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Learn to Fold With the Best Origami Paper

  1. HPST 250 Sheets Origami Paper
  2. BUBU Double Sided Color Origami Paper
  3. Kool Krafts 350 Origami Paper
  4. Origami Craze Premium Quality 500 Sheets Origami Paper
  5. Opret 100 Sheets 20x20cm / 8 inch Large Origami Paper
  6. Buyer's Guide

Origami is a great tool to keep your fingers flexible as you age. It is also mentally engaging while also making you feel relaxed. Origami is an excellent hobby for those on a tight budget and will make a big difference to the presentation of future gifts and even table centerpieces and decorations.

Origami paper is not the same as regular writing or printing paper. It allows you to fold easily, so the paper stays in place. It is durable and will not tear when used correctly. There are many origami tutorials online, but some origami paper sets come with instructions on making simple origami creations.

With so many origami paper options available to purchase, it might seem difficult to decipher which is good quality or good value-for-money. However, we have done plenty of research, so you don’t have to. Instead, check out the list of the best origami paper products in 2021 below.

Compare the Best Origami Papers of 2022

HPST 250 Sheets Origami Paper - Best Overall

This origami paper is double-sided with the same color on both sides. This pack is full of various colors, including different shades of green, yellow, red, blue, pink, and orange. It contains 250 pieces of paper, so you can create hundreds of origami flowers and animals and use this paper for various other crafts. This paper is on the thicker side of the origami paper range, making it highly durable and perfect for those wanting to practice their origami skills. In addition, this pack includes an educational origami-making online video course. This company offers a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with their product.

  • Pack contains 250 sheets of paper
  • Includes a wide variety of colors
  • Double-sided same color paper
  • You may find this paper too thin if you are new to origami

BUBU Double Sided Color Origami Paper - Runner Up

This product contains 200 Origami sheets. Each sheet is colored on both sides with the same color. The pack has a variety of 20 colors so that you can make many different designs from a single package. The paper creases and holds folds easily. Unlike some sub-par paper, this high-quality paper effectively resists curling at the edges. It is perfect for beginner to intermediate-level origami makers. This paper uses non-toxic ink and is safe for children and households with pets.

  • Durable and easy to fold paper
  • Pack contains 200 sheets of paper
  • Includes many colors
  • Some customers consider this paper a little thick to use for origami

Kool Krafts 350 Origami Paper - Honorable Mention

This set includes 25 illustrated origami projects, making this the perfect gift for those who have never attempted but considered trying origami. These illustrations are a great start to getting to know this ancient and beautiful craft. The set also includes 300 sheets of vibrantly colored square paper, separated out into 20 colors. Additionally, there are 50 beautifully designed patterned pieces of paper. The paper has a 70GSM thickness, which is within the acceptable range for standard origami paper.

  • Includes double-sided origami paper
  • 300 sheets of colored paper and 50 extra patterned papers
  • Instruction manual included
  • The color palette is primarily neutral, and some customers would prefer a brighter palette

Origami Craze Premium Quality 500 Sheets Origami Paper - Contender

This pack of Origami paper contains 500 sheets. It comes in 20 vivid colors, including some with a metallic effect. This paper is 70GSM, making it a good level of thickness to fold without tearing easily. This durable paper is excellent to use if you are a beginner. The edge of this paper is soft, so you don’t need to worry about getting paper cuts. This set is also available in smaller squares so you can make tiny versions of your favorite flowers, animals, or objects.

  • Includes an Ebook including 100 Origami designs
  • Great value - includes 500 sheets of paper
  • 20 vivid colors to choose from
  • Metallic papers have a relatively muted effect

Opret 100 Sheets 20x20cm / 8 inch Large Origami Paper - Also Consider

This larger than usual origami paper is a great option for anyone attempting a complex origami design with many folds. Alternatively, the size of this paper will simply make a bigger version of a simple origami design. The larger size makes folding the paper much easier overall. This set includes 100 sheets of paper with 50 different colors. Each piece of paper has color on one side and is blank on the other. This company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you will receive a full refund if you are not satisfied with this purchase. This product is available in a standard size and an even larger size.

  • Large pieces of origami paper
  • It comes in 50 different colors
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee
  • This paper has a mild chemical smell

Buyer's Guide

Now that you’ve seen our selection of origami papers, you may want to do some of your own research into what makes the best origami paper. To help you find out more, we will discuss the following:

- Types of paper
- Things to consider when purchasing origami paper
- Why buy online?
- How we choose the best origami paper
- Origami paper price range
- Frequently asked questions about origami paper

Types of paper

There are many types of origami paper you may not be aware of. Continue reading to see some of the different types of origami paper available and their attributes.


