feet of reach. Whether you intend to use it for low windows or hard to reach ones, this tool makes the job easy! The 10-inch wide squeegee and the closely-knitted sponge will give you the perfect result while minimizing physical effort.

  • The squeegee is made using natural soft rubber, which is safe for sensitive surfaces
  • Comes with a pole
  • The sponge mesh is quite absorbent and removes specks of dust
  • The squeegee’s sides do not have enough support to remove the fluids on the sides

Lomida Professional Window Washer

The Lomida window cleaning kit gives you everything you need to make sure your windows remain streak-free and sparkling clean - even the hard to reach ones. The pole ranges between 23” and 62”, making it a cinch to clean your higher windows from the ground without using a ladder. You can also use the window scrubber and squeegee to clean the windows at lower levels easily. This pole also stands out because of the lightweight and strong 4-stage extension poles. You will also find that the microfiber cloth scrubber is highly absorbent and soft, which means you do not need to be worried about scratching your window. The most unique aspect of the window squeegee is its bendable head ensuring you're always making direct contact with a window even if you are around a corner.

  • The head is flexible
  • Made from durable materials
  • The rubber handles are easy to grip and use
  • The squeegee edges are quite sharp

DSV Standard Window Washer

The DSV standard professional window washer is a reliable, standard size squeegee. The window cleaner pole is made of lightweight aluminum which prevents rust and can extend from 18" to 30". This feature makes it easy to clean surfaces that are hard to reach. Also, the professional nylon netted sponge provides superior cleaning power. The rubber blade ensures good contact with any surfaces without leaving streaks behind. It quickly removes water for a streak-free shine.

  • Easy to use
  • Can be used anywhere you want
  • Rust and corrosion-proof
  • The squeegee edges are sharp

Baban Squeegee Window Washer

No matter what you do, your windows are bound to become dirty and dusty, which will affect how our homes look. The Baban squeegee window cleaner comes with a 61" telescoping extension pole, window washing equipment, and a bendable head making it suitable for outdoor and indoor use. As an added bonus, it comes with two replacement microfiber cloths. The washer is lightweight and can reach almost anywhere.

  • Offers curved poles for added versatility
  • Lightweight
  • Can be used for multiple applications
  • The squeegee’s sides do not have enough support to remove the fluids on the sides

Geardon Extension Pole Window Washer

If you are looking for a squeegee cleaner with a scrubber, this is one of the best deals out there! This 3-in-1 window washing kit comes with microfiber scrubber, a rubber blade, and a spray head that can greatly speed up the process by removing the need to periodically dip the sponge in soap. The squeegee cleaner kit comes with three metal handles, giving it a total length of 58". It also comes with a super-absorbent cloth that wipes off excess soapy water and absorbs the water, thus helping you dry windows while you clean them.

  • At 58” the squeegee can reach higher windows
  • The head automatically adapts to any angle, making it perfect for cleaning edges and corners
  • Integrated spray head can be loaded with detergent
  • You need to install the spray head properly to avoid malfunctioning

Unger Professional Microfiber Window Washer

The Unger Professional Microfiber Combi is a unique 2-in-1 tool that blends both a scrubber and squeegee. The microfiber helps clean and wets the window, while the squeegee eliminates any excess water to help dry your windows quickly. While using the Combi, you do not need to alter attachments to do your work. The microfiber Combi features an expert-grade microfiber scrubber with a sturdy rubber squeegee that can withstand rough use. It gives you the best streak-free results and cleans your windows quickly and effectively.

  • Can be used for multiple functions
  • Cleans the windows faster
  • Effective for residential and commercial uses
  • No extension pole included

Buyer's Guide

Things to consider before buying window washers

Before you buy a window washer (or squeegee, as they're colloquially known), there are certain things you must consider. In this guide, we will explore some of the core factors to look out for; keep reading to learn more!

Job specifics

If you only intend to clean small windows like the ones on your car, a compact window washer should suffice. But if you intend to clean a large window, make sure to use a wider window washer. Doing this will save you time with less of a chance of leaving streaks.

