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Blender Comparison: Blendtec GO vs. Beast Blender

Blendtec Go vs Beast Blender

Which Is the Better Personal Blender?

Bestcovery has tested several blenders over the past few weeks to help you find the best one for your home. If you still don't know which one to get, we’ve got another comparison for you! Below is my honest review and comparison of the Blendtec GO Travel Bottle and Base and the Beastmode blender by Beast. Whether you’re looking for convenience, versatility, or durability, we’ll break down the features of both options to help you make the right choice.

Disclosure: Bestcovery was sent samples of the Blendtec GO Jar and Beast Blender to review.

Blendtec Go personal blender

Blendtec GO

The Blendtec GO Jar has markings for up to 24 oz. and a capacity of 30 oz. You can pair it with almost any Blendtec blender base for a quick, easy blend. It’s the perfect smoothie maker for busy mornings and after-workout pick-me-ups.


  • The jar connects to Blendtec bases without additional products.
  • This set comes with an extra lid for on-the-go use.
  • The container design makes it easy to hold onto while traveling.


  • This has a high price tag of $139.96 for just the jar.
  • You'll need more jars if you want to make several smoothies.
  • The travel lid feels flimsy.

Beast Blender

The Beast blender comes with several other pieces, which I appreciated for the price. The extra bottle really comes in handy because it’s perfect for travel. I also like that there’s a large lid for loading your smoothie and a smaller one to drink through. The special edition color looks nice with the Beast's sleek design.

Beastmode Tonal Blender with additional blending vessel and hydration bottle


  • The innovative design keeps your smoothies cold for a long time.
  • The plastic is very thick and durable.
  • It comes with several container sizes and lids.


  • It has a difficult time blending tough ingredients.
  • There’s only one button and no options for different modes or speeds.
  • It’s heavy because of the extra-thick plastic.

Comparing the Two

I tested the GO Jar and Beast Blender and judged them based on ease of use, durability, cleaning, and more. Here's my honest comparison of the two and which one is best.

Ease of Use

The GO Jar stands out because it's so simple to use and pair with Blendtec bases. It clicks on to the base much easier than the Beast Blender, which needs an extra tug to lock in. I also like that with the GO Jar, I can use the pre-programmed cycles and speeds on the base. The Beast Blender has a one-button design, so I couldn’t adjust the speed settings. Its light setting is also confusing to interpret. You really need to put in the work to understand the Beast Blender system, unlike the GO Jar.

Size and Durability

I liked the size of both blenders, but the GO Jar is what my family has reached for the most over the past few weeks. It’s an excellent size for individual portions and testing recipes. However, as far as durability goes, the Beast Blender takes the cake. I was never worried about the GO Jar breaking, but the Beast Blender has a much sturdier build. You’d have to put it through a lot before it even showed a dent.

Because the Beast Blender is so thick, it kept my smoothies colder for much longer. I liked taking it on the go, knowing I’d be able to finish my smoothie before it completely melted. However, the thick plastic also made it pretty heavy. If you plan to carry the mug around for a while, just know you’ll be getting a bit of a workout while you do it.


The GO Jar offers the convenience of being dishwasher safe on the top rack, but the Beast Blender requires hand-washing. Although I usually choose to hand-wash the GO Jar, it’s still easier to clean than the Beast Blender. With the GO Jar, I can quickly wash it by adding a drop of soap and a cup of warm water, then blending for a few minutes. With the Beast Blender, you have to use a special brush to clean between the different components.


The Beast Blender is a better deal when it comes to cost. It costs $185 and includes the blending base, a stainless steel bottle, a blending container, a storage lid, and a drinking lid. The GO Jar has a smaller price tag of $139.96, but that’s just for the bottle, base, and travel lid. You still need to purchase a Blendtec blender to use it.


The GO Jar has impressive performance despite its smaller size. The Micronizer Base easily breaks down ingredients to create smooth and flavorful results. The Beast Blender has a smoother blend but requires cutting ingredients into one-inch pieces before blending. Having to cut up my fruits and veggies before blending made it difficult to love this blender. I also wish the Beast Blender had more blending options. It varies through speeds while mixing, but I want more control over the type of blend.


Both Blenders are very loud, which is to be expected. However, when I use the GO Jar, I pair it with the Total Blender Classic, which has a timed setting. I like seeing how long the noise will last because it makes it easier to tolerate. The Beast Blender also ended up being slightly louder than the GO Jar.

There’s a lot to love about both products, but the Blendtec GO is my favorite.

Which Is Better?

There’s a lot to love about both products, but the Blendtec GO is my favorite. Its easy attachment to the blender base, effortless cleaning, and portability make it a great choice for people with busy lifestyles. While the Beast blender is incredibly durable and has an attractive design, it creates more work for the user, which is difficult when you’re in a rush.

If you’re interested in purchasing either of these products, you can find the GO Jar here and the Beast Blender here.

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