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Back in Style: The Best Men’s Cargo Shorts

  1. Amazon Essentials Classic-Fit 10” Men's Cargo Shorts
  2. Wrangler Authentics Premium Twill Men's Cargo Shorts
  3. LEE New Belted Wyoming Men's Cargo Shorts
  4. DONGD Cotton Relaxed Fit Men's Cargo Shorts
  5. Wrangler Authentics Classic Relaxed Fit Stretch Men's Cargo Shorts
  6. Buyer's Guide

Gather around men, because we’ve got something to talk about. With old fashion trends coming to life in the 21st century, cargo shorts are back in style. They are considered to be one of the trendiest shorts you can wear. So you become the focal point of every party, we’ve gathered the best men’s cargo shorts in 2022.

Cargo shorts are built to provide comfort. They work best during summer and the fact that they fit well with both collared shirts and t-shirts make them irresistible. These slim-fit pants are bound to attract people to you, so make sure you’re ready for attention when you try them on.

What are the best men’s cargo shorts of 2022?

Amazon Essentials Classic-Fit 10” Men's Cargo Shorts - Best Overall

First up, we have a cargo short for men by Amazon's in-house brand. The fabric type is 100% cotton, and the shorts are quite roomy. Ideal for men looking for comfort, these cargo shorts are soft, lightweight, and breathable. Men are mostly looking for shorts to wear all day long, and these can be your go-to item if you’re looking to stretch them for a decent price. Shorts naturally sit at the waist, and they are machine washable. The short is twill cotton, which means that the quality is high and you can rely on them because each piece is designed to last through thick and thin by your side.

  • Breathable and durable
  • High-quality
  • The buttons can be difficult to open and close

Wrangler Authentics Premium Twill Men's Cargo Shorts - Contender

With a relaxed fit, these cargo shorts have a 10-inch inseam which will extend to about the knee. They sit comfortably and naturally at the waist and provide a relaxed thigh. You won’t feel any discomfort after wearing these for a couple of hours. Made from long-lasting 100% twill cotton, these shorts grant high breathability and comfort. If you're looking for movement when it comes to shorts, these will be a great choice. With many colors and prints to choose from, you're bound to find the right one for you.

  • These shorts are well-made
  • Breathable fabric
  • Light-weight material
  • A few too many pockets?

LEE New Belted Wyoming Men's Cargo Shorts - Honorable Mention

With a simple and basic style, this cargo short is made for just about any everyday occasion. It is machine washable, and the shorts have a zipper fly. They're designed with a loose fit to make you feel comfortable throughout the day. These will make a trusty companion while traveling or hiking, and since they are made from twill cotton, they are ultra durable. You’re not ripping these shorts apart any time soon. The best thing about these cargo shorts is that they come with not one, not two, but nine pockets. This means you can store not only your tools but someone else’s tools as well while you’re at it.

  • Shorts are easily washable
  • Comes with multiple pockets
  • Ideal for outdoor
  • May or may not like the belt

DONGD Cotton Relaxed Fit Men's Cargo Shorts - Runner Up

Our next pick is easy to care for. It is simple in style, yet fashionable. The shorts have multiple pockets for you to keep your essentials, making them ideal for lawn work, hiking, and other outdoor activities. These shorts are available in several colors, including camo print options. Don’t worry if your shorts get some mud or dirt on them - just throw them in the washing machine and you’ll end up with practically brand new cargo shorts that are ready for another day.

  • Made of comfortable fabric
  • Fashionable
  • Ideal for outdoor use
  • The strings aren't for everyone

Wrangler Authentics Classic Relaxed Fit Stretch Men's Cargo Shorts - Consider

Our last pick has a traditional cargo style to them and our second from Wrangler. They are designed to deliver versatility and comfort, which means you can wear them to work, outside for public events, or even for traveling. Don’t worry when it comes to movement; these shorts offer a relaxed fit throughout and fit comfortably around the thighs, which grants mobility. These cargo shorts have two side flap pockets, two slash pockets, and two back patch pockets offering you maximum storage capacity.

  • Decent quality of material
  • Offers multiple pockets
  • Ample space in the right areas
  • The shorts might be too thin for some people

Buyer's Guide

Buying cargo shorts is not as easy as it sounds. You’re more likely to end up with baggy shorts that disappoint you because of their poor-quality fabric, faulty zippers, or they're tight-fitting. But that’s why we’re here. We’ll fill you in on how you can buy the best men’s cargo pants for yourself in 2021.

Factors To Look Out For When Buying The Best Men’s Cargo Shorts In 2021

What goes into the best pair of cargo pants? What’s the ideal fabric? Should the shorts be loose-fitting? Or tight? Let’s talk about the important factors that a buyer should keep in mind before buying the best men’s cargo shorts in 2021.


When it comes to men’s cargo shorts, don’t forget one thing: shorter shorts are less formal than longer shorts. So if you’re looking for cargo shorts to wear for dinners, or your office, then don’t go for shorter shorts. You can easily find baggy shorts in multiple sizes, from long ones to mid-size to shorter ones.

But remember that short shorts are ideal for running since they don’t limit mobility movement. If you prefer longer shorts, then that’s fine as well but just don’t go over your knees. Baggy shorts that extend over knees not only look unfashionable but also practically destroys the reason for wearing shorts in the first place.


These days most cargo shorts are made from 100% cotton twill, which is an ideal fabric. Cotton provides movement and comfort, but the truth is that cotton twill lacks breathability. In any case, since these are shorts, this makes cotton-made cargo shorts ideal to wear for a long time.

All of this is assuming that the cotton is high-quality. When it comes to cotton, we have multiple types. Just make sure that the shorts are not paper thin. Paper-thin shorts will not last, they will either split or tear up and you don’t want that to happen.


Washing cargo shorts should not be a burden. There is no denying that the easiest way to wash shorts is in a machine. The ideal cargo shorts you purchase should not lose their quality after a wash or two. If they begin to lose color or their original shape then be sure to check their warranty or purchase a higher-quality pair next time.

Why Cargo Shorts?

We all know how reviving old fashion is in style, but is that the only reason why men should opt for cargo shorts? Not really, so we’ll get into that for you.


Cargo shorts are famous for offering pockets. While most pants come with two pockets or four at maximum, cargo shorts enter you in a whole new field. They come with five, six, and even nine pockets! When you’re outside, you have multiple items by your side and it’s tough to fit them in one or two pockets.

With cargo pants, you have a lot of storage, which is ideal for men to store their valuables.


Baggy shorts are known to provide comfort, and that’s why most men prefer them over pants or other types of shorts. They’ll never provide as much comfort as cargo shorts. Most cargo shorts come loose-fitting, that’s why they are always in trend.

Men’s Cargo Shorts FAQ

Q: What is the ideal size for an average man’s cargo shorts?

A: The ideal size of the shorts should be around 7-inch, assuming that the average height is around 5’7-5’10.

Q: What color goes best with cargo shorts?

A: The most popular color when it comes to baggy shorts is grey and black. Since these colors work well with almost all types of tops, people choose these colors the most.

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