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The Best Wireless Earbuds For Working Out to Buy Right Now

Choosing the best earbuds for a workout
  1. Jaybird Vista 2
  2. Sony WF-1000XM4
  3. Beats Fit Pro
  4. Sony Linkbuds S
  5. Bose Frames Tempo
  6. Buyer's Guide

What’s a great workout without great tunes to motivate you through it? When it comes to the best workout wireless earbuds, just any earbuds won’t do. You need earbuds that won’t fall off during an intense workout — and they need to be comfortable, too.

For the best workout headphones, look for a pair that features fins, ear hooks, or clips to hold them securely in place. Whatever earbuds you choose, they need to be able to stand up to intense exercise. You also want to consider sweat resistance, battery life, and sound quality. The most important aspect of the best workout wireless earbuds for a workout is that they fit your ears comfortably and stay securely in place.

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$: 0 - 100
$$: 101 - 200
$$$: 201 - 300

2023’s Best Workout Wireless Earbuds Reviewed

Jaybird Vista 2 - Best Wireless Earbuds Overall

If durability is important to you, Jaybird Vista 2 earbuds are for you. The wing covers help keep these earbuds in place, making them excellent for wearing during your workout. While the noise canceling feature on these earbuds isn’t the best of our review, it is available, and SoundSense allows you to control how much ambient noise you hear.

  • Can be fully submerged in water
  • Highly durable
  • Adjustable noise canceling
  • Wing tips available in one size only
  • Not ideal for calls in noisy environments
  • Not the best for small ears

These earbuds may be uncomfortable if you have small ears due to the rounded, blocky build of the earbuds. They offer three different size wing tips to help you find the perfect fit. The ear tips are the same size on all three wings, meaning that if your ears don’t perfectly fit the tip, these may not be a comfortable fit.

Unlike the other earbuds on our list, these earbuds are rated IP68. They will withstand complete submersion in water, making them the best sweat-resistant earbuds. The battery life is exceptional at 24 hours, but these earbuds could be better for calls in noisy environments, as the microphones struggle to separate your voice from background elements.

Sweatproof: Yes
Tangle-Proof: Yes
Ear attachment: Wings
Size Range: 3 sizes of detachable ear gels for a custom fit
Bone Conduction Tech: No
Noise Canceling: Yes
Audio Quality: SurroundSense and premium sound technology
Call Quality: Same as audio quality

Price: $$

Sony WF-1000XM4 - Honorable Mention

The Sony WF-1000XM4 noise-canceling earbuds are great for everyday listening with eight hours of battery life. Before you work out with these earbuds, it is important to test the fit by using the fit test in the Headphones Connect app. These are among the top wireless earbuds for working out and are great for those with larger ears, though those with smaller ears will likely find these too big to fit comfortably. They offer excellent sound quality and are IPX4-rated against moisture. These earbuds are easily touch-controlled. An added bonus is the wireless charging capability.

  • Long battery life
  • Excellent sound and call quality
  • Wireless charging capability
  • Requires additional purchase of ear hooks to ensure earbuds don’t fall out during workout
  • May not fit small ears
  • Ear tips can be awkward

Sweatproof: Yes
Tangle-Proof: Yes
Ear attachment: None
Size Range: For larger ears
Bone Conduction Tech: Yes
Noise Canceling: Yes
Audio Quality: Integrated Processor V1 for great sound
Call Quality: Crystal-clear voice detection in noisy places

Price: $$$

Beats Fit Pro - Runner Up

The Beats Fit Pro pair seamlessly with your iPhone and include squishy ear tips and elegant fins to keep them secure and anchored in place. If you have an Android device, there’s an app for that. A warning if you have small ears, though — you may find the fins too large.

  • Ability to pause noise canceling
  • Multiple colors available
  • Excellent sound for movies and phone calls
  • Not good for small ears
  • No wireless charging
  • Most features are exclusive to Apple devices

These are top-rated earbuds for working out, and they also offer a noise-canceling feature. A physical button allows you to pause the noise canceling and let ambient noise in if you find yourself in a situation where you want to hear what is going on around you. They offer several color options and are great for music for your workouts. They are also rated IPX4 for sweat and water resistance and are great for everyday wear, too, providing great sound for movies and phone calls.

