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Elevate Your Drinking Experience with the Best Whiskey Stones

  1. Kollea Stainless Steel Whiskey Stone
  2. Amerigo Make It Special High Cooling Whiskey Stone
  3. Whiskey Stone Bullets Gift Set
  4. Quiseen Grey Beverage Whiskey Stone
  5. W Whiskoff Bourbon Whiskey Stone
  6. COOL STONES Great Gift Whiskey Stone
  7. Buyer's Guide

Among all the different forms of alcohol available today, few match the popularity of whiskey. Loved by people all around the world, it has many different flavors, with the Irish and Scotch variants offering bolder flavor and the sweeter undertones of American Bourbon. No matter what type of whiskey you drink, however, most enthusiasts will agree when they say that it’s best enjoyed on its own. Unfortunately, without the best whiskey stones in 2022, you’ll be stuck with diluted whiskey thanks to melted ice.

If you have a mind for sophisticated flavors of whiskey, you definitely want to get your hands on some whiskey stones. These little cubes are designed to keep your drink nice and cool without the issue of water ruining its pure flavor. Whether it’s soapstone or stainless steel, whiskey stones will no doubt enhance your drinking experience.

What are the Best Whiskey Stones of 2022?

Kollea Stainless Steel Whiskey Stone - Best Overall

Before we get into actual whiskey stones, it’s worth mentioning a couple of modern takes on the concept - whiskey steel cubes. These cubes are not made out of soapstone, but stainless steel - the steel is polished and smoothed, making them ideal for glass cups. This prevents them from making any scratches or dents in your precious glass. The cubes come in a pack of six, and alongside them are a pair of ice tongs as well as a storage tray for easy freezing. There’s a reason why steel is used instead of stone for whiskey stones. Stainless steel is a great conductor of heat, and as such can turn cold fairly quickly. The aesthetic of the cubes themselves is also worth mentioning, as they give your glass a nice sophisticated look. You don’t need to worry about any sort of chemical interaction, either - the cubes are food safe, so you can drink with them worry-free.

  • Smoothed edges
  • Comes with a cooling tray and tongs
  • No additional accessories

Amerigo Make It Special High Cooling Whiskey Stone - Runner Up

Want to give some stainless steel whiskey cubes as a gift? Maybe you know they’ve been getting into the hobby of enjoying whiskey, or maybe you just think they’d appreciate the idea of renewable ice cubes - no matter the reason, this set makes a fine gift nonetheless. The set comes with eight cubes, a pair of tongs, and a couple of coasters to keep the tables nice and dry. With eight cubes, you have enough for you and your pal to enjoy a glass of premium whiskey together alongside the coasters. The set does not come with a pair of glasses, interestingly enough, so you’ll have to get those separately, but if you’re already enjoying casual drinking, then you probably already have a glass or two that you use regularly anyway.

  • Comes with coasters
  • Great as a gift
  • Not a full set

Whiskey Stone Bullets Gift Set - Most Aesthetic

As we continue to spread the legend of the whiskey stone, even in the 21st century, it is worth mentioning some brands that have taken a modern approach to the concept of whiskey stones like Mixology & Craft Store. Mixology & Craft Store has made whiskey stone bullets to help chill your bourbon. And unlike ice that can melt and water down your whiskey, these shot chillers will keep your whiskey strong. The stone bullets are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel and are a dream come true for any whiskey lover friend you have, so don’t hesitate to buy them as a gift item.

  • Packed in vintage ammunition crate
  • 3-year warranty
  • Cold enough, but not as cold as ice

Quiseen Grey Beverage Whiskey Stone - Honorable Mention

Now that we’ve covered the modern stainless steel cubes, let’s take a look at something a little fancier - soapstone cubes. Soapstone is a great source of making chilling stones, which is why they’re used in making these cubes. This particular set is aimed towards those on a budget, a deal for those who’d rather not spend a lot of money on reusable ice cubes. Of course, you aren’t just given barebones (or in this case, bare-stones) quality. Rather, these stones are smoothed out and cleaned to make them look great in any glass. They also come with a pair of tongs to keep your drink clean when you move the cubes around, as well as a velvet pouch to bring your stones around whenever you feel like doing so. Even though whiskey-drinking can be an expensive pastime, you don’t need to spend a lot on the cubes to keep the drink cool.

  • Affordable price
  • Comes with pouch
  • Not the best packaging design

W Whiskoff Bourbon Whiskey Stone - Contender

In stark contrast to the previous set of whiskey stones, which were geared towards those on a budget, this set is made for those who really have money to spend. It’s a complete set for drinking whiskey, featuring two whiskey glasses, 8 whiskey stones, a pair of steel tongs, and a black velvet carrying bag. And that’s not all - the set also comes with a pair of incredibly beautiful slate coasters, perfect for placing your cold glass of whiskey on. The whole package is kept in a stylish wooden box for safekeeping. When it comes to gifts, this set is arguably the best for whiskey stones. Everything from the packaging to the coasters and the stones themselves are all made with care, and you can feel the luxury as you take every sip. Almost everybody can agree that the set looks incredible from a design standpoint.

