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Best Castor Oils - A Helpful Buying Guide For You!

  1. Heritage Store Natural & Unbleached Castor Oil
  2. Sky Organics Cold-Pressed Castor Oil
  3. Handcraft Blends 100% Pure and Natural Carrier Castor Oil
  4. Cliganic USDA Organic Castor Oil
  5. Molivera Organics 16 oz. Premium Cold Pressed 100% Pure Castor Oil
  6. Buyer's Guide

Castor oil! It is a multi-purpose vegetable oil and is made by extracting oil from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant. The seeds are also called castor beans, and they have a toxic enzyme called ricin. Note that the heating process through which castor oil has to pass deactivates it, enabling it to be used safely for various purposes. This oil has multiple industrial, medicinal, and pharmaceutical uses. It is commonly used as an additive in foods, medication, and skincare products. In addition, it is also used as a biodiesel fuel component and industrial lubricant. Planning to buy the best castor oils in 2021? Have a look at the following products:

Here are the best Castor Oils of 2021

Heritage Store Natural & Unbleached Castor Oil - Best Overall

As our top pick, this castor oil set comes with everything you need to reap all the benefits. Instead of only providing you with a bottle of oil, this set includes a generously sized wool flannel and 40 cleansing towelettes. The flannel is nice and soft and promotes deeper oil penetration into your skin for optimal results. Clean your skin after application with the towelettes for a refreshing, clean feel and non-oily skin. This castor oil is USP pure, gluten-free, 100% vegan, BPA-Free, and cruelty-free.

  • Wool flannel is soft and ideal for oil application
  • Fragrance- and hexane-free
  • Towelettes are great for removing excess oil from the face
  • It may irritate skin

Sky Organics Cold-Pressed Castor Oil - Runner Up

The oil is great for moisturizing dry hair, leaving you with a healthy scalp. Apply a few drops to your hands and massage the oil onto your scalp to nourish the roots and leave you with shiny, smooth hair. You can also apply this castor oil to eyelashes and eyebrows for a volumized appearance. The cold-pressed, unrefined formula is vegan and certified organic, making it perfectly safe for use and a great choice for those who prefer to opt for cruelty-free, 100% natural products.

  • It is USDA-certified
  • Natural source of nourishing fatty acids
  • Great for lashes, brows, and hair
  • Avoid use if hypersensitive

Handcraft Blends 100% Pure and Natural Carrier Castor Oil - Honorable Mention

This 100% pure natural castor oil is unfiltered and undiluted for a nutrient-rich formula. It is packed with fatty acids and vitamins, making it a great choice for skin, hair, and nail health. By incorporating this castor oil into your hair care routine, you’ll see lasting effects, like thicker, stronger hair with a gorgeous shine. You can use this to enhance the natural color of your hair as well, as the oil will accentuate the natural beauty and shine. If you’d like to give your eyebrows a boost, a few drops of this oil can promote growth as well.

  • Moisturizes and soothes
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Improves scalp health
  • Formula is too thick for easy application to hair

Cliganic USDA Organic Castor Oil - Contender

Want luscious, long eyelashes? This castor oil kit comes with two empty vials with an eyelash wand and liner brush that you can fill with oil for at-home lash and brow treatment. Swiping the wand over your lashes before applying mascara gives them a bit of a boost while applying the oil at your lash line promotes volume and growth. Just like other castor oils, you can use this one for scalp treatments to treat dry hair or as a skin moisturizer.

  • Includes handy liner brush and lash wand
  • Ricinoleic acid protects and softens skin
  • Can use it as an all-over body moisturizer
  • It is easy to over-apply oil using the liner brush

Molivera Organics 16 oz. Premium Cold Pressed 100% Pure Castor Oil - Also Consider

This castor oil is made with the highest premium grade available as it is 100% pure and cold-pressed for the best extraction results, leaving all nutrients intact. The oil is loaded with essential antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamin E, making it great for promoting good skin and hair health. For softer skin, moisturized hair, and strong nails, look no further than this castor oil. Plus, it makes a great carrier oil for essential oils if you are into aromatherapy.

  • Increases skin elasticity
  • Improves blood circulation in the skin for a radiant glow
  • Enhances hair growth, giving you thick luscious hair
  • Slightly sticky

Buyer's Guide

Castor oil is a popular treatment for common conditions ranging from dry skin to constipation and is commonly used in natural beauty products. If you look back through history, it was even used in ancient Egypt: burned as fuel in lamps, a natural remedy for treating ailments like eye irritation, and was even given to pregnant women to stimulate labor. Castor oil is a highly versatile product for all sorts of treatments, making it a great thing to just have on hand! If you are planning to buy this oil, keep on reading this guide to know its benefits, what to consider when purchasing, and other essential details to make the right purchase:

What are the different types of castor oil available?

First of all, let's have a look at the three different types of castor oil that you can buy on the market:


It is cold-pressed castor oil that is extracted directly from the castor seeds without heating. This leaves the most vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients in the oil, giving you the best benefits.

