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Customize the Heat with the Best Hot Sauce Making Kits

  1. Thoughtfully Gifts The Original DIY Hot Sauce Making kit
  2. DIY Gift Kits Hot Sauce Making kit
  3. Millhouse spice co. Deluxe Hot Sauce Making kit
  4. Grow and Make Deluxe DIY Hot Sauce Making kit
  5. Mayers Specialty Recipes with 6 Unique Spices Hot Sauce Making kit
  6. Buyer's Guide

Hot sauce is by no means a one-size-fits-all condiment. What may be mild for some could be unbearably spicey for others. A DIY hot sauce making kit is therefore a great way to customize sauce to the way you like it. You can also make different variations for household members who prefer spicier or milder seasonings. Hot sauces are wonderfully versatile. They can be used as marinades and dipping sauces, with meat, chicken, vegetables, eggs, burritos, and are a must with barbecue. Hot sauce making kits generally include everything you need for your concoction with containers, chili peppers, recipe ingredients, and step-by-step instructions. Our guide features the best hot sauce making kits in 2022 to get your taste buds dancing. These kits also make fantastic gifts for foodies, spice lovers, and avid cooks.

Compare The Best Hot Sauce Making Kits of 2022

Thoughtfully Gifts The Original DIY Hot Sauce Making kit - Best Overall

This DIY hot sauce kit is the perfect gift for someone who already has everything. The set is carefully packaged in a display box including four small skull-shaped mason jars, two funnels, a recipe book, gloves to protect your hands, and all the spices and peppers required. Featured spices include curry, cumin, New Mexico chili, cayenne, and ancho peppers while the dried pepper selection includes Jamaican allspice, guajillo, chipotle, and red cayenne.

  • Includes a variety of flavors from chipotle and sweet heat to Cajun and Caribbean
  • Comes with popular and unique skull-shaped glass jars to store the homemade sauces
  • Step-by-step recipes with instructions
  • If you like it very hot, these recipes might not be hot enough for you
  • You need a blender to make the sauces and will have to buy the wet ingredients since the kit includes the peppers and spices only

DIY Gift Kits Hot Sauce Making kit - Runner Up

This comprehensive hot sauce kit includes all the ingredients you need to make gourmet hot sauce. The set contains 500+ Scoville heat units to make sure you get all the heat you want. Customize the heat level according to your taste buds with the Scoville chart that indicates the spice level of each pepper. The full set of recipes included in the kit also specify the heat level of each sauce. This all-inclusive sauce set comes with three glass bottles and four plastic squeeze bottles with lids, seven sticker labels, a small funnel, 2 pairs of gloves to protect your hands, and recipe instructions. The ingredients included are apple cider vinegar, a spice blend, ancho pasillas, chipotle, habanero peppers, and ghost pepper.

  • Kit contains all the ingredients you need for your sauces
  • The high-quality ingredients comprise 5th generation heirloom peppers for great taste and natural goodness
  • All spice blends are natural and GMO-free
  • To make all seven bottles you will need to purchase extra vinegar since there is only enough for 3 to 4 bottles in the kit.
  • The peppers are hot! Wear gloves when working with them.

Millhouse spice co. Deluxe Hot Sauce Making kit - Honorable Mention

This natural-design Millhouse Spice Co sauce kit comes with an informative recipe book containing details about the various chili peppers. The premium gift box includes all the ingredients you need to make your sauces as well as pH test strips for heat-level testing. This makes a great gift for any foodie or hot sauce lover. You will get three glass bottles with lids, 18 beautiful labels, gloves, a stainless-steel funnel for bottling the sauce, and the recipe booklet. The accompanying ingredients are dried jalapeno, chipotle, and habanero peppers, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, and a gourmet spice blend. The spice blend is available to purchase separately as refill packs if you want to make more sauce after your kit has been depleted.

  • Includes everything you need to make your sauces
  • 31-page Recipe booklet comes with the kit
  • Gift Box in natural brown with white print for an eco-chic look
  • The bottles are not very well protected in the packaging and can break if not handled with care during shipping.

Grow and Make Deluxe DIY Hot Sauce Making kit - Contender

This DIY Deluxe Hot Sauce Kit from Grow & Make allows you to make six gourmet bottles of hot sauce with easy instructions. Use your homemade sauces on burgers, burritos, and hot wings. The unique and delicious recipes in the kit feature Louisiana Hot Sauce, Curry Pineapple, Mild Sweet Chili, Smokey Garden Sauce, Guajillo Hot Sauce, and Campfire Chipotle. To make the range of sauces each kit includes cayenne, garlic, New Mexico chili powder, ancho, and curry powder. Dried peppers included are guajillo, arbol, and chipotle. The kit further has vinegar, 6 glass bottles with lids, labels, a small funnel, recipe booklet, and gloves.

  • Kit contains all the ingredients you need for your sauces – no need to purchase extra items
  • The kit features a great selection of 5 spices and 3 types of peppers
  • The flavor profile of these sauces vary from sweet and smoky to earthy making the kit great for all taste preferences
  • The kit recipes do not include precise measurements allowing you to customize your sauce to taste. However, if you prefer recipes with exact measurements you may struggle with these.

