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How To Apply Eyeliner Like a Pro

How To Apply Eyeliner Like a Pro

Whether you’re new to the makeup scene and want to learn from scratch, or you have experience and simply want a refresher, applying eyeliner is an essential skill for those who want to keep their eyes stylish and vibrant. Here’s how to apply eyeliner like a professional.

Apply Eyeliner a Little Higher

Ever get annoyed by the irksome transfer of eyeliner onto your eyelids? In the worst case, it can leave a dark but muddy color on top of your eyeliner that makes it look bruised or sickly. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about the transfer itself, but you can minimize its effects by placing your eyeliner a little higher compared to where the transfer may occur. By preemptively placing eyeliner in the area where transfer may end up appearing, there will be little to no visible difference even when it does eventually end up transferring.

Curl First, Apply Eyeliner Next

If you love curling your eyelashes, do that first before applying the eyeliner. Applying eyeliner before curling can lead to the eyeliner smudging all over your eye thanks to the curler. Though it may be a little tricky to do at first, it’s far better than having to deal with smudges after curling your lashes.

Apply a Thin Layer of Eyeliner First

Another common problem many people face comes from when they apply eyeliner unevenly on one eye. This can result in one eye having thicker eyeliner than the other. To remedy this, simply place a thin layer of eyeliner first on both sides. You can then slowly add a little eyeliner on the thinner side to balance the two out. If either side becomes too thick, a damp cotton swab should do the trick nicely.

Sharpen Your Eyeliner

If your eyeliner is getting a little dull and rough, then the problem may not be with your technique, but rather the eyeliner itself. If that’s the case, then you should look to sharpen your eyeliner. Sharpening eyeliner will allow you to make more precise lines and shapes so you can focus on the more minor details rather than fussing over the dullness of the eyeliner.

For Colored Eyeliner, Simple is Best

Don’t overthink things when trying out colored eyeliner for the first time. We’re so used to how much eyeliner we apply when using black eyeliner - it blends with the eyelashes and eyebrows really well. However, colored eyeliner is far more noticeable and pronounced. By limiting the amount of colored eyeliner you use, you can add flair to your look without overdoing it. Once you’re more comfortable with the technique, you can start experimenting on thicker applications in the future.

Try Waterproof Eyeliner

One of the worst things to happen to your eyeliner is to have it smudge due to tears, sweat, or any moisture in the air. Luckily, smudges can be minimized with the use of waterproof eyeliner. As the name suggests, waterproof eyeliner is far more resistant to liquids than regular eyeliner. If you find yourself sweating (or crying) quite a bit, then waterproof eyeliner will keep you looking pretty no matter what situation arises.


Eyeliners are an easy way to emphasize your eyes and make yourself look fierce and sexy. These tips should hopefully remedy some of the most common issues people have when using eyeliner.

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