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Review: Best Electric Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowing is a daunting task; however, you can turn this hectic chore into an effortless one with the right kind of lawnmower. To give you some peace of mind, we have reviewed some of the best electric lawn mowers in 2021 that will actually make you look forward to mowing your lawn. These lawnmowers have numerous features that contribute to making them a top-notch choice. You can depend on them for years to come without worrying about their maintenance expenses as they tend to stay in great working condition even after a long time.

Electric mowers do not require you to exert much force for removing that overgrown grass. With these mowers, everything is convenient and easy. You can create a lush, green, and luxurious lawn with the help of electric lawnmowers like these.

Best Electric Lawn Mower

Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO Electric Lawn Mower - Best Overall

The Sun Joe Electric Lawn Mower turns your somber, overgrown grass into a pristine, well-trimmed lawn with the help of its amazing features. The adjustable deck is one of the most appreciated qualities of this machine as it provides you with 3-position height control. This helps in managing the length of the grass you want to cut and allows you to make adjustments for the seasons or your personal preferences. The steel blades are highly durable and ensure a precise, even cut; there are no irregularities when it comes to the accuracy of cutting grass. Plus, it is a corded electric mower that consumes little electricity, helping you save money as well.

  • Has low maintenance cost
  • Corrosion-free steel blades
  • It comes with a grass catcher
  • May take a long time to mow large spaces

EGO Power+ LM2142SP 21-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Electric Lawn Mower - Runner Up

The EGO Power+ Electric Lawn Mower is one of the best consumer lawn mowers on the market, electric or not. Because it's self-propelled, it requires very little effort to push it when mowing. You can easily guide it through the lawn without trouble, even through thick, unruly grass. The combined power of 2 EGO ARC lithium batteries ensures peak performance, and you can mow for 80 minutes straight on a single charge. Furthermore, there are six different height settings that range from 1.5 to 4 inches, allowing you to create a lush, green lawn of your desired height. If you are a night owl, you can even use this equipment in the dark as it comes with bright LED lights. Now you can get rid of that extra grass under the starry sky!

  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Can perform mulching, bagging, and even side discharge
  • Not exactly affordable

Greenworks 10 Amp 16-inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower - Honorable Mention

This Greenworks Electric Lawn Mower has the ability to modify your lawn into a spectacular space in a single go, provided you use a suitably long extension cord. The 10 amp motor makes sure to provide enough power to the mower to cut through even thick overgrowth flawlessly while the 16-inch cutting deck makes sure to get the job done in the most efficient way possible. This mower also has a 2-in-1 feature with a rear bag that can easily be converted into a mulcher. Height adjustment is performed by manipulating a single lever, allowing the mower to cut the grass to 5 different lengths. Combined with its incredibly affordable price, this electric mower makes it easy to ditch the old gas-powered tools without sacrificing performance or features.

  • Five-position height adjustment
  • Easy to carry with attached handle
  • Has a cord restraint system
  • It cannot be washed with water

Redback 15-Inch Brushless Cordless Electric Lawn Mower - Consider

The Redback Electric Lawn Mower stands out because of its exquisite brushless motor. This motor produces much less vibration and noise, making it a preferable choice for many customers. The 40V lithium-ion battery provides enough power to cut up to 2200 square feet of grass in a single charge. The blades cut a 13-inch wide path, and the mower can be adjusted to 5 different heights to account for appearance or season. The mower is light enough to make the integrated carrying handle a genuinely useful feature, and the grass box (not bag - it's made of hard plastic) offers plenty of capacity to hold the clippings from the whole mowing session.

  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Lightweight chassis makes it easier to maneuver
  • Hard-sided grass box holds up to 30 liters of clippings
  • It takes hours to fully charge the batteries

Buyer's Guide

So you've decided to buy an electric lawn mower, but which to choose? We've listed some of the top products on the market, but if you're still looking for something different, take a look at our buyer's guide below. We have narrowed down the necessary information regarding the best electric lawnmowers to help you make a wise choice.

What are things to keep in mind while buying the best electric lawn mowers?

Electric lawn mowers come in a variety of designs and offer a plethora of features. However, not all of them are effective in performing their functions properly. That is why you need to consider these primary aspects when searching for the best electric lawnmower.

Battery voltage

The most crucial thing regarding electric lawn mowers is the battery voltage as this is what determines the power and efficiency of the mower. The higher the voltage, the better the battery will be able to support your machine smoothly. If you need an electric lawn mower for a larger area, ensure that its battery has a high voltage capacity.

Number of batteries

Although electric lawn mowers are environmentally friendly and run on batteries instead of gasoline, they can become quite a hassle when out of power. Charging the battery of an electric lawn mower can take hours. You certainly won’t want to stop your mowing midway just because the mower ran out of battery. So while buying an electric lawn mower, make sure it comes with extra batteries.

If you want to forget about batteries entirely, consider corded mowers. These require a long extension cord but do not need to be charged. They get a constant power supply when plugged in, making them certain to last your entire mowing session. Some users prefer battery-operated mowers so they don't have to worry about tangled cords, but the corded options have more reliable power.

