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Review: Best Airpod Cases

  1. ICARER AirPods Leather Case
  2. R-fun Full Protective Silicone Airpod Case
  3. MOBOSI Military AirPods Case
  4. Doboli Compatible Airpod Case
  5. Buyer's Guide

AirPods have become a very trendy and an essential accessory for all iPhone users around the globe. These are the premium wireless earbuds from Apple. No headphone jack in many phones, like iPhones, means if you want to use buds you can only connect wirelessly for listening to music, watching videos, or making calls. Due to their unique design — such as the need to only pair them once with your phone — you will see people wearing them everywhere.

But, you'll want to keep your beloved AirPods case in good condition. Using them often can easily lead to wear and tear, but you'll want protection against accidents too. Here, you will see a wide variety of the best AirPod cases in 2021 so you can buy one for yourself.

People buy AirPods cases to keep them safe and prevent misplacing them. To purchase such covers for your own device, below are some of the good options you can try:

Best Airpod Case

ICARER AirPods Leather Case - Best Overall

If your first priority is adding a bit of style to your devices, this leather case is a perfect choice. Not only is it protective, but it comes in four colors — black, brown, khaki, and red. Each case is slightly unique, with variances in the leather veining and the metal clip's finish. It fully supports wired or wireless charging and has a small hole to show the charging light on the front. The material does a great job of protecting your AirPods from unwanted scratches and the metal clip helps keep your AirPods securely within arm's reach.

R-fun Full Protective Silicone Airpod Case - Runner Up

Want something cool and colorful to keep your AirPods safe? If yes, then the R-fun keychain cover will be the best option to pick! The case is made from silicone which gives it a very smooth look and feel. Moreover, it only weighs 0.64 ounces, adding zero weight to your device and making it very easy to carry. There are many color variations to choose from, like blue, lavender, light blue, rose pink, royal blue, wine red, and more. Plus, this case has the perfect fit for your AirPods case and allows the front LED to be visible when monitoring the charging status.

MOBOSI Military AirPods Case - Honorable Mention

The following product on our list is highly protective, ideal for those who are prone to dropping their devices. With an anti-slip grip and a carabiner clip, your AirPods case will stay secured to your belongings or won't slip out of your hand. Made out of TPU material, you won't get any scratches or fingerprints on your case. Also, you won't have to worry about damage if it is dropped as it has anti-shock abilities. The case allows you to charge wirelessly, it fully opens for easy access to your AirPods, and you can choose from black, navy blue, deep green, or dark purple.

Doboli Compatible Airpod Case - Contender

Like to display your AirPods with beautiful cases? For this, you should try out Doboli cases to show off your style. You can get this case in twenty seven colors so you're bound to find the perfect one that speaks to you and your personality. Plus, each purchase includes two cases, so you get two color options. It is made of silicone for better protection and a soft feel. The wrap is simple to slide onto your case and comes with a carabiner clip so you can hang it from your bag, keys, or belt loop. In addition to adding to your style, the case will protect your AirPods against scratches, bumps, and other accidents.

Buyer's Guide

Wireless, handsfree, or in-ear style accessories are getting very popular nowadays. Different manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and much more are offering wireless accessories compatible with their devices to grab the attention of their customers. Today, we're looking at cases for Apple AirPods. When buying one for yourself, you may get confused because of the variety of options available on the market. It is not just the design or colors you have to keep in mind, but you can get them in different materials too.

Want to know how to pick the best case for your AirPods, why they are beneficial, and other information? Take a look at our following buyer's guide:

What are the different types of Airpod cases available?

Cases are essential for your AirPod's safety and to keep them in use for a long time. If you are not using your AirPods with the case, they might get scratches that will affect their look and may give way to further damage. When planning to buy a case, keep the following two types in mind:

Non-wireless cases (wired)

First, you will find non-wireless cases in abundance on the market. These cases promise to provide the best safety to your AirPods and come in different materials like silicone, TPU, leather, and much more. These cases are not capable of charging your Airpods wirelessly— you will have to use a lightning charger cable to do the charging, which is not always convenient. Some cases come with no opening for the charging ports, so you may even have to remove the case to charge your device.

