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Manual vs. Electric Knife Sharpeners: Which Should You Choose?

Manual vs. Electric Knife Sharpeners: Which Should You Choose?

If you are serious about cooking, you’ll understand the importance of having sharp knives in the kitchen. A good set of well-maintained blades are crucial for cutting through any type of food, especially meat. In short, the best kitchen knives will require a quality knife sharpener. But should you choose manual or electric?

There are numerous factors to consider, all of which we will be looking at today.

Why Choose a Manual Knife Sharpener?

There are numerous benefits when it comes to using a manual knife sharpener.

You can sharpen knives by hand: Simply put, manual sharpeners give you total control over how aggressively you sharpen your knife. Electric sharpeners can often ruin your kitchen knives due to the lack of control you have over the mechanism. As such, many chefs prefer manual knife sharpeners so they can judge their own pressure and speed.

They are generally cheaper: Even the best manual knife sharpeners are comparable in price to electric ones, you’ll find that the majority are much more affordable. In fact, you can buy a decent manual sharper for as little as $10, depending on the store. Additionally, you can purchase a top-quality sharpener for $60.

They take up less space: If, like myself, you live in a tiny apartment with minimal kitchen space, you don’t want to take up most of the counter with an electric knife sharpener. As such, your best bet is to choose the manual variety. They are usually much smaller and can fit inside any drawer. They are also very portable, so you can take them to work if you are a chef.

They are great for minor sharpening jobs: You do not always need to perform a full sharpening on your kitchen knives. Instead, when you own a manual sharpener, you can whip it out for a minor touch-up.

Why Choose an Electric Sharpener?

However, there are lots of reasons why you may prefer an electric knife sharpener.

They require less effort and time: Thanks to the abrasive wheels, electric knife sharpeners can restore your blades in little time and with less energy than a whetstone or manual sharpener.

They are easy to use: Electric sharpeners make your job very easy. In fact, most models will have angle guides. You only have to place your knife in the guide and slide it across the wheel - the machine does all the hard work and calculations.

They come with extra features: If you are the sort of person who likes their gadgets, you’ll appreciate the added features and functions on an electric sharpener. Additionally, any good electric knife sharpener will offer a two-step process for sharpening and honing your blades.


With so much choice in today’s market, we understand that deciding between a manual or electric knife sharpener can be difficult. We hope our article has helped you with your choice. Remember to do your research around any item you choose. If you are going to be using an electric knife sharpener, make sure it works on your set of knives. If you want a manual knife sharpener, study the technique and any safety tips beforehand.

Also, you do not have to break the bank. Sure, if you choose a cheap sharpener, it probably won’t last a long time. However, you do not want to spend a lot of money on an electric sharpener that damages your knives due to incompatibility. Remember to check that the abrasive is good quality and that the sharpener comes with the appropriate guides for your knives.

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