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Don’t Give Up on Your Dreams: Best Cooling Pillows for a Better Sleep

  1. Molblly Cooling Pillow
  2. Beckham Luxury Linens Cooling Pillow
  3. Tuphen Cooling Pillow
  4. Supa Modern Cooling Pillow
  5. Fern and Willow Cooling Pillow
  6. Buyer's Guide

The feeling of being too hot or overheating during the night can cause discomfort and disrupt quality sleep. If you find yourself waking up during the night to flip your pillow over, this is just for you.

Although room temperature and bedding play a significant role in creating the ideal sleeping environment, your pillow also contributes to your comfort. Something designed specifically for breathability or temperature control regulation can reduce sweating, improve relaxation, and enhance your overall quality of sleep.

The most comfortable cooling pillows in 2022 come with various features, allowing you to choose something that suits your liking with firmness and composition while staying cool.

Premium Cooling Pillows from 2022 for Improved Sleep

Molblly Cooling Pillow - Best Overall

Sometimes, those who like firm pillow support struggle to find a good balance between support and cooling features. Our number one pick perfectly balances support, cooling benefits, and price. These pillows are adjustable, allowing you to customize the level of firmness to your liking. The interior is made with a shredded memory foam and polyester fiber blend, and the side zipper allows you to add or remove filling. The pillows are CertiPUR-US certified, ensuring the fabric is free from harmful chemicals. This pair comes with a five-year warranty, so you can swap them out if needed at no cost. That’s why these are the best overall on this list!

  • Breathable and odor-free cotton cover
  • Suitable for people prone to allergies
  • No additional foam is included with the purchase

Beckham Luxury Linens Cooling Pillow - Soft to Medium Support

With a silky 250-thread count sateen cover, down alternative filling, and cooling gel fiber, this luxurious pillow will make your dreams come true. These queen-sized pillows are ultra comfy for side and back sleepers, and are made in an OEKO-TEX standard 100 factory, ensuring high safety of textiles and environmental standards. With its no-shift construction, the interior fabric allows the pillow shape to bounce right back after use, conforming to your next sleeping position.

  • Machine washable
  • Cooling gel technology for improved temperature regulation
  • Suitable for people prone to allergies
  • Not ideal for extra firm support

Tuphen Cooling Pillow - Budget Friendly

If you love a soft, plush pillow but are on a budget, this one is a great option. Tuphen’s cooling pillows are super soft but maneuverable and supportive. They are available in a standard, queen, and king-size, and feature a microfiber cover for improved breathability. The elegant, white striped exterior has a down-alternative filling that holds its shape well, so there’s no bunching and readjusting necessary to remain comfortable at night. Each purchase includes two pillows — one for you and one for your partner, to enjoy the cooling experience together!

  • Machine washable pillow
  • Cooling gel technology for improved temperature regulation
  • Breathable fabric cover
  • Not tumble dry friendly

Supa Modern Cooling Pillow - Most Adjustable

Whether you prefer a firm or soft support pillow, Supa Modern allows you to customize the support to your needs. The pillow is made with a machine-washable outer bamboo cover featuring a side zipper. The interior is stuffed with shredded memory foam to provide a good balance between support and breathability. For extra support, add more stuffing, while those who prefer softer pillows can remove some of the interior memory foam shreds. Each purchase includes two pillows.

  • Purchase includes a bamboo pillow cover
  • Cooling gel technology for improved temperature regulation
  • Ideal for people with allergies
  • Limited size choices

Fern and Willow Cooling Pillow - Best Hypoallergenic Option

Available in standard, queen, and king sizes, these pillows are elegantly designed with a white embossed stripe pattern and tailored edges. The silky soft pillows offer medium support and are filled with specialized down alternative stuffing. The fill is coated with a gel finish on a microscopic level which assists with temperature regulation to help you sleep cool and comfortably. The pillow fabric is also breathable and conforms to your sleeping position for improved comfort.

