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Create Something Great With The Best Chalk Markers

  1. Mr. Pen White Dual Tip Chalk Marker
  2. CHALKY CROWN Bold Chalk Marker
  3. Chalktastic White Chalk Markers
  4. MMFB 132 Black Chalkboards
  5. Bandle B. Liquid Chalk Marker
  6. Chalktastic Fantastic Chalk Marker
  7. Blami Arts Liquid Chalk Marker
  8. Buyer's Guide

Ah, chalkboards. Many of us grew up with these, and even many kids these days still learn through this medium. They’re simple, cheap to build, and are easy to install. There’s a reason why many countries still have chalkboards in their public schools, despite the presence of more modern alternatives. However, there are a few issues with using chalkboards, and they primarily have to do with the chalk itself, rather than the board. Without the best chalk markers, you’ll have a pretty dusty experience.

Coupled with how different it is to write and draw using chalk compared to markers, you have a system that just isn’t ideal for modern environments. If you want to use chalkboards without worrying about dust flying about, then you’ll want chalk markers - modern miracles that transform the way we use chalk. These are five of the best chalk markers in 2022 to start teaching with.

What are the best Chalk Markers of 2022?

Mr. Pen White Dual Tip Chalk Marker - Best Overall

Let’s start with a new twist on an old classic. The aptly named brand Mr. Pen’s white chalk markers are a great way to transition from your usual board chalk. These pens come in a neat little casing, and you have four markers to work with, so it’ll take a while before you completely run out of chalk. And even though they may look different from typical chalk, worry not - the formula is non-toxic, so even if kids get their hands on them, they should be fine. It also helps that the pens are odorless, something that whiteboard pens are not known for, by contrast. These markers work by using special liquid chalk, so they do dry up on the board as regular, good old chalk. You can still clean the chalk off the board as longs it’s non-porous and you use a wet towel. If you want to write in bold letters, you can also use the chisel tip to make your lines thicker. If you’re hesitant in trying out chalk markers, give this one a go, and you may be impressed.

  • Non-toxic
  • Great for trying out chalk markers
  • Only comes in one color

CHALKY CROWN Bold Chalk Marker - Runner Up

If you’ve ever brought a kid to a stationary store, or have seen one while you were visiting such a store, you’d notice how they’re immediately drawn in by bright colors and fancy designs. This is in a child’s nature, and if you want to really give them a gift that they can use at school, then this pack of chalk markers can be a great surprise present, birthday gift, or a reward for doing well in class. The colors are bright and bold, just as bright as the packaging, so they can really make some beautiful chalk art with the markers. One of the coolest features of these pens is that even if your kid does get a little rowdy and draws on the walls and floors, you’ll be fine as long as it’s non-porous. The formula can be easily cleaned with a wet paper towel, so you don’t have to worry about permanent marks like you would with, say, an ink marker. Whether at home or at school, your kid will have a blast with these.

  • Great for kids
  • Bright colors
  • Only removable from non-porous surfaces

Chalktastic White Chalk Markers - Easy to Clean

Bright White ChalkTastic Liquid chalk markers make use of high-quality, super-concentrated liquid chalk that consistently produces vivid, colorful colors. These vibrant hues allow you to express yourself to the fullest. These pens are odorless and will outperform any other pen because of their large capacity. You may use these pens to convert any regular surface into your own personal canvas. With the reversible 6mm tip, you may use small tip markers for specular highlights work or large chisel tip markers for huge bold lines. The bright white hue allows for clear presentations and maintains student interest. These Chalk markers are fully dust-free, so they are easy to clean. Simply wipe the chalk away with a dry or moist towel to avoid spreading, staining, smudging, or accidents!

  • Excellent for any non-porous surface
  • For quick cleanup, they are a water-based
  • Odorless and non-toxic
  • May spill due to the watery consistency

MMFB 132 Black Chalkboards - Best Value for Money

Expect a lot of praise from your friends and relatives. No effort is necessary to make heads turn, and eyes roll. For asthma and allergy patients, these markers are dust-free. These markers are great for a variety of uses, including decorations, clubs, parties, name tags, fundraisers, food drives, and more! They are ideal for beautiful basic houses, kitchens, farms, school classrooms, workplaces, and many other applications. The supplied labels are made of high-quality vinyl and are thick, sturdy, water-resistant, self-adhesive, and reusable. They also do not leave any residue behind.

  • Vibrant color with neon features
  • Colors remain vibrant and will not fade
  • Caps with a clip to keep your markers in great shape
  • Some colors may smudge

Bandle B. Liquid Chalk Marker - Honorable Mention

Stationary is relatively affordable compared to other items, but they can add up over time with how many you or your child may need. If you’re on a budget, this is particularly important, as items such as chalk markers may not be as important as something like a ballpoint pen or a pencil and eraser. If you do want to get liquid chalk markers without spending too much, then this pack is a great, affordable alternative to others on this list. And just because the markers are low cost doesn’t mean they aren’t good quality. They can be cleaned from non-porous surfaces, and they have a reversible tip for people who want to write bold letters. They even have a five-star replacement guarantee should you be unsatisfied with the purchase. It’s a low-risk way to try out chalk markers and is great for kids and adults alike.