Height adjustment

Make sure your mower has a height adjustment feature. This particular attribute allows you to cut the grass to different heights. You may prefer to have a shorter or taller lawn, or you may need to cut it to varying heights throughout the year for seasonal changes and promoting good grass health.

Cutting width

The ideal lawnmower should have a wide cutting width. This enables you to cut more grass in less time, which aids in saving your time and the mower's battery.

Grass management

Another factor that you need to take into consideration is how you want your lawnmower to manage the grass clippings. Some mowers throw the grass clippings to the side, meaning you'll have to collect the clippings later and dump them. This is also a great way to naturally fertilize your lawn. On the other hand, some electric mowers collect the clippings in a bag or plastic "box" that you can later use for mulching or disposal.

What are the benefits of using an electric lawn mower?

Electric lawnmowers are the most upgraded form of mowers and they're full of remarkable features. The perks of having an electric lawn mower for your garden or lawn are numerous. Here are a few:

Minimal noise

The best thing about an electric lawn mower is that it does not make much noise. There is no loud roar of the engine, unlike gas-powered mowers. They're not exactly silent, but they're not so loud that you'll need to wear hearing protection to avoid long-term hearing damage. You also won't bother your family or neighbors, allowing you to mow at nearly any time of day.

Low maintenance cost

Electric lawn mowers do not require gasoline to run. Hence, your money that was otherwise going to be spent on gasoline goes back into your pocket. With how expensive gas prices are lately, an electric alternative can really save you money. Secondly, these mowers do not require any filter replacements, oil changes, or spark plug replacements. All you really have to worry about is a reliable power source, whether it is a charged battery or a nearby outlet.

Ease of operation

Another spectacular feature of electric lawn mowers is that they are effortless to operate. Unlike other lawn mowers that require you to set the choke and pull the starter cord, electric lawnmowers run with a push of a single button. All you need to do is press that button and the electric mower will start within a second. These are also usually lighter in weight than gas-powered mowers, making them easier to push and maneuver.

Environmentally friendly

Gasoline mowers release emissions into the atmosphere; unlike road-legal vehicle engines, the exhaust is often left untreated. That is not the case with electric mowers — they won't blow any sort of exhaust in your face or release harmful pollutants into the environment.

What are the types of electric lawn mowers?

There are several types of electric lawn mowers, and each of them is unique in its own way.

Rotary electric mowers: These mowers come with rotary blades and are pretty easy to use. They are lightweight and are quite affordable.

Electric cylinder mowers: They consist of a revolving cylinder composed of several curved blades and a stationary blade. These mowers are very similar to reel mowers, and are typically used to care for small lawns.

Hover electric lawn mowers: Because of a fan system, these lawnmowers can hover over the grass. They don't rely on wheels to maneuver, but the fan system also means that these mowers will not bag clippings.

Electric push mowers: As the name suggests, these electric lawnmowers require a push to function and guide through the lawn. They are pretty straightforward to use and are relatively lightweight.

Self-propelled mowers: This mower has an automatic propulsion feature that enables you to guide the machine easily without pushing it. They are recommended for large spaces.

What are some maintenance tips for electric lawn mowers?

No matter how spectacular the quality of your land mower is, it still requires care and maintenance to function properly.

- Make sure that the undercarriage of your land mower is neat and clean after you complete your mowing session. You can brush off the dry grass clippings with the help of an old plastic hairbrush. Do not use a pressure washer or hose to clean it as it can lead to motor malfunction.
- Tighten the bolts and fasteners as they may become loose due to the continuous vibration caused by mowing.
- Lubricate the wheels every once in a while to keep the mower running smoothly.
- Use an air compressor or a blower to get rid of dust from the nooks and crannies. Blow out the vents, motors, and battery compartments from time to time.
- Sharpen your blades every once in a while and lubricate them to prevent rusting.

Final Thoughts

Electric lawn mowers have made things easier for all the gardening lovers out there. Now you don’t have to depend on old gas-powered lawn tools to get the job done. It provides a quiet and affordable way of mowing your lawn with ease. To equip your home with an electric lawn mower, you need to keep some essential points in mind: battery voltage, height adjustment, cutting width, and grass management techniques. We hope you find the lawn mower of your dreams from our list, and make sure to take proper care of your purchase to keep it running for years.

Electric Lawn Mower FAQ

Q: How long do electric lawn mowers last?

A: If you take proper care of your electric lawn mower, it can easily last up to 10 years.

Q: Do electric lawn mowers use a lot of electricity?

A: No, electric lawnmowers do not use much electricity. A typical electric lawn mower needs about 3.5 kilowatts to recharge.

Q: Can you wash an electric lawn mower?

A: No, you cannot wash an electric lawnmower with a hose or pressure water. The water may seep inside the motor and cause a malfunction. Take care to avoid using an electric lawn mower on wet grass as well because the combination of electricity and wet ground is pretty risky. You can use a slightly damp towel or cloth to clean the mower.

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