  • Machine washable pillows
  • Purchase includes two units
  • Suitable for people prone to allergies
  • Not ideal as an extra firm pillow

Buyer's Guide

A cooling pillow prevents heat retention, offering a neutral temperature or cool sleep surface. It increases airflow and draws heat away from the body so you don't find yourself waking up covered in sweat. Although everyone has their own style of sleep comfort, there are a few common elements every person can consider to improve their quality of sleep.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Cooling Pillow

Cooling Properties

If you’re specifically looking for a pillow to help with overheating at night, skip the marketing buzz and head straight for the construction material description. The fabrics used in pillow design are probably the most important feature for indicating temperature regulation and improved airflow.

Copper, gel, graphite, and phase change materials tend to work best when it comes to drawing heat away from the body. Remember that the actual outer pillow cover needs to be made from cooling fabrics as well to get the full benefit. Cotton and bamboo are good options for pillowcases since they'll wick moisture away and remain breathable enough to allow the pillow itself to work throughout the night.

Material Quality

Good quality materials will last longer, offer better support and shape retention. Cooling pillows are ‌made with high-quality fabrics that allow them to last a few years. If you’re spending a little extra on excellent quality fabric, cooling properties, and durability, see it as a worthy investment in your sleep and your health.

Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position will determine the height and firmness of the pillow type that will offer you the most comfort. Spinal alignment is important for good sleep and for your long-term health. If you sleep on your side, look for a slightly higher pillow that fills the space between your shoulder and neck. A firm pillow is a good choice to reduce pressure on the neck and spine, and to maintain alignment.

If you sleep on your back, you already maintain somewhat of a neutral posture, but you need to prevent your head from tilting too far forward or back. Choosing a pillow that keeps your head level is ideal. Thinner pillows are best for people who sleep on their stomach to keep their head and neck comfortable.

Due to their design characteristics, cooling pillows tend to sleep higher than regular pillows. Although materials like down and shredded foam have a high loft, they compress quickly, and the height won’t ‌last. Getting something with an adjustable loft where you can add or remove filling is a great way to optimize comfort.

Pressure Relief

While memory foam pillows are well known for relieving neck and shoulder tension, they do not ‌prioritize cooling properties and can be ‌dense. Some pillows are designed with shredded memory foam for improved breathability. If you're considering a memory foam pillow, check the fabric breathability. It may keep you well aligned but no cooler than before.


Cooling pillows range from medium soft to medium firm, though you'll encounter the odd pillow or two that buck the trend. The interior construction can include wool, shredded memory foam, down, solid foam, or aerated latex. The firmness of the pillow largely comes down to your ‌preference.


If you have allergies, be picky about the fabric type you choose. Allergies can cause severe discomfort and completely ruin a good night’s sleep. To ensure that your pillow has low levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), look for OEKO-TEX certified fabrics and CertiPUR-US certified products. Although VOCs are not a health threat in small quantities, they can cause irritation for people who have allergies or respiratory issues. If you are ‌sensitive to smell, let your pillow aerate for 24-48 hours before sleeping on it.

Cooling Pillow FAQ

Q: What makes a cooling pillow unique?

A: Cooling pillows are ‌filled with materials that specifically emphasize heat dissipation. Solid foam, for example, retains more heat, whereas shredded foam allows better air circulation. Pillowcases and covers that are made from moisture-wicking and breathable fabric (such as bamboo, wool, and cotton) also allow for better heat dissipation.

Q: How should I wash a gel cooling pillow?

A: While some companies state that the entire pillow is machine washable, others include a removable cover that can be washed on a cool cycle. For the best care and longevity of your pillow, check the product guidelines. Although it is uncommon, there are products that can also be tumble dried on a low setting.

Q: How long can I expect a cooling pillow to last?

A: Your pillow's lifespan will depend on the amount of pressure applied over time and the quality of the material. A well-constructed pillow should last three to four years.

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