The perfect tool

The squeegee is commonly made of brass, stainless steel, and plastic, or a combination of the three. These squeegees are durable and can last you for many years. Although brass is a good material, it can rust as time passes and can also be heavy. Plastic is usually not as costly as the other options, but it won’t stand the test of time.

As far as the squeegee handle is concerned, you will have different options to choose from. Some are rigid, while you will find swivel handles that are perfect for odd or round-shaped windows. Certain washers come with rubber on the handles for better grip.

If you intend to clean out-of-reach windows, you should consider getting handle extensions.

Size of blade

The blade is the part of the washer that does most of the work. It’s made using silicone or rubber, and it's used to push the water away from the surface of the window. The blade’s width will also determine how much glass you can easily clean using just one pass. With a wider blade, you will be able to clean large windows. If this is what you have in your house, search for a blade that is up to 24 inches wide.

This, however, doesn’t usually mean that the bigger the blade, the better. If you are aiming to clean smaller windows, a large blade is far from ideal. Note that window cleaners with smaller blades can be quite versatile as well, though it may mean more work to clean larger windows.

Height of the windows

The next factor to consider before buying the window cleaner is the height of the window. Will you need a ladder to reach up, or can you get to it with ease? If you are dealing with windows at a reasonable height, a squeegee with a short handle will be perfect. Using this type of cleaner will enable you to control the head with ease, and you will not have long poles to store.

However, if cleaning the top of your window requires using a ladder, you can easily attach it to an extension pole.


The durability of different window cleaners vary, with some of them built to last a short while before being disposed of. They are often made using plastic and are not too expensive. It also means if you are using plastic, you will be increasing the volume of plastic waste out there.

Other cleaners are made using stronger materials. Some of these materials include stainless steel, aluminum, and brass. Because you can replace the blades, they should be able to last a long time. Although they may cost a little bit more initially, they will eventually pay for themselves.

Pole length

The extension of the pole is a vital factor to consider because it is useful in giving you leverage in cleaning huge windows. Also, ensure that the pole is strong enough to handle high pressure while you clean because you don’t want it to break after a short while.

Tips for using a window cleaner

Before you begin using your window cleaner, you need to have the right cleaning solution for the job. Begin by filling half of a bucket with water and add soap, detergent, or your choice of cleaning solution. After stirring the solution, you should dip the washer and use it on the windows. When this is done, you can begin doing the following:

  • Upon washing the window, you should clean the left and top sides of the frame.
  • Then, place the cleaner on the window’s dry area in the top left corner.
  • Apply little pressure while moving the cleaner to the top right sector without pausing. Ensure that the cleaner is removing all the moisture with it.
  • When you have gotten to the other end, you should carefully pull the handle and have the washer rubber placed in the frame’s corner.
  • With a cloth, you should clean the moisture from the rubber after you have removed the washer from the glass.
  • Do the same thing by overlapping each section by an inch or two.
  • When you are done cleaning, ensure you check for any moist areas. If you find any, you should clean the surface with a microfiber cloth. Avoid using any harsh fabric on the glass as it may lead to scratches or scoring.

Final thoughts

This buyer’s guide and review contain all you need to know before buying yourself a window washer. Finding the right one can be challenging with several options out there, but if you follow the tips outlined here, it shouldn’t be too hard!

Window Washer FAQ

Q. What's the best way to clean my windows without streaking?

A. The ideal way to clean your windows without leaving streaks is by dusting the excess debris and dirt from the window frame, glass, and window sill before you use the washer tool. You can use vinegar or window cleaning solution mixed in cold or warm water to wash the windows.

Q. What exactly does an expert window cleaner use?

A. They usually use a window washer and water mixed with soap. Using dish soap will help clean everything off, while the washer will give it a streak-free shine. Professionals often use vinegar, ammonia, or chemical solutions.

Q. Where can I get a quality window washer?

A. You can easily get a good washer on different online marketplaces. However, be careful to check for reviews from previous buyers before making a decision.

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