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How Long Does It Take You To Make Your Own Coffee?

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If you’re used to having your cup of joe from your local coffee shop, making it at home can be daunting. Don't worry - it's not as hard as it sounds.

We all have our favorite cafes, brews, and go-to coffee shops with exotic ambiance getting us excited for the day, giving us content for the gram — we get it. But getting your daily caffeine fix at home is a lot more convenient (and cheap too!).

You have to take those days into account when you’re super busy working from home or just don’t feel like getting out of bed. It's comforting to know how to brew your own coffee during a day like that.

We’ve highlighted two ways you can make coffee at home — using two different brewing methods.

Warning: If you’re able to get it right, your daily runs to Starbucks may come to a halt.

Excited already? So are we! But before we begin, make sure you have a coffee grinder and French press at home. Let’s dig in!

Heads up: The first way takes us about five minutes to make coffee. The second method? It takes us about 12 hours.

The Quicker Way: French Press to the Rescue

So if you aren’t about trying out different brewing methods and all you care about is caffeine, here’s the simplest way you can make your own coffee:

Here Is Everything You’ll Need

  • Coffee grinder
  • French press
  • Coffee beans
  • Hot water

How To Make Coffee Using a French Press

This is one of the oldest ways to make coffee, and for good reason. It sounds easy enough on paper — you start by mixing coarsely ground coffee in hot water, then separating the grounds by pressing a filter through the brew. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Start by grinding your coffee beans. You’ll need coarse ground - the coarser the better. If you grind to an overly fine consistency, the grounds will seep past the mesh and ruin your drink. Toss the ground coffee into the carafe and fill it with hot (not boiling, but just under) water.
  2. Give the mixture a few vigorous stirs, then let it sit for about four minutes. You may want to put a timer on to give yourself a reminder, or you'll run the risk of brewing too long (more on that in a bit).
  3. Next, place the lid on the carafe and press down on the plunger. This will separate the grounds from the brewed coffee, and it's normal for the plunger to not make contact with the grounds when it's pressed in all the way. Don't go too fast, as that will cause some of the smaller particles to slip by the filter.
  4. Pour out all of the desired servings right away. If there’s coffee remaining in the carafe, make sure to take it out and place it into a different container. Otherwise it will continue to brew. While that sounds great in theory, it actually results in an overly bitter and almost metallic taste and will be deemed undrinkable if allowed to sit in the press for too long.

The Harder Way: Cold Brew

Why is this the harder way? Technically, it doesn't take any additional effort. It requires 12 hours or more for you to get it right! If you can allow it to steep for 12 hours, you must really love your caffeine.

Here Is Everything You’ll Need for a Cold Brew

  • Coffee grinder
  • Jar, cold brew maker, or a large container
  • Mesh filter
  • Cheese cloth or coffee filter

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee

  1. We like to go about our cold brew by soaking coarse ground coffee beans in cold water. You can also use room temperature water for cold brew - your choice. Make sure you soak the coffee in a jar or a large container.
  2. Stir the mixture well and store it in a refrigerator. Forget about it for the next 12 hours at least.
  3. After 12 or more hours, it should be more or less done brewing. To prepare it for serving, use a standard coffee filter. You can also use a cheese cloth - again, it all comes down to personal preference. We recommend pouring the contents of the entire jar/container into a serving container to prevent the coffee from continuing to steep.


So now you have two ways to make your own coffee. The difference? One takes us about five minutes. The other is a slow process and takes over half a day. If you’re looking for a mellow hit, go for a cold brew. If you want a full-bodied caffeine wake-up call, use a French press!

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