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How To Maintain Your Laundry Machines

How To Maintain Your Laundry Machines

A laundry machine is one of the most expensive home appliances around, yet it's an essential component of any modern home. For many of us, life without this device is hard to imagine. However, people often struggle with the maintenance of a washing machine. If you are one of them, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss a few important dos and don’ts you must know to maintain a washing machine.

Before we begin, we suggest you go through the instruction manual of the appliance. It may be a chore to read, but it's often well worth the time due to the critical advice it contains.

Do’s For The Maintenance Of The Laundry Machine

Let's begin the guide with the do’s section. Read the steps carefully to keep the performance of your laundry machine in check.

Clean The Rubber Gasket

A rubber gasket seals the door, keeping water and clothes in while making sure that dust and dirt stays out. However, with everyday use, dust particles and even detergent get stuck in it. To make matters worse, the gasket is sandwiched between the exterior and interior of the machine, so it's usually out of sight. If you want to avoid musty odors and mildew buildup, you must keep the rubber gasket clean by removing the dust with a damp cloth. Try to do this cleaning at least once per week.

Deep Cleaning

Constant use of the washing machine will eventually lead to wear and tear, and this is perfectly normal. However, if it isn't cleaned properly from the inside, it will eventually lose its ability to function effectively.

To deep clean your washing appliance, buy a good laundry machine cleaner. It will help remove stubborn dirt and chemical stains from the inside without affecting the parts. It will also clean the laundry basket located inside the machine by removing dirt and detergent particles.

Protection From Spillage

The process of cleaning the clothes may lead to some amount of spillage from the machine, particularly when you are transferring wet clothes from the washer to the dryer. If the spillage is not cleaned after every wash, it leads to stickiness and unpleasant odors. Overall maintenance means keeping our washing machine clean both inside and outside. So don't forget to mop up the spillage with a cloth every time it happens.

Leave The Door Open

One of the biggest mistakes we make is to close the door of the washing machine immediately after use. It is important to leave it open for 15-20 minutes. The reason is that when you close the door immediately, it locks the moisture in the machine. This will cause mold and bacteria development inside the appliance, and the resulting smell is difficult to eliminate. Therefore, you should leave the door open to allow all of the residual moisture to dry out.

Use The Right Detergent

The choice of detergent depends on the washing needs. However, the detergent must not be too harsh or alkaline. It will damage your clothes as well as the washing machine. Also, keep in mind that virtually all newer washing machines are designed to be used with HE (high efficiency) detergent exclusively, so make sure your detergent is compatible before you load it into the machine.

Don'ts For The Maintenance Of The Laundry Machine

Now we'll go over some tips regarding certain things you must avoid doing to protect your washing machine from damage. If you're already doing any of these things, then stop right there because you are unknowingly damaging your laundry appliance.

Do Not Overload Your Machine

Every machine is designed to handle a certain degree of load. Overloading it will cause accelerated wear and tear, and can even lead to component damage. To add insult to injury, an overloaded machine won't properly clean your clothes.

Don't Place Your Machine On An Uneven Floor

Washing machines cause heavy vibration while working, and they're designed to withstand these motions when placed on a flat floor. If your machine is sitting at an angle, the vibrations will potentially damage sensitive internal parts. Luckily, most washing machines have adjustable feet that can compensate for uneven or wavy floors.

Avoid Using Excess Detergents

Putting a lot of detergent will affect the protective coating of the laundry tub and the inner parts. It will lead to the malfunctioning of your laundry machine.

Don't Leave The Clothes In The Machine For Too Long

Damp clothes in the machine will lock the moisture inside it and will cause mold and bacteria to develop. Therefore, try not to leave clothes in your machine for more than 10-15 minutes after the cycle ends.

Final Words

The tips we've shared above are essential when it comes to maintaining your laundry appliances, and will enable proper function and more longevity. If you like them, please follow and share them with more people.

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