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Keeping Time With the 5 Best Classroom Timers

  1. Secura 60-Minute Visual Classroom Timer
  2. KADAMS Time Tracker Visual Classroom Timer
  3. AOUCE Teachers Kids Large Magnetic Digital Classroom Timer
  4. ANTONKI Magnetic Digital Classroom Timer
  5. TIME TIMER 12 inch Visual Classroom Timer
  6. Buyer's Guide

From timed tests and quizzes to splitting up time for games or presentations, classroom management requires a reliable timer or clock. Constantly having to keep an eye on the clock prevents focusing on the lesson and losing track of time. With the help of a handy timer, the whole classroom will know just how much time is remaining for whatever activity they're engaged in.

Keeping a timer visible also allows students, especially the younger ones, to further understand and acknowledge concepts of time and learn time management skills. Teachers of any subject can make good use of one of these devices, so to help out, we have rounded up the best classroom timers of 2022 for a well-organized and efficient classroom. For additional information and answers to common questions, take a look at our buyer’s guide below.

Compare the Best Classroom Timers of 2022

Secura 60-Minute Visual Classroom Timer - Best Overall

The Secura Visual classroom timer is an extremely versatile mechanical countdown timer that has a bold, visual representation of the time remaining. The best part? It is totally mechanical — no batteries are required! You can use it to manage playtime, lesson lengths, tests, and for keeping track of various classroom activities. Children can also learn about time from it, which is why it earns our top pick. The visual representation, available in six different colors, helps students see how much time is left without getting confused by numerical values. As time passes, the white part of the disk covers the color. They can learn the relationship between minutes and parts of an hour, such as how 30 minutes is one half of an hour, just by looking at it. We also appreciate that this timer is very user-friendly with simple operation controls and large numbers. Plus, it can be placed on metal surfaces thanks to magnets built in, mounted on the wall, or stood up on a desk so it can be seen from every corner of the classroom.

KADAMS Time Tracker Visual Classroom Timer - Runner Up

Staying on track is easy with the KADAMAS Visual classroom timer. It features a traffic light design that will be familiar to students to represent when to start and stop. The color of the traffic light with stoplight changes from green (go) to yellow (caution) to red (stop) as the time runs out. In addition to the lights, there are optional audio controls that can beep when the timer changes colors and stops. With both visual and audio queues that alert students time is running low, students will better be able to manage their time. Many students may find the ticking of a clock or timer to be stressful, so this silent, light-based timer can help ease some of the stress, especially during timed tests. Teachers, homeschoolers, and parents can make use of this timer for various activities or lessons. And, this timer has the ability to set a timer anywhere within 24 hours, giving you plenty of flexibility.

ANTONKI Magnetic Digital Classroom Timer - Contender

A good digital timer should provide excellent performance and be simple to use. The Antonki Classroom Timer is no slouch in any way. The timer features clear markings, a large screen, and a switch that controls the power and volume. You can have this timer beep loudly when time is up, or it has a silent mode that isn’t too jarring. Having two timers leaves you with the ability to have these all around the classroom for whatever activities or lessons you have in store. Like some other timers on this list, this one can have a maximum countdown time of 99 minutes and 59 seconds and features a hanging hook, stand, and magnets for mounting or displaying the timer. We especially the value of this two-pack and the fact that there are many colors to choose from if you’d like to add a pop of color to your classroom.

TIME TIMER 12 inch Visual Classroom Timer - Also Consider

For kids or adults with autism or ADHD, the Time Timer Original 12 inch is a great 60-minute visual timer. With large numbers, a protective lens, and bright red color, this large timer is easy for anyone to read. The signature red disk indicates how much time has passed; in a clear, visual way, the red disk disappears as time passes without extra ticking noise that could be distracting. The only noise it makes is a beep when the timer is finished. Its large 12-inch by 12-inch size makes it easy to read from a distance anywhere in the classroom too. This timer can be set to any time under an hour and only needs two AA batteries to operate.

Buyer's Guide

Are you having trouble finding the perfect timer for the classroom? Our team understands that you are searching for the best, so in addition to researching the top digital timers for classrooms, we’ve compiled some tips for making your buying experience easier.

What Questions Should You Ask Yourself Before Purchasing A Timer?

So, you know you need a reliable classroom timer, but what else do you need to think about? We recommend the following things in order to make the best purchase. After all, you’re looking to buy a timer that will help your classroom be efficient and on time, so it only makes sense to think carefully about your purchase carefully.

- Is it worthwhile to buy a large digital timer for the classroom?
- Should the timer be electronic or mechanical?
- Will you and your students benefit most from a digital timer or a visual timer?
- Where are you planning on placing the timer? Does it need to be mounted, or should it be easy to move around the room?
- Do you need one timer or more?

You may even find yourself asking more questions than these. However, all of these are important questions to ask. By thinking about these questions, you’ll get a better idea of your classroom’s needs and can make a more valuable purchase that won’t end up being a waste of money.

What Are The Top Factors To Consider In The Best Classroom Timer?

In today’s market, there are numerous timers available. Looking in stores and online can present you with an overwhelming selection of options. To help narrow your choices, here are a few factors worth considering:

Features and Design

Each classroom is unique, so each class will have different needs for a timer. For instance, larger classrooms would require a timer with larger digits that are easier to read and a loud enough beep to alert every member of the class when the time is up. Smaller classrooms might not require some of these features. Maybe your classroom needs a timer in which the noise can be on or silenced depending on the activity or lesson you are teaching.

Also, classrooms with kids with special needs may require timers that are more visual. The KADAMS Visual Classroom Timer is a perfect example of a visual timer — it is easy for students of all ages to see the timer with its traffic-light design.


Timers are usually battery-powered or make use of mechanics instead. All digital timers will require batteries or a plug of some sort, so the cost of changing batteries is worth considering. The mechanical timers can be reliable and a good energy-saver, but may not beep when time is up. While both types of timers effectively convey the time remaining, it comes down to preference.

Your Students

The age of your students and the uses of the timer will greatly impact which type of timer you choose. Younger students may benefit from a visual timer if they haven’t grasped concepts of time yet and it can help them understand the relationship between the hour and numerical values. Older students will have no trouble reading a digital clock, so you may opt for a simple timer for older students. If some of your students have special needs, perhaps a timer that doesn’t make noise and has a visual design can help them keep focus.

Classroom Timer FAQ

Q: What is a digital timer?

A: For accurate timing, you can use a digital timer to count down hours, minutes, or seconds. A digital timer is sometimes more convenient than a traditional clock since it can count down to a second. Digital timers also often make a beeping noise when time is up.

Q: Why are timers used in a classroom?

A: Timers can be extremely helpful in the classroom. From keeping lessons on time and keeping student presentations to a limit to timed tests and being used for playtime, there are practically endless ways you can make use of a timer in the classroom. Timers can help children keep focus, learn time management, and understand basic time concepts.

Q: How do timers help students?

A: Timers can be helpful to keep students on track and prevent their minds from wandering. By knowing how much time is left in a lesson or activity, they can budget their time and keep focused on the task at hand. Visual timers are also beneficial to students, especially those with special needs, as it provides an alternative way to show time rather than digital numbers.

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