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How to Hide Under Eye Circles Like a Pro

How to hide under eye circles like a pro

Stress and adulthood go hand in hand, and no matter how hard we try, we simply cannot get as much rest as we would like. The long hours at work and short hours of sleep take their toll on our appearance. Particularly the under-eye area. You wake up in the morning, stare at the mirror, and the first thing you see is the dark under-eye circles sprawled like a billboard across your face beckoning the entire world to see that you're tired.

What you wouldn't give to go back to the days when no such thing existed. Fortunately, all hope is not lost. Below are some tips and techniques that reduce these unwanted blemishes from your face.


The wonders that were introduced to the world when makeup products were invented are still being experienced to this day. When it comes to hiding under-eye circles, the concealer is your best friend!

There are different types of concealers:

Cake concealers

This type of concealer provides the heaviest coverage for your face. Just as the name implies, it is caked and requires more expertise at application. If you’ve never worn makeup before, you need to be cautious with this one.

Sticks and Cream concealers

These types of concealers give medium to heavy face coverage. Stick concealers are more suitable for oily skin or in warmer months, while cream concealers are suitable for colder months or dry and aging skin.

Pen Concealers

These types of concealers provide light to medium coverage. If your under-eye circles are really dark, pen concealers may not hide them completely. These concealers are a thin formula and are suitable for fine lines and under-eye circles that are not so dark and pronounced.

Application options

There are two options when it comes to hiding eye circles. The first option is to use foundation before applying your concealer. The next option is to use concealer first.

Going with option 1 means, applying foundation to your face first and then use a small quantity of concealer. The area would be masked by the foundation to some extent before finishing touches with the concealer to brighten the eye.

The second option is under eye concealer first before foundation. Apply the concealer to your face and the affected area and then apply foundation and finally, blend. If you realize that the under-eye circle is not completely hidden, then you can add more concealer to the area.

Applying concealer can be done with a concealing brush and can be found in any local cosmetics store near you.

Under-eye Treatment

As much as cosmetics are a quick fix, no one wants to have these blemishes if they can do something about it. Skincare treatment can greatly reduce the look of your under-eye circles.

Eye cream

Eye creams are effective if they have certain enhancing ingredients such as :


This is a good ingredient to look out for in an eye cream. Caffeine causes the blood vessels to constrict making them less visible and the dark spots less noticeable.


This ingredient helps leave the skin properly hydrated. Glycerin help with dehydration and retain moisture around the affected area.

Antioxidants like Vitamins C, E & A

Vitamin C helps with collagen production and protects against blemishes that may damage the skin. Eye creams that contain vitamin C can help with excessive melanin production and brighten up the eye area. Vitamin E also helps in fighting against skin damage and Vitamin A, in the form of retinol, helps to brighten the skin.

Other natural ingredients include:


You can add cucumber slices to your eyes as a relaxing skin care treatment. Cucumbers have natural astringent properties to fade visible marks.


This is another natural remedy to explore. Chamomile, for instance, has caffeine. Applying tea to the affected area causes the caffeine to help brighten dark circles.

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