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How to Make Your Vehicle Shine

how to make your vehicle shine

Has your car’s paint job begun to fade? It’s never too late to put the shine back! Every car owner should always be on the lookout for ways to improve their vehicles’ condition, and a nice glow is a good look on any automobile.

There are many reasons why you might want your car’s paintwork to look like a slippery bald head on a Sunday afternoon: It could be something noble, like preserving your car’s value. A car that looks in good condition will attract better buyers and is easier to sell. Or it could be something more selfish, like your car’s bodywork, gleaming as a good social impression. Whatever your motivations are, here is how to make your vehicle shine.

Wash with shampoo

Car shampoo will help you get that shiny glow on your vehicle’s bodywork after a wash. Dishwashing liquid or detergent may seem like an easy store-cupboard alternative, but it doesn’t do well on a car’s paintwork. Most products contain bleach, ammonia, and other substances that can destroy the wax protecting your vehicle’s paintwork.

You can choose from the many options available in the market to find a car shampoo suitable for your automobile. Car shampoo lubricates and conditions the cars’ paintwork and prevents peeling, guaranteeing a lustrous shine. Use a brushing kit for delicate parts of the car and places your sponge can’t easily reach.

Polish with precision

You want your car to look like it’s fresh out of the lot, right? High-grade polish will guarantee that. Car polish smooths out any and every imperfection, seen or unseen on a car’s body. Polishing your car will keep the paintwork glowing like a bald head in the sun.

Wax, Wax, Wax

Once you have polished your car to perfection, the forces of dirt and grime become alert. Now, you have to protect your vehicle from any unwanted stains that might stick to the paintwork. An excellent way to do this is by adding a protective layer of car wax. The wax will serve as a glossy coating protecting your vehicle’s paintwork and maintaining the new shine.

Heal all wounds

No matter how much polish or wax you use, you can’t expect a glorious shine if there are damages to the paintwork. If there are any damages to your paintwork, like bumper scuffs or minor dents, you should have them repaired. Contact a repair specialist near you or speak with your mechanic to find a solution.

Protect the paint

You can add another layer of paint protection to create a protective gloss finish to your vehicle’s paintwork to protect your car from harsh weather and other environmental factors, making it simpler to clean. In this way, you may not need to use abrasive polishes to preserve the high gloss finish of your vehicle’s paintwork. So no room for any possible damages to the paint surface.

Mind the glass

At this point, your car’s paintwork should already be looking shiny, but you need to give the glass windows a glow-up too. Using a cloth (preferably microfibre) and your glass cleaner of choice, wipe down and from side to side on the rear, front, and side windows to realize that sparkling shine. Don’t forget to clean the side mirrors too. Roll down down the windows to reach the upper edges, so you don’t miss a spot.

Do not tire until the tires shine

Your tires do all of the dirty work. They stand by through the roughest of terrains, so it is only fair that you do right by them, too. So for the final step in making your car shine like new: wash your tires with warm water and car shampoo to achieve sleek black wheels. A brushing kit will come in handy here too. Follow up the wash with a tire cleanser to scrub away any stubborn dirt, and dry off with a cloth. At this point, you can then apply a tire shine to finish up the luxurious look.

And there you have it! Follow these steps to ensure that your car is looking nice and shiny.

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