Wireless cases

The second type of case you will see is the wireless option. This option gives you the freedom to place your AirPods case on Qi-compatible charging mats and leave them unattended — they will charge wirelessly with no annoying cables to untangle. Wireless charging is hassle-free and you'll want to make sure you get a wireless charging-compatible case if your AirPods allow for wireless charging.

What are some important reasons to buy an AirPod case?

Now, let's look at some of the essential reasons why the Airpod case is a must!

Prevent scratches

Want your AirPods case to stay white and shiny? For this, you should buy a quality protective case. Without the case, there are huge chances that you might drop it or get scratches while touching the surfaces or even other items in your bag or pocket. To avoid this situation, you should buy a case without any delay.

A case will wrap around your AirPods and will keep it safe from scratches. They also act as a buffer that may be able to absorb some shock if dropped.

Protection from drops

We mostly drop our mobile and other accessories accidentally when at home or the office. This can happen no matter how careful you are! So, to make the situation less problematic, buy a case that will protect your devices from an accidental fall. Sometimes, your case may slip out from your hand, but if you have a cover, you don't have to worry about any damage.

The majority of the manufacturers use materials like TPU, silicone, a much more durable and smooth texture. They provide good protection and a great look at the same time.

Prevent loss

Are you a person who often forgets keys, wallets, and other accessories at home? If yes, then this might happen with your AirPods as well. To make this never happen again, you should consider buying a case with a carabiner. Also, some cases come with keychains or loops that you can attach to your belt loop, keys, or bag. You might have seen people clipping their AirPods to their backpacks while traveling or hiking — this is the best way to prevent loss as you will not drop it or forget it since it stays attached to you or with your bag.

What are key factors to look at when buying the best AirPod cases?

Some of the crucial factors you have to note when planning to buy the best case for your AirPods are:

Anti-slip ability

If you look at your AirPods without a case, they are gleaming white and are smooth enough that they are kind of slippery. When placed in a pocket, they might accidentally slip out, causing you to lose them. They can even slip easily from your hands. To end this trouble, you should buy a cover made of high-quality materials that offer a better grip and do not allow your device to slip. Silicone, TPU, and leather materials add a bit of extra traction to keep them from slipping.

Styles and designs

You will see variations in patterns, colors, and designs when buying AirPod cases. There is a massive variety with so many options. Interestingly, there are cases in the shape similar to animals like cats or other animated characters. As long as the case is protective, choose any case you'd like! Find something that expresses your personality, displays your love for a character, or is just simply your favorite color.

Proper fit

This factor is very crucial as it will be responsible for the security of your device. Buy a case that offers you a proper fit for your AirPods. If you end up buying a loose case, then your device may fall, slip, or break.

What materials are used in cases for AirPods?

Different materials used for making the AirPods cases are:


You might have seen transparent white cases on the market that protect but don't really change the look of your AirPods. These are made from plastic, and some types have a certain amount of TPU to provide them with anti-slip abilities and better protection against drops. More importantly, some cases also have thermoplastic polyurethane to make them lightweight. Plastic cases are great basic cases that can be minimalistic yet functional.


Silicone is also one of the widely used materials for AirPod cases. This type of case gives you a very smooth touch and a firm grip. One of the best things about this material is that you can get it in different colors. Some cases also offer waterproof features for additional protection.


We all know leather is a premium material. For those who want stylish, premium looks, leather cases are a good choice! You can look at the different styles and designs in this material as well as the various types of leather that are used for making cases. Moreover, leather provides great durability.

Airpod Case FAQ

Q: Do I need to put my AirPods in the case every time?

A: Yes, it is best to keep them inside the case to protect them from damage and loss when you are not using them. Some cases can be hard to remove, so it is best to just keep your AirPods in its case at all times. If you keep removing the case, it'll also stretch out the material and it won't fit as snug.

Q: Do silicone cases for AirPods work better?

A: Yes, silicone cases are one of the best options that you can try to keep your AirPods safe. They will keep them safe from falls and scratches. Moreover, if you want to protect them from water, you can opt for a waterproof silicone case.

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