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Best Mini Succulents

  1. Costa Farms Mini Succulent
  2. VIVERIE Faux Succulent
  3. MyGift Mini Assorted Artificial Succulent
  4. Buyer's Guide

If there is a star in the plant world, they would be succulents. Succulents are really popular. You see them in books, magazines, and all over social media. They look stunning when planted in a grouping but are also intriguing enough to be solo in a pot. And even though they may flower occasionally, their stunning foliage is the main attraction. If you are planting indoors and have little space, you don't have much choice but to grow small plants. They also are a perfect gift for your loved ones.

Many plants retain their modest stature even as they mature. Mini succulents share all of the physical characteristics of standard succulents but are naturally smaller in overall size. Mini succulents come in varying colors and textures. Therefore, we have created a list of succulent plants to help you pick the best one to gift to a loved one for a special occasion.

Best Mini Succulents of 2022 Reviewed in Detail

Costa Farms Mini Succulent - Top Pick

This particular assortment of 25 succulent plants with eight different varieties from Costa Farms is a great gift for any occasion. Potted in premium soil, each plant varies in texture, size, color, and shape. The height of the plant and pot, on average, is two inches. The pot contains holes that help with water drainage. They thrive in bright light, therefore, keep them near windows where they can get enough sunlight while watering them only when the soil is dry.

  • A rich collection of varying textures, sizes, colors, and shapes
  • They are grown in slow-release fertilizer that keeps them from burning
  • Excellent drainage system
  • Slightly pricey

VIVERIE Faux Succulent - Runner Up

If you or a loved one doesn't have a green thumb, then fake succulents might be the perfect gift! Viverie offers these mini, elegant artificial succulents in a pack of 4. You can even choose the color that best goes with your decor: blue, orange, or pink. Each artificial succulent comes in a stylized, white ceramic pot, giving it a sophisticated, yet simple look. Since they are fake, they are maintenance free, which means you only need a damp cloth to wipe them off.

  • Faux succulents are durable and stand the test of time
  • They are easy to take care of; you can clean them nicely with only a damp cloth
  • Free pebbles for aesthetics
  • Some may find them too tiny

MyGift Mini Assorted Artificial Succulent - Best Design

Another great choice are these artificial succulents by MyGift. These, unlike our previous pick, look natural, and may trick a few people. You can choose to have them potted in white or black ceramic vases. We personally prefer the white and green contrast. Place these on your office desk or living room coffee table, that'll some, albeit fake, greenery to your space.

  • Pots' compact design makes them ideal for small spaces
  • They require little care with no sunlight or water
  • Shipping might damage them

Buyer's Guide

Succulents are incredibly low-maintenance plants. All they require is a little water and plenty of sunlight. They are remarkably tolerant of neglect, and even the most neglected succulents may frequently be readily coaxed back to health. However, when it comes to shopping for and taking care of these tiny beauties, there are several things you should take into account to make sure you are choosing the right one for your home or giving someone a perfect gift.

When selecting the ideal succulent plants for your home, you must pick succulents that have sustained little to no damage. Look for evidence of rot or drainage holes. You should avoid buying succulents that have signs of overwatering, transparent leaves, black stems, yellowing of the leaves, or leaves falling off quickly.

Because most succulent plants originate from succulent cuttings, they use them as roots. You should double-check that the specimen you want to acquire was begun in the same way. You may also inspect the pot for loose dirt by turning it upside down and pulling the plant out to examine the root system. If you wind up with somewhat of dirt, you may need to change the plant to one that has a more robust root system.

Keep in mind that the quickest and easiest way to kill succulents is to overwater them. When there is a lot of stagnant water in the soil, it can cause a root rot that can swiftly destroy the plant. A succulent that has been overwatered will have squishy and translucent leaves, as well as black rotten sections. To rescue an overwatered succulent, use a sterilized sharp blade to chop off the afflicted sections and allow the cut area to callous and re-root.

Moreover, bugs are the second most common cause of succulent death after overwatering. Succulents can be attacked by a variety of insects, including flies, mealy bugs, aphids, and others, depending on the environment and location. There are organic ways to keep bugs out of your succulents that are highly efficient. To keep aphids at bay, spray a strong stream of water on your plant and a mixture of water, cayenne pepper, and dish detergent on the leaves. Mealybugs can be eradicated by removing their webs and killing the bugs with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol. You must make sure to check your plants regularly and repeat as needed.

Mini Succulent FAQ

Q: What is the lifespan of a mini succulent?

A: When given good care, mini succulents can live for months or even years. The most important thing to remember is that some mini succulents eventually seek to grow and require a larger pot to thrive and remain healthy.

Q: Do succulents make good gifts?

A: Sending a succulent as a gift to your parents on their wedding anniversary, on Mother's Day, or any special day will be a fantastic idea, no matter what the occasion. It will not only demonstrate your unending affection for them but will also ensure that they have more positive energy in their lives.

Q: Do mini succulents require deep pots?

A: For mini succulents, a good rule of thumb is that the pot must be at minimum four inches deep and have a decent drainage system to allow water to run through. Succulents that are larger may need a deeper pot to grow.

Q: How long can succulents go without getting water?

A: Succulents can survive without water for months, seasons, and occasionally even a lifetime. Succulents are hardy plants in this aspect. While not all are frost-hardy, they are all "survival in harsh conditions" hardy. Their large root systems have evolved to allow them to consume and store water in their stems and leaves. They draw from their stores when they are in need of water. It's rather remarkable what these small yet formidable succulents are capable of.

Q: How long can I keep my succulent plants in their boxes?

A: When your package arrives, please open it as soon as possible. Remove the packing materials carefully and gently. Plants require light to survive, and the sooner they receive it after being in the dark for days, the better.

Q: Is it safe for dogs and cats to be around succulents?

A: If you have a four-legged friend and love to have plants around, make sure you choose pet-friendly succulents, as pets may bite them out of curiosity. Some succulents are healthy and non-toxic to pets if consumed, while others are not.

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