Jamaican black

It is made by roasting and crushing the castor seed in a mortar. Later, water is added, and the whole mixture is slow-boiled over a fire. Jamaican black castor oil has the same benefits as organic castor oil.


It is made by hydrogenation of pure castor oil which is done by a chemical reaction in a nickel catalyst. This form of castor oil is solid at room temperature, like wax.

What are some health benefits of castor oil?

Castor oil has multiple benefits, such as:

Powerful laxative

It is best known for its medicinal uses as it acts as a natural laxative. It is named a stimulant laxative which means that it increases the movement of muscles that push materials through the intestine, which helps in clearing the bowels.

More importantly, it acts rapidly and is commonly used for relieving temporary constipation. It is broken down in the small intestine when consumed through the mouth, releasing ricinoleic acid and fatty acid in castor oil.

Promote wound healing

You can apply the oil to create a moist environment that promotes healing and prevents sores from drying out! Note that Venelex, a famous ointment, is used in different clinical settings to treat wounds containing a mixture of castor oil and Peru Balsa, a balm extracted from Myroxylon tree. Furthermore, it stimulates tissue growth to make a barrier between the wound and the environment, decreasing infection risk.

Impressive anti-inflammatory effects

In castor oil, Ricinoleic acid is present, which is a primary fatty acid. The acid has unique anti-inflammatory properties. According to the studies, oil is applied topically, and it plays an active role in relieving pain and reducing inflammation.

In addition, the pain-reducing and anti-inflammatory qualities of castor oil will be particularly helpful for those who are suffering from inflammatory diseases such as psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Help in fighting fungus

Candida albicans are fungus caused by dental issues like plaque overgrowth, root canal infection, and gum infection. The oil also has antifungal properties and helps fight off the fungus, which keeps the mouth unhealthy.

As per the studies, castor oil has removed the fungus from contaminated human tooth roots. The oil will help in treating denture-related stomatitis, a painful condition caused by Candida overgrowth. It is a common issue in older people who wear dentures.

What are some beauty benefits of castor oil?

Natural moisturizer

It's rich in ricinoleic acid, which is a monounsaturated fatty acid. These types of fat will act as humectants, and they can be used for moisturizing the skin— humectants will retain moisture by preventing water loss through the outer layer of the skin. Castor oil is also used in cosmetics for promoting hydration and is often added to products like makeup, cleansers, and lotions.

Reduces acne

Acen is a skin condition that causes blackheads, large and painful bumps on the body or face, and puss-filled pimples. It is very much common in teens and young adults. Castor oil has many qualities that will help you in reducing acne symptoms.

More importantly, it is also linked with the imbalance of certain types of bacteria. This oil has antimicrobial properties that will help fight bacterial overgrowth when it is applied to the skin. It also acts as a natural moisturizer, so it will help in soothing the inflamed or irritated skin affected with acne.

Healthy hair and scalp

Use a few drops of castor oil to turn your dry hair into healthy and glossy strands. You can apply it during bedtime and then shampoo in the morning. However, if dandruff is a problem, rub the castor oil into your scalp for at least half an hour before you take a shower and then use the shampoo later.

Soothe sunburn

If you have spent a whole day under the sun, you might get sunburnt! To avoid this, you should mix equal parts of castor oil and coconut oil and apply the solution to achy or red skin. Once you use it, you will get quick relief as the oil reduces inflammation.

Eyelash thickener

Castor plays an essential role in thickening eyelashes and eyebrows, but remember that using the oily product near your eyes is very risky. If you want to try it, use a clean cotton swab to apply a thin oil coating to your eyebrows and on top of your eyelashes once a day before bed.

What are essential things to look at when buying castor oil?

When buying the castor oil, you have to keep the following points in your mind:

Certified label

Look for products that are USDA-certified organic labels. The organic castor oil uses natural ingredients and doesn't have synthetic ingredients. The oil comes from seeds grown in the natural environment without pesticides and growth enhancers.


The pure castor oil will be free of artificial ingredients, harmful toxins, and chemical compounds. There should be no artificial ingredients such as alcohol fragrances or any other flavorings, as these ingredients might dry out or irritate your skin.


It comes in two grades which are as follows:

Imported: It refers to fixing the first batch of seed pressing with the next batch of seeds. Note that it is a continuous process, prepared multiple times.

AA standard or pale pressed: This type of oil is prepared from the first pressing of the seed; that's why it is called virgin oil. It is light and diluted to ensure that it is cold-pressed for highly refined quality.

Hexane-free: Hexane is a solvent used for extracting oil from seeds. There are high chances of introducing impurities to the process that might affect the quality of the oil. Due to this, it is essential to avoid castor oil that contains hexane— the best castor oils are hexane-free.

Castor Oil FAQ

Q: Can I use castor oil on my face every day?

A: Castor oil is relatively safe to use due to its anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, and antimicrobial properties, along with other benefits. You can certainly use it on your face, however, it might not be suitable for some people, especially if you are prone to oily skin.

Q: How long can you leave castor oil in your hair?

A: You should leave the oil for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes, but you can also leave it overnight for deeper moisturization. However, you should always wash it out of your hair with shampoo and condition your hair as normal to lock in the moisture.

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