Mayers Specialty Recipes with 6 Unique Spices Hot Sauce Making kit - Consider

Made in Buffalo by the chicken wing masters, this basic kit includes the spices you need to make sauce like the pros. The six spices in the kit are allspice, black cumin, Jamaican jerk, curry powder, ginger, and achiote. You also get 3 bottles, recipes, and a pepper guide. The recipes differ in spice level so there is something for every preference. This kit is best for creative cooks who like to experiment with flavors and spices although the recipes can be used precisely if preferred.

  • Recipes for 6 different sauces included
  • You can customize the heat level of the sauce to suit your taste buds
  • Great as a family cooking project that everyone can enjoy
  • This is not a stand-alone kit. You need to purchase extra ingredients since the kit includes bottles and spices only.

Buyer's Guide

From mild to extra hot, the chili pepper can cater to everyone's preferences. Hot sauce kits are a great way to adjust the heat level to exactly the way you like it for chicken, red meat, barbecues, and even breakfasts. Most hot sauce making kits come with a variety of recipes to choose from including sweet and spicy sauces to curried and smoky versions. Some kits don’t hold back on the heat factor, after all, they are called hot sauce kits for a reason. Since not all hot sauce kits are made equal, we’ve got some great tips to help you choose the best hot sauce making kit to suit your needs.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Hot Sauce Making Kit

Chili Peppers

The key ingredient in your kit is going to be the peppers so it is important to consider the type and quantity of peppers included. The variety of chili pepper you use can have a huge effect on the level of heat and flavor in your sauce.

The Scoville scale measures how hot chili peppers are. Some kits will provide you with a chart as a guideline. Mild peppers like jalapeños and serranos register at 2,000 to 50,000 Scoville units. Peppers that are unbearably hot like the Carolina Reaper score more than 1.5 million Scoville units.

Most kits will include dried peppers which may have to be dehydrated according to the recipe instructions. You may also find pH strips in your kit to help you determine and adjust the level of spice. Popular peppers included in hot sauce kits are guajillo, arbol, jalapeno, habanero, and chipotle.


Hot sauce bottles can be on the smaller side since the condiment is generally used sparingly. Sets that include a few bottles usually allow you to create a number of different sauces. Bottles or containers included in sets can be made of glass or plastic. When you receive the set make sure that lids are included and that there are no cracks or chips on the glass bottles. If there are, do not use them since you can cause serious damage if any small shards of glass get into your sauce.

Glass bottles are preferable since the material doesn't hold onto flavors and odors as with plastic. This means that there won't be any residual flavors from previous batches when reusing the glass containers.

Sauce Ingredients

Although chili peppers bring the heat and some flavor to your sauce, the other ingredients build the main flavors of sweetness, smokiness, and spice. Make sure your kit includes everything you need. Some kits may not include the liquid ingredients such as vinegar due to shipping difficulties while others include everything but not in sufficient quantities to fill up all the bottles provided.

Sauces usually require chili peppers, a blend of spices, vinegar, and brown sugar as a base. Dried fruits or certain vegetables can be added depending on the type of sauce you are making and the complexity of flavor desired. If the kit does not include everything you need, make sure that the outstanding ingredients are easily obtainable.


Although there are a plethora of hot sauce recipes online, it helps to have recipes in your kit that correspond to the ingredients included. Some kit recipes are easy for sauce making novices to follow while others may require a little more work and creativity as well as equipment such as a blender.

The great thing about making hot sauce yourself is that once you have the base ingredients you can play around and be creative to get the flavor and heat level you want.

Kit Inclusions

To facilitate the sauce making process many kits include some extra accessories. Look out for the following:

- Sanitizing powder to sanitize the glass jars and other equipment you are using
- Labels to keep track of the different sauces once they are bottled
- Gloves are important to protect you from the oils in the peppers. Always wear gloves when working with the chili peppers in your kit since the oils or powders can seep into your skin and leave your hands burning for a few hours. Avoid touching your eyes or face after handling peppers as it will be pretty painful.
- Funnels are great additional tools to help you bottle the sauce without messing or wasting any.

Tips When Making Hot Sauce

- Always wear gloves when handling peppers
- Never touch your face when working with peppers
- Check glass bottles for cracks or chips before using them
- Sterilize glass containers and the lids before using them to bottle your sauce
- Add your chili peppers gradually so you can keep track of the heat intensity in the sauce

Hot Sauce Making Kit FAQ

Q: How long will homemade hot sauce last?

A: Keep your sauce in the fridge and sterilize the jars before use to ensure the best quality and longest shelf-life. Your sauce should last up to 90 days if stored correctly.

Q: How long can you keep a hot sauce kit before using it?

A: Most kits include dried peppers and spices which can be kept for three months if they are kept in airtight plastic packaging.

Q: What type of vinegar is best for making hot sauce?

A: White vinegar is popular in hot sauce recipes since it has a neutral yet very acidic flavor. Distilled white vinegar accentuates the taste of the peppers. Apple cider vinegar is another type of vinegar often used as it adds a touch of sweetness.

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