  • Comes with a pair of slate coasters
  • Beautiful wooden box to hold everything in place
  • Too expensive and unnecessary if you’re just looking to get whiskey stones

COOL STONES Great Gift Whiskey Stone - Consider

This set of whiskey stones is very similar to the previous one in the sense that it’s a complete set. You’ve got a pair of whiskey glasses, eight whiskey stones, a pair of ice tongs, a pouch, and a pair of coasters. Even the box used to keep everything in place is similar in nature. However, unlike the incredibly high price point of the previous set, this one’s priced far more modestly, and you won’t have to worry about shelling out nearly as much money to buy this set. Because it balances affordability with quality, we recommend this set of whiskey stones to just about anybody, whether you’re looking to buy a set for yourself or to others as a gift. All you need is a good bottle of whiskey and you’re ready to enjoy some drinks.

  • Balances affordability with quality
  • Comes with plenty of accessories
  • Wooden box may look a little too plain

Buyer's Guide

Whiskey stones are a great way to enjoy the full flavor of the famous alcoholic beverage without diluting it with ice cubes. But what kind of stone should you get? Do you even need stones? Learn about what makes these stones so special by reading this comprehensive buyer’s guide.

What is a Whiskey Stone?

A whiskey stone refers to a stone that’s smoothed and designed to be used for cooling and drinking whiskey. It is meant to serve as a reusable substitute to ice cubes that don’t melt, which allows one to enjoy the pure flavor of the chilled whiskey. Most whiskey stones are made of minerals such as soapstone. Some cubes aren’t made out of stone at all, with steel being used instead.

Why is it Important to Have a Whiskey Stone?

It’s easier to use and reuse

Unless you have an automatic ice-making machine at home, you probably have to deal with refilling your ice tray every time it runs out of ice. This can be a hassle to do, and you can get your clothes wet in the process, which might not be ideal if you’re preparing some ice in the middle of a party or gathering. In these situations, you’ll want something more low-maintenance— whiskey stones.

Whiskey stones are perfect if you find yourself needing to use ice often. Simply place them in the freezer when not in use, take them out when using them, wash them when you’re done, and repeat. This is far easier to do than refilling your tray on a regular basis, which can be difficult if you’re pressed for time.

It keeps the whiskey’s flavor pure

This is the main reason many people opt to use whiskey stones and cubes instead. One fatal drawback to using ice is the fact that over time, ice melts, and the water will end up mixing with your precious whiskey. This ends up diluting the whiskey’s flavor, reducing what was once a sophisticated batch of whiskey into a muddled and bland water cocktail. If you spent hundreds of dollars on bottles of fine whiskey, you deserve better than that, which is why whiskey stones are vital.

Whiskey stones keep your drink cool without dilution, ensuring that the only thing you taste with every sip is the raw, undiluted flavor of your whiskey. If you have any interest in understanding the intricacies of whiskey, you should consider saving up to buy a set to ensure you enjoy all of the flavors whiskey has to offer.

It looks good

Finally, it’s worth mentioning a point that almost everybody can agree on— whiskey stones look good in a glass. They add an air of sophistication and class to your drink, and they stand out far more than a pair of ice cubes. Even if you’re completely fine using ice cubes and diluting your drink, it may be worth considering using stones for their visual appeal alone.

Tips When Using Whiskey Stones

Keep them in the freezer for as long as possible

Whiskey stones are great, but there’s one flaw— they don’t freeze quickly. Sure, they can keep your drink cold, but it takes a while for the cubes to get cold in the first place. This can be a problem if you want to drink right after you put them in the freezer. As such, you’d do well to place the cubes and stones in the freezer whenever they’re not in use to ensure they’re ready whenever you want to use them.

The exception to this rule, however, is when you’re using stainless steel cubes. These cubes freeze faster because they’re made of metal, far better than soapstone or granite. However, you still want to be sure they are in the freezer when not in use so you’ll always be ready.

Clean them regularly

A good way to treat your whiskey stones and cubes would be to see them as kitchen utensils, not unlike spoons or forks. They’re reusable and very handy, but they need to remain clean, for hygiene and health reasons. Of course, when you’re only using them to drink whiskey, you may be tempted to clean them sparingly, but it’s best to ensure they’re always clean just to be safe. A good rinse every now and then should be more than enough to keep them ready for reuse at all times.

Types of Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones

These are the whiskey cubes made out of stone, usually granite or soapstone. They cool much slower than steel whiskey cubes.

Steel Whiskey Cubes

These cubes are made of stainless steel instead of stones. As such, they cool much faster. And, stainless steel whiskey cubes are generally more expensive than their stone counterparts.

Whiskey Stone FAQ

Q: What are whiskey stones used for?

A: Whiskey stones are used to keep whiskey cool without diluting them with water.

Q: Are whiskey stones food safe?

A: Whiskey stones are, in fact, food-safe, and you shouldn’t worry about getting sick due to the stones themselves.

Q: Do whiskey stones affect the flavor of whiskey?

A: No, they do not - whiskey stones and cubes are treated in a way that they do not affect the flavor of the whiskey they cool.

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