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  • Purchasing a lacrosse shaft is a very personal decision, because only you know which one is best. No matter the marketing gimmicks companies use, what reviews say, or how much the price of the shaft lists for, the only person who can decide is whoever is using the shaft. So where do you begin to figure out which one is the best one out there? First of all, the position you play is important. Attack shafts are the shortest on the field, measuring at about 42 inches in length and players are often looking for a best lacrosse shaft in 2021 that is lightweight and one that moves quickly. Strength is of secondary importance because the attacker wants every advantage he or she can have when it comes to assaulting the cage and taking the shot. Defensemen have longer shafts measuring as long as 72 inches in some cases, and they too look for a lightweight option. They want a shaft that is fortified for resilience and maybe even feels a bit heavier than the attacker's shaft because they use their sticks to poke-check opponents with one purpose in mind; to make them lose the ball before it can reach their goal. In the event the opposition does make it to the cage, the goalie will sometimes choose a shaft that is shorter, at about 40 inches or as long as the D-pole at 72. They're looking to maneuver quickly to protect the crease at all sides, so many goalies will choose the lightweight option over something with more strength and heft. But not all players are created equal and not all shafts are the same to every player. The best way to find the shaft that is best for you is to try a few of them out. We've done that research and have found some of the best lacrosse shafts that you can buy. Maybe these options will suit you, maybe they won't, but it's the best place to start looking to help narrow your search.
    February 05, 2016
  • The head of the lacrosse stick is what often differentiates the position of each player on the team. Attackers often use a lacrosse head that has more flex and is pinched tighter at the throat for better control and accuracy on release. Defensemen use their heads for more than just ball handling, as they are tasked with stripping the ball from their opponent, so they want greater stiffness in the plastic of their heads to make poke-checking more effective in order to claim it back for their team. Goalie heads have a whole different design, as they are meant to be wider and ready to intercept the ball when it shoots toward them. Regardless, players can all agree on two things, the head needs to be lightweight and needs to keep the ball in the pocket when the team is taking it down the field.  No matter what position you play, we can help you find the best lacrosse head for your skill level and experience in the game. Check out our lacrosse head buyers guide provided below which walks you through all the essentials.For more information on what to look at in selecting the best lacrosse head in 2021, We have listed below the best lacrosse head available for you to help you decide what product is best to buy.
    February 05, 2016
  • Every lacrosse company is looking to offer the best technology and the best gear to make the consumer choose their product over the competition. But sometimes price and function and the latest advancements in design can overshadow the simple fact that to play the game, all you really need is a stick and a head that has mesh on it.Beginners and young players don't always need to get the top of the line equpiment in order to effectively learn how to play the game correctly. Often the price of the item far outweighs the necessity for the player. Therefore, most companies will cater to the novice with complete lacrosse sticks offering basic to intermediate combinations of head and shaft. This allows players to learn the ropes at their own pace which keeps the game fun and rewarding. Be sure to check out our lacrosse stick buyer's guide listed below which walks you through all the neccessary considerations when it's time to buy your ideal stick. Below are the list of best lacrosse sticks in 2021.
    February 05, 2016
  • Lacrosse is a game of speed and dexterity, so if you're going to have any chance at beating the other guy to the ball, you're going to need a pair of reliable cleats to help get you there. Everyone's got a unique set of feet and when you're looking for a good pair of cleats, it's all about how they feel when you're on the field. Some players like a low-cut shoe, while others are going to go for some added support on a 3/4 ankle height model. And let’s face it, no flashy colors or high-end marketing gimmicks are any kind of substitute for comfort. Plenty of choices out there, for sure. That's why we're here, to narrow down all of those options to the five best picks on the market.Our picks were selected along a variety of criteria, first and foremost we looked at the materials that were used in manufacturing these best lacrosse cleats in 2021. Most of these shoes uses synthetic uppers which are best-suited for all weather conditions, will keep your feet well-protected, warm, and won't react adversely to wet conditions. Comfort is also an important component, and while every foot will feel comfort differently, these picks have few universal elements such as airflow so your foot doesn't sweat, comfortable inner liners so the feet breathe, and durable outer materials that protect and support your foot.The bottom cleat plates of these shoes are made with thermo-polyurethane, a durable yet lightweight plastic which makes them sturdy, resilient, and ready to own any kind of playing surface. Lastly, these shoes have molded cleats that come in a variety of shapes to give you total traction for quick speed and ease of lateral movement. All of these features combined add up to some top notch shoes for this list of best picks.
    September 22, 2015
  • Choosing Lacrosse mesh is a personal choice and something entirely up to you. However, when it's time to buy your mesh, there are so many brands out there, making a choice can get tough. When choosing the picks below, our selection criteria included the selection available from each manufacturer, the features they offered, and the amount of difficulty there was in stringing the pocket. Some of these picks were also more readily available than others which factored into our choices as well. Finally, these picks were all determined by how well the mesh actually worked and reacted on the field. Checkout our top picks for best lacrosse meshes in 2021.
    December 04, 2014
  • The lacrosse helmet is your main line of defense from sustaining a serious head injury during a game. Complete protection of your head and face is priority one in this dangerous contact sport and the value placed on finding the right head gear is absolutely immeasurable. Sporting equipment companies understand this safety requirement, so they’ve been working to improve upon the level of available safety technology.The following lacrosse helmets are among the best you can buy to keep your brain from getting knocked out of your ears throughout the season. Each one has been chosen along the following criteria including materials used for their construction, that they meet all necessary safety standards, offer appealing visual aesthetics, and their overall level of protection. Checkot our top picks for best lacrosse helmets in 2021.
    December 01, 2014
  • Lacrosse gloves protect your hands and finger, two of the most important parts of the body, so it's important to have a pair you can trust when things get brutal out there. When looking for a good pair of gloves, it's all about protection, comfort, ventilation and durability. The way the glove fits on your hand, the materials that they're made of and if they allow your hand to breathe, in addition to the type of padding inside of the glove. These are all important determining factors for choosing a pair right for your type of game. We've chosen each of our picks for best lacrosse gloves in 2021 based along these factors to find the best options available on the market at the moment.
    November 26, 2014