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The Best Mechanical Pencils for a Smooth Writing Experience

  1. BIC Mechanical Pencils
  2. Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils
  3. June Gold Mechanical Pencils
  4. Zebra Mechanical Pencils
  5. Pentel Mechanical Pencils
  6. Buyer's Guide

Are you tired of sharpening wood pencils to write neatly every few hours? You also need to have a large stock of these at home as they wear out quickly. Say goodbye to these nuisances, and let us introduce a magical alternative. A good mechanical pencil is just what you need. They last for years; you just need to refill the lead through a simple process, and you don’t have to sharpen them repeatedly. The writing quality will remain high throughout your document. Students also admire this product for its aesthetic looks and high-grade functionality. So quit wasting your time and buy one of the finest mechanical pencils of 2022 to enhance your writing and drawing skills like never before.

Reviewing the Top Mechanical Pencils of 2022

BIC Mechanical Pencils - Best Overall

If you are looking for a single pencil for both professional and casual tasks, the ubiquitous BIC Mechanical Pencil can help you out. It comes in a standard pack of 40 pencils, each with three pieces of lead. The lead size of 0.7 millimeters can handle the multi-purpose tasks of writing, sketching, and shading. You can also use these pencils for drawing objects that do not require deep detailing. The pencil has a high-quality eraser on top that removes your errors like they never existed. The number two lead type makes it appropriate for office and school use. Most exam-checking systems can detect answers marked by this pencil. A single pencil of this type equals two and a half wood case pencils. It is perfect for everyday day, which is why this pencil tops our list.

  • Provides excellent value for money
  • Smooth barrel for better grip
  • Contains smudge-free erasers
  • Average lead quality

Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils - Best Clear Point

These Paper Mate Mechanical Pencils come in a pack of four with a lead size of 0.7 millimeters. The clear point lead ensures the writing looks excellent and clear, and the distinctive side advance button means you don't need to break your grip if the lead runs out while you're writing. An ergonomic barrel lets you hold the pencil’s grip comfortably, making longer writing sessions more comfortable. The eraser twists out of the top of the pencil, and it can even be replaced once it's worn out. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student or a professional artist; having these pencils can make your tasks easier. Whether taking quick notes or drafting architectural diagrams, this product’s versatility does not end.

  • Textured barrel promotes easy grip
  • It has a huge twistable eraser
  • The lead does not break easily
  • Pocket clip is fragile and breaks off

June Gold Mechanical Pencils - Most Non-Slip Grip

If you want to own a pencil with rugged lead which is unbreakable and writes well, the June Gold Mechanical Pencil is your solution. A single pack includes eight pencils with three lead pieces and two containers of 110 lead sticks each. With these, you don’t have to worry about running out at the eleventh hour. The plastic body of the barrel is soft yet rigid, ensuring a comfortable and slip-resistant grip. Making errors isn’t a problem anymore with this pencil, as the twist-out eraser works effectively, leaving no trace behind. The extra eight refillable erasers reduce further stress of buying new ones. These pencils are well-suited to any task, whether you're taking down notes during class or keeping track of office tasks.

  • It comes with two refillable lead dispensers
  • Tough graphite lead
  • The lightweight barrel promotes easy gripping
  • Average quality material of the barrel

Zebra Mechanical Pencils - Transparent Barrel

These Zebra Mechanical Pencils have a convenient design, so you get a comfortable grasp on your writing utensil. Its high-quality plastic body is lightweight yet durable, and can shrug off the occasional drop or two. Each pencil in this 24-pack comes with two pre-loaded leads, and the eraser can be removed to add more lead sticks. The transparent barrel lets you keep track of the lead, while the metal clip resists breaking and allows you to carry it around more easily.

  • Marks precise lines
  • Ideal for writing in small spaces
  • Supports duplicate and triplicate writing
  • Small and irreplaceable erasers

Pentel Mechanical Pencils - Long Eraser

The Pentel Mechanical Pencil offers an all-in-one writing solution through a pencil with a high-quality barrel, graphite lead, and eraser. This pencil’s barrel is made from durable plastic, which ensures it will last for years as long as you don't abuse it. The pencil also incorporates a metal sleeve for the exposed lead, which simultaneously enhances precision while supporting the lead and preventing breakage. The eraser is exposed by twisting the pen, and you can easily replace it when it wears out. These pencils feature a smooth gripping texture so that you can hold them comfortably.

  • Ideal for professional grade drafting
  • Latex-free grip pads
  • Erasers are one inch long
  • Top-heavy design

Buyer's Guide

A mechanical lead pencil is a long-term investment, so you should do your research before investing money. From the usage purpose to refill mechanisms, everything matters. Follow this guide for experiencing a smooth and lasting journey with your mechanical pencil.

Things to Consider When Buying a Mechanical Pencil

Lead diameter

Mechanical pencils come with a variety of lead diameters. For example, if you use a pencil for writing, a 0.5 millimeter lead would be ideal. This size is suitable for most individuals, but if you write with a lot of pressure, a thicker size of 0.7 or even 0.9 millimeters is preferable. Similarly, a 0.3-millimeter lead size would perfectly catch those detailed designs if you want to channel your inner artist.

Refill mechanism

A typical lead refilling mechanism involves removing an eraser or cover located on the end of the pencil. Some pencils have more accessible lead feeding criteria like auto-feed, shaker, or side button mechanisms. Make sure you know how to refill the lead in your pencil, so you can keep writing.

Why Should You Choose Mechanical Pencils?

Mechanical pencils are superior to typical wood pencils for multiple reasons. Let’s briefly cover them.

No sharpening required

If you choose a high-quality mechanical pencil with a thinner tip, you get rid of the constant sharpening needs. On the contrary, wooden pencils require frequent sharpening. It does not matter if you are drawing or writing; a mechanical pencil offers a smooth writing experience, saving your time and effort.

Coherent writing

We all have used ordinary pencils during our time in school. Their writing quality changes depending on how you sharpen them. A line drawn with a recently-sharpened wooden pencil is way narrower than the one marked with a used tip. It degrades the overall look of your creation. Mechanical pencils are the opposite, as their writing quality remains consistent, no matter how often you use them.

Consistent size

Wooden pencils get smaller every time you sharpen them. Some individuals are uncomfortable working with shorter pencils, so they have to get a new one frequently. Mechanical pencils solve this problem, too, as their size remains the same throughout their usage.


This eco-friendly advantage correlates with the prolonged durability of mechanical pencils. You can comfortably use a single pencil for years. Only the lead is consumable. Wooden pencils, on the other hand, require more sharpening and do not last long. You may need a new one every two days. More pencils mean more wood cutting, posing a greater danger to our environment.

Mechanical Pencil FAQ

Q: How long do mechanical pencils last?

A: Mechanical pencils last for five to seven years, as you can refill the lead when it runs out. The durable plastic used in their manufacturing makes them an affordable writers’ tool.

Q: Which mechanical pencil sizes are standard?

A: The lead in mechanical pencils comes in varied sizes. The most commonly preferred size is 0.5 and 0.7 millimeters.

Q: Do mechanical pencils have erasers?

A: Erasers accompany most mechanical pencils, though you'll encounter the occasional exception that comes without one. These are sometimes hidden under a cap or push button, which you can pull to use the eraser. A few mechanical pencils have erasers that you can use by twisting the pencil’s body.

Q: Do mechanical pencils have real lead?

A: No, mechanical pencils do not house lead in its natural form. Instead, a safe alternative like graphite, clay, or plastic polymers is used.

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