  • Affordable
  • Replacement guarantee
  • Colors are limited

Chalktastic Fantastic Chalk Marker - Contender

When you look at packaging such as this, you may be hesitant to believe that it’s actually made for professionals, but they really are. These markers aren’t just for kids - they can be used in many fields and applications. If you’ve ever walked by a local cafe, you may have seen a chalkboard outside with their menu or specials - chances are that the whole board was designed and written with markers such as these. The pack comes with eight colors, all of which are perfect for signs and boards. You have the classic white, as well as seven other neon colors ranging from red and blue to orange and purple. Of course, these markers are perfectly usable for kids, too.

  • Great for professional work
  • Easy to use
  • Not ideal for non-porous surfaces

Blami Arts Liquid Chalk Marker - Consider

This pack has everything you need to make the perfect chalk art. It has many colors to choose from, more than any other set we’ve showcased thus far. You have up to 14 colors at your disposal, including some that weren’t available in other sets. Perhaps the most welcome addition to this set would be the black color. Of course, most chalkboards are dark in color to make the white chalk stand out, but in situations where your canvas was a lighter color, you really couldn’t find one in most chalk marker sets. Black isn’t the only color you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see. There’s also gold and silver available, which can add a pop of color to your designs. In addition, there’s even an erasing sponge that comes with the set, so you don’t have to buy an extra towel or eraser to clean with.

  • Great chalk marker set for chalk art
  • Includes useful colors such as black, gold, and silver
  • Marker quality could be a better

Buyer's Guide

Chalk markers are the modern version of your traditional chalk sticks. But how do you know which one’s right for you? This guide covers everything you need to know about this revolutionary tool.

What Is a Chalk Marker?

A chalk marker is a marker that releases liquid chalk from its tip. This chalk dries up as regular chalk and is a useful and clean way to write or draw on chalkboards without the dust. Many of these chalk markers come in different colors for added variety and customization.

Why is it important to have a Chalk Marker?

It’s cleaner

One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional chalk sticks is that they’re incredibly dusty. Try remembering the days back at school, where you had to clean the erasers and sweep chalk dust off the floor (if your school required you to do so). This not only served as an inconvenience to some but also posed health risks to others due to the presence of dust in the air. It may be nostalgic, but definitely not ideal.

Chalk markers, however, change all that. The markers use a liquid chalk formula that, when applied, do not release dust. Once the liquid chalk dries, it sticks just like regular chalk, and you can remove it fairly easily with a wet paper or cloth towel. Do note that you will need a wet towel to clean the chalk without getting dust everywhere, however, since at the end of the day, it’s still chalk.

It’s easier to write with

If you ever tried writing or drawing on a chalkboard with a chalk stick, you would have noticed the difference in your writing style. You can’t just hold a chalk stick the same way you would with a pen or marker. The stick would often be too short to do so, and even if it was long enough, most handwriting styles would result in the stick breaking from the pressure. The result is you holding the chalk stick in an awkward manner that may make it a challenge to write legibly with.

This is different with a chalk marker, though. Because of its length and durability, you can grip it and write with it the same way you would with a pen or a marker. This opens up more creative freedom for those interested in making chalk art and allows you to write more legibly with your own styles.

Tips When Using a Chalk Marker

Keep a wet towel ready

Chalk markers are cleaner than chalk dust when it comes to application. There isn’t any leftover dust that falls off every time you make a stroke, nor does any excess chalk end up on your hands. However, once the liquid chalk dries, it becomes the same as ordinary chalk, and if you clean it with an eraser, for example, you’ll still end up with some dust. If you’re using chalk markers for the sole purpose of cleanliness, this is the last thing you’d want.

Therefore, you may want to keep a towel ready at all times. This can either be paper or cloth, but it’s important that the towel is damp or wet. The wetness of the towel allows it to easily absorb the chalk without it falling and flying around in the air. Cloth towels are a great reusable material, whereas paper towels are great for instant cleanup and less maintenance. Go with whatever you find is more useful to you.

Chalk Marker Price Range

Chalk markers aren’t made out of just chalk, so they do cost more than your traditional chalk stick. A small pack of markers can cost less than $10, and those with more colors can go for up to $20 depending on the brand. These sets may also come with additional accessories, such as erasing sponges.

Chalk Marker FAQ

Q: Are chalk markers erasable?

A: Chalk markers function very similarly to chalk, and are erasable on non-porous surfaces.

Q: What surfaces can you use chalk markers on?

A: Chalk markers can be used on any flat surface. However, they can only be easily cleaned from non-porous surfaces, as porous surfaces will allow the liquid chalk to settle in and make it more difficult to clean.

Q: Are chalk markers safe for car paint?

A: Chalk markers don’t stick on non-porous surfaces, and as such are ideal for car windows and surfaces.

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