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The Best Inflatable Water Slides for Backyard Fun

  1. Costzon Inflatable Water Slide
  2. Little Tikes Inflatable Water Slide
  3. Action Air Inflatable Water Slide
  4. Hesung Inflatable Water Slide
  5. SUNNY & FUN Inflatable Water Slide
  6. Buyer's Guide

When the weather is warm and hot, it’s always a good idea to get out in the backyard with the family and let your kids run around, play games, and make memories instead of being stuck indoors staring at screens and playing video games.

One of the best items for summer fun in the backyard is an inflatable water slide. Available in a wide range of sizes and styles, inflatable water slides are perfect for keeping kids entertained, letting them bounce, climb, and slide around in total safety.

But it’s important to note that some inflatable water slides are much safer and better-made than others. In this guide, we’ll help you find the right model for your family. Here are the top inflatable water slides of 2022.

Here Are the Best Inflatable Water Slides of 2022

Costzon Inflatable Water Slide - Best Overall

Kicking off our list, we have this super inflatable water slide from Costzon. One of the biggest and most impressive models on the market right now, this inflatable water slide measures a whopping 156 inches in length, 118 inches in width, and 100 inches in height. It's a very impressive structure, crafted from heavy-duty, puncture-proof 420D Oxford material for maximum strength and durability. You can purchase this slide with or without a blower, depending on your needs. This slide has its own climbing wall, a spacious pool area, a castle-style tower, and a long curved slide. With its strong construction, colorful design, and fun features, this inflatable water slide easily earns our best overall award.

  • Made with heavy-duty materials
  • Includes a blower
  • Large enough for multiple children
  • Takes time to blow up

Little Tikes Inflatable Water Slide - Best for Groups

If you have lots of kids or if you're planning a big birthday bash for one of your little ones, this inflatable water slide by Little Tikes is an amazing product to choose. It's absolutely huge, measuring over 160 inches in both width and length, and providing lots of space for multiple children to climb, slide, and splash around with their pals. This slide features a central climbing wall and two slides on each end, so the kids won't have to wait too long to slide down into the pool at the bottom. In total, four kids can play on this inflatable water slide at any one time, with a total weight limit of 350 pounds. Plus, there's an extra fun feature: a surprise dump bucket randomly pours water onto the kids as they climb up the wall, adding even more fun and excitement to the experience.

  • Can hold four kids at once
  • Features two slides and a climbing wall
  • Includes a surprise dump bucket
  • Takes up a lot of space

Action Air Inflatable Water Slide - Best Design

If you want an inflatable water slide that’s sure to impress your kids, take a look at this product from Action Air. It features a really fun and colorful design, with a huge shark's head at the top of the slide and a shark's fin sticking out from the water in the pool. There's also a fun climbing wall for kids to climb up, a little den area at the top of the wall, and a hidden area underneath the slide. Made from durable and extra thick material, this inflatable water slide is ready to last for hours of fun, and it comes with a 3-month warranty to cover you in case of any issues. This inflatable water slide is big enough to withstand up to four kids at a time and has a maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds.

  • Comes in a fun shark design
  • Includes a climbing wall and hidden den
  • Suitable for multiple small children
  • Not the best for older kids

Hesung Inflatable Water Slide - Best for Toddlers

Next up, we have this inflatable water slide and play center by Hesung. Aimed at very young toddlers, this inflatable water slide is a little smaller than the others on our list. It measures 115 inches by 70 inches, reaching a maximum height of 44 inches tall. Its small size makes it a good choice for keeping little ones safe, while still allowing them to have fun and splash around, either on their own or with a friend or two. Made from thick, wear-resistant materials, this inflatable water slide comes with a range of fun features, including a ball roller on one side and little ring toss games on the other. There's also a fun water jet at the top of the slide and a pink, donut-shaped arch. Thanks to its compact size, the whole slide is much faster and easier to inflate than a lot of other models.

  • Small size is ideal for toddlers
  • Includes interactive elements
  • Wear-resistant and built to last
  • Best for very young kids

SUNNY & FUN Inflatable Water Slide - Best for Big Kids

Last but certainly not least, we have this huge inflatable water slide and play park for bigger kids from SUNNY & FUN. This deluxe water park features a lot of great features, including a huge splash zone and pool across the base, a big slide, and a climbing wall. There's also a jet spray at the top of the slide to keep it wet and slippery and a hidden space underneath the slide for kids to play around in. The whole slide is made of super-strong, high-quality nylon that is resistant to punctures and tears, so you shouldn't have to worry about this inflatable water slide breaking down or falling apart. It takes some time to inflate, but once it's up and running, this inflatable water slide offers hours of fun.

  • Includes a matching carrying case
  • Includes a splash down pool
  • Made of super strong nylon
  • More expensive than others

Buyer's Guide

Inflatable water slides are wonderful to set up in your backyard to give your kids and their friends a great way to play on hot summer days. Read on to learn more about how to use these slides and what to look for when buying a slide of your own.

How and When To Use an Inflatable Water Slide

Not sure if an inflatable water slide is a right fit for your family? Here are some situations when these slides can come in handy.

Birthday parties and special occasions

A lot of people like to set up inflatable water slides and play parks for kids’ birthday parties. A lot of these units are capable of supporting three, four, or even more children, so they’re ideal for letting your child and their pals have a super time altogether.

Summer fun

Inflatable water slides are also great to use in the summer months. When the sun is shining and the weather is warm, kids will have the time of their lives flying down the slide and splashing around in the pool to cool themselves off.

Encouraging kids to get outside

Another great reason to invest in an inflatable water slide is to give your kids a reason to get outside. A lot of kids spend many hours indoors playing video games or watching online videos, but inflatable water slides are fun enough to tempt them outdoors.

How To Pick an Inflatable Water Slide

There are lots of inflatable water slides on the market, and some are much better than others. Here are some things to think about and useful tips to follow to help you find the right model.

Think about how you plan to use it

First, think about how your kids will use the slide. Do you have a toddler or an older child? Do you have multiple kids? Does your child like having a lot of friends over to play? Smaller units are good for individual kids or toddlers, but you’ll need a big one if lots of kids will use it.

Consider set-up time and yard space

As you can infer by their name, inflatable water slides need inflating. This takes time, and the big units may take quite a while to fully inflate. Plus, they take up lots of space in your backyard. Make sure you’ve got enough space to handle the slide before you make your purchase.

Look at the design and features

You should also take a look at the general design and features of each inflatable water slide. Some slides have lots of fun extras, like climbing walls, hidden dens, and secret areas, while others are quite basic and simple.

Inflatable Water Slide FAQ

Q: How long does it take to inflate an inflatable water slide?

A: It depends on the size. Some are up in less than five minutes, but others take 10 minutes or more.

Q: Are inflatable water slides safe?

A: As long as you buy a good quality product, you shouldn't need to worry too much about safety. These slides are specially made to provide safe fun for kids of different ages.

Q: How do you store an inflatable water slide?

A: When not in use, an inflatable water slide should deflate to a relatively small size. You should fold it up, put it in a dry bag or box, and store it somewhere cool and dry to keep the material safe, like a shed or garage.

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