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Top 10 Power Tools

Top 10 power tools

Power tools are a must-have for every DIYer and professional who loves getting things done quickly and stress-free. These contraptions have engines or motors powered by electricity or gas.

This post will enlighten DIYers and newbies to the space on the top 10 must-have power tools.

Cordless drill

What is a power tool collection without the cordless drill?

Amateurs, DIYers, and professionals love the cordless drill for its versatility, portability, and ability to drive screws into wood, plastic, or concrete. The cordless drill gets its power from rechargeable lithium batteries for ultimate portability.

Belt sander

Large pieces of rough wood stand no chance when you have a belt sander in your arsenal. This power tool is perfect for smoothing out wood and metal. You can also use it to remove old paint from flat surfaces.

Circular saw

Ripping wood and making straight cuts are made easy with the circular saw. This old boy knows how to do the job like no other. In addition to making straight cuts, the circular saw is also the king of versatility. It can be used to make angled and complex cuts when the miter or table saw is unavailable. Before engaging the circular saw, learn how to handle it properly; this will prevent accidents.

Drill press

When you are faced with projects that involve making holes in materials like hardwood and metal, instead of wasting time and energy, use a drill press instead of the hand drill. The drill press, a stationary tool usually mounted on a workbench or floor, is perfect for making multiple, consecutive and angled holes on materials.

Angle grinder

Grinding, polishing, and cutting are all possible when you have an angle grinder in your possession. This power tool is perfect for working on hard-to-reach spaces. Today, many angle grinders are powered using electricity; however, there are also battery-powered and air compressor models.

Framing nailer

The framing nailer, otherwise known as a nail gun, is a tool that uses compressed air to shoot nails; therefore eliminating the need to hammer nails. Its importance becomes crucial during framing and roofing projects. Apart from the air compressor models, battery and electricity-powered models eliminate the need to be attached to an air compressor hose.

Air compressor

An air compressor becomes an essential tool that should reside in your power tool collection if you own one or more devices that rely on compressed air to function.

Typical tools that need an air compressor to function include the paint spray, blowgun, and non-battery-powered models of the nail gun. In addition to this, air compressors are also helpful for cleaning dirt from wood before and after sanding.


A sander is a powerful tool that makes smoothing flat surfaces fast and easy. This tool is also helpful in removing old coats of paint and preparing the surface for a new coat. The best sander to use depends on the current stage of the project and the area you need to sand; some popular types of sanders include the disc sander, belt sander, and orbital sander.

Tile saw

For cutting stone and tile, trust no other saw to deliver accurate cuts than the tile saw. This unique saw features diamond blades that cut ceramic quickly without breaking it. As the tile saw cuts the ceramic material, the pump sprays water on the ceramic to cool it down and prevent cracking. The tile saw is also called the wet saw for this reason.

Miter saw

Making angled cuts is the duty of the miter saw. Folks interested in renovating their homes can also trust it to make beveled and miter cuts seen in crown molds on door frames for example.


To ensure that your power tools serve you for a very long time, you need to take care of them properly. Without the proper care, you will only end up spending more in the long run.

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