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The Best Swing Chairs to Relax in Style

  1. NICESOUL Swing Chair
  2. Highwild Swing Chair
  3. Best Choice Products Swing Chair
  4. Barton Swing Chair
  5. Y-Stop Swing Chair
  6. Buyer's Guide

Swing chairs are comfortable, sophisticated, and stylish. They’re also versatile for indoor and outdoor use and look great in almost any room — from a baby’s nursery or teen's room to a lounge, study, or bedroom.

Choosing a swing chair is a little more complicated than choosing other types of seating in your home since you have to consider how it will hang, where it will hang from, and the sturdiness of the structure from which it will hang. Alternatively, you can opt for a swing chair that comes with a standing base to eliminate these complications. With durability, functionality, and style, these top swing chairs in 2022 have it all.

The Top-rated Swing Chairs of 2022 for Style and Comfort

NICESOUL Swing Chair - Best Overall

This gorgeous egg chair has the top vote not only because it looks good and is super functional but also because of the attention to detail by NICESOUL. The weather-resistant egg chair can be used indoors or outdoors and comes with a rust-resistant standing frame, meaning there is no ceiling drilling required. All you need to do is assemble the frame and place it where you want it. Even though it is weather-resistant, there is an option to purchase a well-fitted matching cover to help protect your investment.

  • Includes polyester seat cushion and headrest pillow
  • Pillows are machine washable
  • Chair is foldable
  • You'll want help assembling it

Highwild Swing Chair - Best Hammock Chair

Available in a choice of gray, beige, or a multi-color design, this hammock chair is the ideal place to relax with a book. Multiple ropes drape down the side with a solid center placement for cushions, giving it an elegant yet understated look. The steel spreader bar is stable, holding up to 500 pounds, and features anti-slip rings for secure rope placement. The hammock chair is made from durable polyester and canvas, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Includes two seat cushions
  • Easy installation
  • Great price point
  • The purchase does not include hanging hardware

Best Choice Products Swing Chair - Best Style

Spoil yourself with a zero gravity relaxation experience and add this unique hanging chaise lounging chair to your patio or backyard. Suspended from a powder-coated steel frame, this chair is weather-resistant and comes with a detachable overhead canopy for sun protection if desired.

  • Includes a full-length lounge chair pillow
  • Pillows are water and fade-resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Metal hanging hardware is not rust proof

Barton Swing Chair - Highest Quality

Available in beige, blue, or cream, this egg chair from Barton is super easy to put together and makes a gorgeous seating option in a bedroom, lounge, deck, or lawn area. The steel stand features a rust-resistant powder-coated finish for improved durability, while the egg-shaped seat hangs securely from a carabiner and S-hook at the top, allowing the swing to move forward and backwards as well as rotate. Since it has an independent stand, you can easily move it if desired.

  • Includes a large seat cushion
  • Great comfort rating
  • Easy to install
  • Needs assembly

Y-Stop Swing Chair - Best Macrame-style Chair

This hammock-style chair is designed with a soft yet durable polyester/cotton weave that includes a pocket and is draped with tassels on the bottom edge. Your cocoon of comfort can be hung in a bedroom, nursery, lounge, balcony, or terrace, and can also be installed to rotate. Your purchase includes a stainless steel chain and ceiling mount, two snap hooks, and eight screws.

  • Includes two matching pillows
  • Extra-large swing chair for ultimate comfort
  • All the hardware required for installation is included
  • Needs to be hung from a secure ceiling joist or beam

Buyer's Guide

Swing chairs come in a range of different designs and configurations. The type you choose will depend on how much space you have available, whether it will hang indoors or outdoors, and the structural availability for hanging. Here, we’ll consider different swing chairs and what to consider when choosing your new piece of furniture.

Types of Swing Chairs

Rope hammock

Rope hammock chairs require either ‌one or two ceiling points or beams to attach to and have a more casual style. They offer plenty of slack so you can sit or recline with the chair adapting to your body shape. These are ideal for covered verandas and patios or indoor spaces.

Since they are made from woven cotton or polycotton, they can take a long time to dry if they get wet and aren't great at resisting the outdoor elements. There are options made specifically for outdoor use from polyester that are fast-drying and mold-resistant, although the fabric may not be ‌as soft.

Padded swing chairs

These chairs look similar to their hammock cousins but are designed ‌for more sitting than reclining and have more cushioning. They are made from soft fabric in multiple layers for increased comfort.

Outdoor padded swing chairs are made with dyed acrylic, which is breathable, mildew-resistant, and fade-resistant. However, we don’t recommend leaving them out in poor weather ‌as they will wear much faster.

Hanging baskets and egg chairs

Rattan chairs can be more exepnsive than other types of chairs and can be hung from ceiling beams or independent chair stands. Natural rattan is beautiful for indoor use, while all-weather wicker or synthetic rattan should be used for outdoor chairs. These chairs are easy to clean and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Bubble chairs

Bubble chairs are a fun choice for retro-themed spaces and are made of polycarbonate or acrylic, which makes them ideal for indoor and undercover outdoor areas. They feel like a little cocoon, keeping you cozy while reading or simply listening to your favorite music.

Structural materials

We’ve briefly discussed the ‌materials that are commonly used in the design of swing chairs. When choosing your chair, it's important to make sure the material is robust and durable. It should be able to hold the required weight without cracking or unraveling.

Since indoor swing chairs are less prone to harsh sunlight, rain, and dust, they have more fabric and material options to choose from. If you are placing the chair outdoors, we recommend always keeping it in a covered area such as a patio or veranda and ensuring that the materials are specifically for outdoor use. The materials should resist fading, rust, mold, and mildew, and must be easy to clean.

Hanging your swing chair

A swing chair can either be hung from two ropes that allow it to rock, or it can hang pivot-style. A pivot-style installation will allow you to rotate full circle. It is essential that you follow the recommendations and installation instructions for the specific model you choose. The last thing you want is to come crashing down while taking a nap.

Consider the following before setting up your swing chair:

  • If you don’t have visible beams, you’ll have to use a stud finder to locate the ceiling joist where you want to hang the chair. Select a place along the center of the joist for installation.
  • Ensure that the beam is strong enough to hold the weight of the chair and the person sitting in it.
  • Check that there is enough clearance underneath and around the chair. There should be at least 3.3 feet (1 m) open behind the chair and 14 inches (35 cm) on either side to prevent hitting a wall, objects, or railings.
  • Check that the chair comes with the required installation hardware such as S-hooks, chains, or ropes.

Swing chair FAQ

Q: How do I secure a swing chair to a branch or patio beam?

A: If you are using a rope, wrap it around the beam or branch multiple times and use a tight bowline knot to secure it. Fasten the rope to the eye of the swing chair using a carabiner.

Q: Is it safe to hang my hammock inside?

A: Yes, as long as you are drilling anchor points into a ceiling joist and not into plain drywall, it is safe. Be sensible about the anchor points and ensure they can hold the required weight.

Q: How much weight can a swing chair with a stand hold?

A: The weight capacity will depend on the specific chair type, materials used, and how it’s made. The company should state on the packaging what the weight capacity is. This ranges between 250-350 pounds.

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