Kami paper is colored on one side and white on the other. This paper creases well and is easy to fold. This is the cheapest form of paper that is made explicitly for origami purposes. It is great for beginners to intermediate-level origami practitioners and comes in different colors and sizes. Kami is easier to maneuver than standard writing paper and can withstand extensive folding.


Tant paper is colored on both sides and has a beautiful texture and sheen. It is the best type of paper to use if you wish to display your work to others. It is thicker than kami paper. Tant paper is only made in Japan, but you can purchase it online.

Duo color standard

Duo color standard paper is colored on both sides and can be the same color or two colors that complement each other. This paper is a little more expensive than kami paper but less expensive than tant. There is also plenty of regular paper colored on both sides, which you could use if you are just beginning to experiment with origami.


Washi is a Japanese paper made from long plant fibers. The longer fibers create a lovely texture. This paper is fragile and almost feels like a textile. Washi is only available in basic colors. There are replications of this paper available online, which will be cheaper, although not as good quality.

Tissue foil paper

As the name suggests, tissue foil paper is a combination of tissue and foil paper. It is meant for advanced origami practitioners and is one of the most expensive types of origami paper. Its folds and lines are not quite as distinctive as other origami papers. However, this paper has a slight fabric-like look, which can be incorporated into various beautiful designs.

Things to consider when choosing origami paper to ensure you make the right purchase

When you decide which type of paper you want to use for your origami creations, you should consider the following factors to ensure good quality and the best material for the job.


Consider what size paper you will need to complete your project. The more complex the folds in your design, the more paper you will need. The average size of origami paper is around 15cm squared, which is usually enough to make most origami designs. If you are copying a design from a tutorial, it should include what size paper is best.


Like a painting, the color you choose to create your animal, flower, or inanimate object doesn’t have to match its real-life counterpart. However, using its natural color will make your origami look more like the subject and less like folded paper. As mentioned previously, some paper designs are more difficult to find in a wider variety of colors. However, this is not impossible when using online shopping platforms.


Most types of origami paper come with a specific thickness range. Thickness is measured in GSM. To make the best origami creations, you need thin paper to fold that is also thick enough not to tear when folded. Standard origami paper is usually between 50 and 80 GSM.

This is not to say you cannot use thicker or thinner paper, but using paper outside of this thickness range will be a lot more complicated.

Customer reviews

Before purchasing origami paper, read the product’s reviews. This will tell you how easy customers found it to fold, its durability, and how true the product’s color is compared to its online pictures. Choose a product with high amounts of positive customer reviews.

Why buy origami paper online?

Buying origami paper online has many advantages. These include:

Access to Japanese paper

Origami originated, as far as we know, in Japan. The Japanese have generations of knowledge behind them to create the perfect origami paper. Most Japanese origami paper manufacturers do not use any toxic inks. The paper is also less likely to become white in the folded sections as the ink is thoroughly absorbed into the paper.

A wider selection of color and paper types

Using online shopping platforms allows you to view a wider variety of colored paper in a lot less time than it would take you to view them in physical shops.

Physically easier

Buying online means you don’t need to walk around countless shops or travel to and from the shop. Instead, you can purchase beautiful origami paper from the comfort of your own home.

How we choose the best origami paper

To choose the best origami paper, we consider its size and thickness. We also consider the vibrancy of the color and the number of colors available. We judge how well the paper molded and stayed in our chosen design. We also consider how popular the product is among customers and only select products that are great value-for-money.

Origami paper price range

Origami paper can be bought in packs of varying sizes, so the price of the paper can vary greatly. To ensure you are getting the best deal possible, work out how much an individual sheet costs when you purchase a pack of paper. Ideally, you want to spend between $0.03 and $0.20 per sheet.

Origami Paper FAQ

Q: What is the difference between copy paper and origami paper?

A: Regular copy paper is much thicker than origami paper, so it is more difficult to fold. In addition, origami paper comes in squares, and copy paper is rectangular. Therefore, to use copy paper instead of origami paper, you would need to cut or fold and tear it into a square.

Q: What is a good alternative to origami paper?

A: Newspaper makes a good alternative to origami paper because it is thinner than regular paper. Newspaper is about 55 GSM, and as we mentioned earlier, origami paper can be a thickness of between 50 GSM and 80 GSM. On the other hand, regular printer paper is considered too thick as it has a thickness of up to to 120 GSM.

Newspapers also add a cool look to your project. You may even be able to find a story that matches the theme of what you are making.

Q: What are some simple items to make using origami?

A: Several designs are suitable for beginner origami practitioners. You will be able to find videos on how to make the following creations online:

- Envelope wallet
- Crane
- Fan
- Tulip and stem
- Square box
- Tissue holder

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