Sweatproof: Yes
Tangle-Proof: Yes
Ear attachment: Secure-fit wingtips
Size Range: For larger ears
Bone Conduction Tech: No
Noise Canceling: Yes
Audio Quality: has a good, neutral sound with a strong bass
Call Quality: High-performance noise cutting and dual beamforming microphones

Price: $$

Sony Linkbuds S - Contender

The Sony Linkbuds S are an immersive pair of earbuds with ambient sound and effective noise-cancelling capabilities, making them among the best wireless headphones for working out in a noisy gym. They’re also rated IPX4 and are water-resistant enough to withstand even your most intense workouts.

  • All-day battery and quick charging
  • Instant pause and play
  • Everyday water resistance
  • One size only
  • Expensive
  • No ear attachments to keep earbuds in

The sound quality for phone calls is superior to several other earbuds on our list, with excellent sound quality even in a noisy coffee shop. They come in three colors, feature easy touch control, and have a battery life long enough for listening all day — after which you can recharge in mere minutes. These earbuds are also one of the most sustainable choices on this list, having been constructed from recycled materials, and are overall some of the best workout wireless earbuds.

Sweatproof: IPX4 water resistant
Tangle-Proof: Yes
Ear attachment: N/A
Size Range: One size only
Bone Conduction Tech: No
Noise Canceling: Yes
Audio Quality: Integrated Processor V1 immersive sound
Call Quality: Ultra clear

Price: $$

Bose Frames Tempo - Consider

The Bose Frames Tempo are sunglasses as opposed to traditional earbuds, and their rugged construction and multipurpose performance makes them great for outdoor workouts. They include built-in speakers that keep your ears unobstructed and offer a long battery life (up to eight hours) while shielding your eyes from the sun. The USB-C port also allows you to charge your sunglasses more quickly than other devices equipped with Micro-USB ports.

  • They don’t sit in your ears
  • Great sound quality without cutting off your environmental awareness
  • 8-hour battery life
  • Good for outdoor workouts only
  • Users report slight discomfort
  • May distort on songs with deep bass

They are rated IPX4 sweat and water-resistant. Because they do not go in your ears, noise canceling is not an option, but they do provide great sound while biking up to 25 MPH. This provides a level of safety while running or biking since your ears are open to hear what is happening around you. The dual-microphone system also makes them great for phone calls.

Sweatproof: Yes
Tangle-Proof: Yes
Ear attachment: N/A
Size Range: One size
Bone Conduction Tech: No
Noise Canceling: No
Audio Quality: Bose OpenAudio™ helps you hear your audio and your environment simultaneously
Call Quality: Same as audio quality

Price: $$$

Buyer's Guide

Bestcovery’s Quick Guide to Choosing Earbuds for Your Workouts

Here are some other factors to consider while shopping for the best earbuds for working out in addition to the ones we’ve discussed above.

Look at the IP Rating

The IP rating is essential when looking for the best workout wireless earbuds, as it indicates the degree of water resistance the earbud has. Several IP ratings are available: IPX4 is splash resistant, IPX5 will handle a low-pressure water spray, IPX6 can withstand a high-pressure water spray, and IPX7 or IPX8 can be fully submerged in water for up to 30 minutes.

Check the Bluetooth Codec

The Bluetooth Codec deals with how Bluetooth transmits sound from the source device (usually your phone) to your headset. For high-quality audio with the best workout earbuds, you want headphones with a Codec of AptX HD.

Consider Frequency Response

Most of the best gym headphones offer a frequency response between 20 Hz to 20 KHz. This is the standard range to look for.

Battery Life

The battery life of most headphones will work fine to get you through your workout. The average standard battery life is approximately 6 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions for Workout Earbuds

Should I Get Wired or Wireless Headphones?

Wired versus wireless headphones is a personal preference. The downside of wired headphones is they are not tangle-proof, so it’s possible to get caught up in them during your workout. Wireless workout earbuds give you more freedom to move without worrying about the wires.

How Do You Know if Your Earbuds Fit Well?

Your earbuds should be comfortable to wear and not fall out as you move. Most companies provide multiple sizes of ear cushions and wingtips to help you find the perfect fit. Try on different sizes until you find what fits comfortably and doesn’t fall out. Note: You may use different sizes in each ear.

What Kind of Earbuds Should I Get for Small Ears?

For those with small ears, look for earbuds that come with several sizes of ear cushions and ear tips to help you find the most comfortable fit. Earbuds that include ear hooks are less likely to be a problem since the hooks fit over your ears.

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