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Sort Out Your Towels With The Best Outdoor Pool Towel Racks

  1. Swimline 89032 Poolside Outdoor Pool Towel Rack
  2. O2COOL Adjustable Outdoor Pool Towel Rack
  3. Milliard Freestanding Portable Outdoor Pool Towel Rack
  4. Lonffery Outdoor Towel Rack
  5. Amazon Basics Foldable Outdoor Pool Towel Rack
  6. Buyer's Guide

As hot weather rolls in, people begin to plan countless pool parties with friends and family. Jumping into the water is a great way to cool down, but what about when you need to get dried off? An outdoor towel rack is a perfect solution: it keeps your towels nearby and allows your towels to dry efficiently so they aren’t damp when you need them next.

To have a hassle-free pool party and beat the summer heat, you should opt for an outdoor pool towel rack so that parents can have some fun too (and not worry about cleaning!). Here are some outdoor pool towel racks in 2022, perfect for your poolside oasis.

Detailing the Best Outdoor Pool Towel Racks of 2022

Swimline 89032 Poolside Outdoor Pool Towel Rack - Best Overall

The poolside tower rack by Swimline is a one-size multipurpose towel rack that is not only easy to assemble but is very functional. The Swimline poolside towel rack is an essential item for your pool because it can dry towels in an organized manner, while also keeping them nearby. It has a water-weighted table base too, so there is no need to worry about a gust of wind knocking all of your perfectly-dried towels to the ground. This towel rack is also able to successfully store goggles, masks, and other pool materials since it has a lot of space on the 6 arms.

  • Simple yet functional
  • Takes minimal time to put together
  • Has a strong water base
  • A bit short
  • End caps may fall off

O2COOL Adjustable Outdoor Pool Towel Rack - Runner Up

This stylish pool towel rack is made from weather-resistant plastic and has a weighted base that can be filled with water or sand for stability. There are six arms, each with a little clip on the end to keep your towels from sliding off. Plus, the arms can be adjusted if you need extra room. While the arms are perfect for holding towels or goggles, this rack also has a shelf up top that is perfect for keeping sunscreen nearby or placing a speaker to play some tunes. The shelf has little holes in the bottom to prevent water from accumulating if you place wet pool toys in it.

  • No tools are required for assembly
  • The base is easy to fill
  • Clips keep towels on rack
  • Bronze color may not be attractive for some
  • Arms may bend if unbalanced

Milliard Freestanding Portable Outdoor Pool Towel Rack - Honorable Mention

While some other towel racks have arms that simply slide across, this one has a locking mechanism to keep the bars exactly where you want them. At about 65 inches tall, this is one of the tallest racks on our list, perfect for keeping towels off the ground. Despite being so tall, It is sure to stay upright with the stable, fillable base. It is made of furniture-grade plastic, which means it won’t fade from the sun or become easily damaged by the elements. If you’re worried about leaving the rack up during the winter, you can easily take out the rods and store the rack in a more compact size.

  • Arms are easy to adjust and stay in place
  • Keeps towels from touching the ground
  • Can be disassembled quickly
  • Included tools would make assembly easier

Lonffery Outdoor Towel Rack - Contender

If you need something that is just as functional but takes up less space than these other racks, take a look at this one. It simply mounts to a wall, or even a fence post, with two screws. It has four rotatable arms that are each about a foot long. The rack is only 12 inches tall, so you’re bound to be able to make room for it somewhere. In addition to the four arms, there are also two small hooks on the bottom of the rack perfect for hanging additional items like bags, goggles, or a swimsuit left to dry.

  • Wall mounting saves space
  • Simple installation
  • Resilient aluminum construction
  • Only four bars for towels
  • Smaller arms than other racks

Amazon Basics Foldable Outdoor Pool Towel Rack - Also Consider

This folding rack is a great space saver, especially if you don’t need to use it every day. It is made of lightweight, yet reliable steel, that can hold plenty of damp towels. Because it’s lightweight and foldable, you can easily bring this rack inside if you want to dry your towels indoors, especially in cases of rain. Because it is so easy to set up and take down, this is ideal for those who want a more versatile product that can be moved around with ease. There are four bars on the top and additional bars for hanging towels on the sides of the rack. It can also double as a clothes drying rack.

  • Lightweight
  • Holds plenty of towels
  • Easy to move between indoors and outdoors
  • Cannot be left outside for too long
  • Bars can pop out of alignment

Buyer's Guide

What is the purpose of buying an outdoor towel rack?

Sure, having a pool is great, but there are a lot of details and essential items you need to have the best pool experience. Picking up a damp towel when you’re ready to dry off is disappointing, and towels strewn all over the place make for a messy yard. An outdoor towel rack is designed to provide you with a designated space to hang your towels, whether it’s to have them dry or to keep them ready for when you need them most.

An outdoor towel rack allows your towel to dry properly — a bunched-up towel can take hours to dry compared to a towel that is resting on a rack. When left for too long, damp towels can accumulate bacteria and get that mildewy, damp scent that is unpleasant.

What are the benefits of having an outdoor poolside towel rack?

Here are some of the perks that a towel rack can provide while you’re enjoying fun pool time with family or friends:

- Keeps your poolside neat and tidy
- It dries towels a lot quicker
- Is multifunctional, as it can also hold goggles, swimsuits, and other things
- Creates a designated space for your towels

What are some factors to consider before buying a pool towel rack?

Before buying anything it is important to consider certain factors that might give you a fair idea about its quality, material, and price. Such factors also simplify your research time and make purchasing easier.

Following are the factors that you must keep in mind before buying the best outdoor pool towel rack.


Design plays a key role in nearly every purchase. When it comes to buying a pool towel rack, you must opt for a good design that suits the overall structure of your pool. Depending on the poolside, you can go for a wall-mounted towel rack, a foldable rack, or something sturdy that is both stylish and easy to manage.


For a big-sized pool, it may be a good idea to buy two towel racks and place them at opposite ends of the pool so everyone has easy access. In case you're swimming pool is smaller, you may be able to get by with a smaller, more compact towel rack. You can select a towel rack that fits perfectly within the poolside area.

Although the size of your pool could be considered, especially when it comes to where you will place the rack, the most important is how many people you usually have swimming. You’ll want a rack that is large enough to accommodate all of the needed towels without wasting space.


As the outdoor towel racks have to be placed near the poolside, the material must be corrosion-free and durable. You wouldn’t want a rusted, low-quality towel rack next to the pool. A high-end, sturdy towel rack should last for many years and add a nice touch to the beauty of your swimming pool. These pool racks are constantly exposed to water, but they’re likely to be exposed to other elements too, like sun and wind. A durable rack with a stable base is something you shouldn’t pass up.

Outdoor Pool Towel Rack FAQ

Q: Where can I place the towels outside?

A: When using a towel rack outdoors, place the rack in a convenient spot, easy to access near the pool. To make towels dry faster, place the rack in a sunny spot.

Q: How often should I wash my pool towels?

A: As long as your towel isn’t visibly dirty or hasn’t been damp for hours on end, it is safe to use pool towels a few times before washing. Aim to wash your pool towels after every 2 to 5 uses.

Q: What is the best method to hang towels?

A: Towels dry much quicker when placed on a towel bar. Spread the towel evenly across and avoid any folding or bunching — when as flat as possible, the towel can dry more efficiently.

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