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Review of the Best Jar Openers

  1. MEYUEWAL 5 in 1 Multi Function Jar Opener
  2. OXO Good Grips Jar Opener
  3. Healthy Seniors Jar Opener
  4. Brix JarKey Jar Opener
  5. Vastland Jar Opener for Weak Hands
  6. Buyer's Guide

This review of the best jar openers in 2022 is for you if you have ever struggled to open a jar of pasta sauce or pickles. Often, an extra pair of hands, rubber gloves, or a dishcloth might do the trick, but why bother with the hassle when you have better options that allow you to open the jar with little effort? When it comes to handling childproof or vacuum-sealed jar lids, or perhaps, just an especially sticky one, it usually takes some strength and skill to open them. But face it, you can eliminate all stress by investing in a good jar opener. Our accompanying buyer's guide will equip you with all the details you need to choose the right jar opener. Keep reading!

The Best Jar Openers Models of 2022 in Detail

MEYUEWAL 5 in 1 Multi Function Jar Opener - Best Overall

If you're buying a jar opener, why not pick one that can open a wide range of jars? This jar opener actually consists of two separate tools - one with 4 molded rubber-lined openings to fit over the most common jar lid sizes, and another that can open various bottle tops, caps, jar lids, and bean cans. This product’s design is non-slip and ergonomic, allowing you to easily open any jar just by slipping the lid into the appropriately-sized opening, squeezing it, and twisting it off. The product’s ease of handling and secure hold makes it the perfect product for weak hands. Additionally, it is durable, so you will be able to use it for years to come.

OXO Good Grips Jar Opener - Runner Up

Every once in a while, you'll come across a jar with an extremely stubborn lid that refuses to turn. It's especially annoying when you absolutely need to access the contents of the jar, and other tools will simply slip helplessly on the rim. In this case, the OXO Good Grips Jar Opener is one of your best options. The non-slip grip actually houses two sides that can be used to open jars - one side features a mold lined with non-slip material that can be used like any other jar opener, while the other features a pair of stainless steel grippers lined with "teeth" to get an unbreakable grip on any lid. As you'd expect, using the latter side will mar or destroy the lid, so make sure you have a way to reseal the contents of the jar before breaking out this tool.

Healthy Seniors Jar Opener - Honorable Mention

Seniors and those with arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis have difficulty completing daily tasks, especially when cooking. But with this Healthy Senior jar opener set, they’re covered. Opening jars, cans, or bottles becomes easy when you use the Healthy Senior jar opener, leaving your ligaments and hand joints unstressed. You have everything you need in a single box: a can opener that opens six different kinds of cans, a bottle opener that open five kinds of bottles, and a jar opener with four openings to cover the most commonly-encountered jar lid sizes. There's even a rubber grip pad designed to sit on top of flat lids to provide more leverage. With its long non-slip handles, these tool will ensure stability even when wet, while the jar grip pad will ensure superior grip when dealing with tough jars and containers of different sizes. Even though it is designed specifically for seniors, this kit will be a great gift for kids and adults alike.

Brix JarKey Jar Opener - Contender

The Brix Jarkey jar opener appears simple when compared to other openers, but its performance is impressive. This tool can easily release the vacuum seal on all conventionally-sized jar lids, and it can be used to open the lid quickly. Brix Jarkey jar openers are simple to use due to the three-point contact design. You can even work with it effortlessly if you suffer from arthritis. With the compact size of this tool, it’s easy to store it in a drawer or cabinet. The jar opener has no moving parts, so there's practically nothing to fail.

Vastland Jar Opener for Weak Hands - Also Consider

This stainless steel jar opener has a simple and compact design, but it's a lot more versatile than you'd expect. The lid gripper portion is adjustable, allowing it to fit lids that measure between 1" all the way out to 3.7" in diameter. It has a plastic handle that will not rust and lasts for years. The small size means it’s easy to bring it along on a picnic or to an outdoor party, and it won't take up too much storage space when you don't need it. As the name says, it makes a perfect gift idea for those with weak hands or arthritis.

Buyer's Guide

This buying guide takes you through the buying process to help you make an informed buying decision.

What to Look for When Choosing Jar Openers


The jar opener type is the first consideration when buying a jar opener. Three common types of jar openers are explained below.

Classic jar openers: They are typically constructed with an adjustable lever arm, which allows them to clamp onto the lid and twist it off. They take up little drawer space and can be used both for small and big jars.

Wall-mounted jar openers: The majority of these are made of plastic and are attached under the cabinets. You can remove lids that vary in size by inserting them in the V-shaped teeth and twisting. And yeah, it’s usually necessary to use both hands with them.

Grip bands, cones, and pads

The sole purpose of these types is to improve grip on jar lids. Despite their size and affordability, they are still a bit of a challenge to use and are generally made of rubber or silicone.

Space and dimensions

Consider the available storage space when selecting a jar opener. You should safely store the jar opener after each use to ensure it lasts long. Many models can be conveniently stored in drawers as they are fairly portable; others may need to be installed under a cabinet which somehow frees up counter space. Storage space is the biggest concern when it comes to large automatic jar openers, as they typically must be kept on the counter. They’re too big to fit into a drawer.


Compatibility with lids

Not all jar openers work with all kinds of lids. Some openers can only remove certain kinds of lids, while some may only be compatible with those with a large diameter.

Jar openers come in different types, including vacuum-sealed jar openers and those that can open virtually any container, such as jars, medicine bottles, and soda bottles. Choosing the right opener for your needs begins with understanding the types of jars it can open.


An automatic jar opener requires the lowest amount of strength, but the device’s power source should be considered. Hand-held openers run on batteries, so you can use them wherever there is an outlet in your home. However, a large countertop automatic jar opener requires a power cord, so it must be plugged in.


If you’re always on the go and sometimes have difficulty opening jars, consider how portable the jar opener is. Many models can be easily packed in a bag while traveling because they are hand-held. But neither countertop openers nor cabinet-mounted models are portable, so they can only be used indoors.


An opener for a jar can cost between $7 and $200. Basic rubber grips and bands cost about $4 to $8, whereas more complex manual openers cost around $7 to $25.

A battery-powered automatic opener will cost $15 to $40, and a countertop model that needs to be plugged in will cost up to $100 or $200.

Jar Opener FAQ

Q: Can children use jar openers?

A: Generally, children do not have the strength in their hands to open difficult jars. Therefore a jar opener can be useful to them. For kids, stick to the basic plastic or rubber models, so you don’t have to deal with injuries from the lid’s sharp edges.

Q: Do jar openers work on beer or soda bottles?

A: Well, the twist-off cap on a lot of beverage bottles is easily removed if you’re using a jar opener. But for bottles with non-twist-off caps, you might need a bottle opener.

Q: Why is it easier to open a jar after running it under hot water?

A: The hot water allows the metal to expand, and this way, the lid loosens, and it becomes much easier to unscrew.

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