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Best Whiskey Glasses to Appreciate the Flavor

  1. W WHISKOFF Bourbon Whiskey Glass Set
  2. Nou Living Crystal Whiskey Glasses Set
  3. Titan LSO Whiskey Glasses Set
  4. JoyJolt Aurora Crystal Whiskey Glass Set
  5. Ashcroft Fine Glassware Twist Whiskey Glass Set
  6. MOFADO Crystal Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass Set
  7. Buyer's Guide

Whether you drink whiskey to appreciate the intricate flavors and undertones or simply enjoy the stuff, almost everybody can agree to the fact that whiskey is best enjoyed in the right glass. Not just any glass will do, mind you - nor will any plastic cup or bottle, for that matter. Fine whiskey is best served out of a fine glass, and the best whiskey glass sets in 2022 are ideal for you to enjoy whiskey as much as possible.

While whiskey can be enjoyed using a variety of glasses, there’s one type of glass that’s become synonymous with the drink - the whiskey tumbler, or the rocks glass. You know the one - the glass that’s short, with a wide rim, and surprisingly easy to hold. With a couple of ice cubes or some whiskey stones, you’ll be enjoying the stuff in style. Sure, you may not need a whiskey glass, but it never hurts to have a set around. Besides, they look amazing, and who wouldn’t want to enjoy whiskey in one of these glasses, anyways?

The Best Whiskey Glass Sets Models of 2022 in Detail

W WHISKOFF Bourbon Whiskey Glass Set - Best Overall

Our top pick isn't the most affordable option around, but this set comes with an astonishing increase in quality compared to lower-priced competitors. The coasters on this set are made out of slate, and the box used to keep the set together is more professionally designed. This set is great if you want to give someone a gift that they’ll really appreciate. Of course, just because it’s a complete set doesn’t mean that the glasses don’t look good. They still retain that unique whiskey glass shape to them, but with a few added stylizations, such as the pointed corners on the base of the glass. Needless to say, this set looks great, and is ideal if you want to enjoy whiskey luxuriously.

  • High-quality accessories and glasses
  • Slate coasters
  • Relatively pricey

Nou Living Crystal Whiskey Glasses Set - Timeless Design

You can't go wrong with this crystal liquor decanter and glass set, a timeless classic design built with superb craftsmanship. If you're looking for a complete decanter set that includes six crystal glass tumblers, four 2.2-inch stainless steel whisky rocks, plus a bonus cocktail recipe book, this is it. It's perfect for all kinds of booze, including scotch, bourbon, and whisky. If you like your liquor chilled and not watered down, these reusable whisky stones that chill liquor will become your favorite new bar item. The whisky set has a pure glass stopper that keeps out air and keeps your liquor from going bad.

  • A completer decanter set
  • The non-leaded crystalline glass keeps the liquor safe
  • Classic and luxurious design
  • Glasses may be thick for some

Titan LSO Whiskey Glasses Set - Runner Up

If you have a whiskey lover in your circle, this glass set makes a perfect gift as it comes well-packed in a military ammo box. This is a fully-loaded package that contains a variety of glasses including low ball whiskey glass, heavy slate coaster, heavy duty stainless steel ice tongs, and 6 whiskey stones that are cleverly housed in 6 holder cylinders.

  • Velvet lined holster to translate your high profile
  • Easy to carry along for any mission
  • A bit pricey, but the quality is worth the investment

As the tactile box comes with carry handles, it is easy to carry anywhere. Those who want to make a bold statement can vouch on this amazingly designed set as the distressed military prints paired with intense messaging will attest to your profile.

JoyJolt Aurora Crystal Whiskey Glass Set - Honorable Mention

Twisted whiskey glasses are always a treat to look at. Seeing the fragile material shaped and molded into such intricate shapes never fails to amaze, and this twisted design makes for a very spicy and interesting drink. The twisted nature of this glass makes it surprisingly easy to hold, allowing one to be a little more active while carrying the glass around at a party or gathering. The glass itself is capable of holding 8 ounces of your favorite Scotch, Irish, or Bourbon. As a set of 2, you can get one for you and a friend, or for you alone with one to spare. Either way, these glasses are great for enjoying whiskey casually after a long day’s work, and their sleek look is always a welcome bonus while drinking.

  • Sleek twisted design
  • Easy to carry around
  • Gripping may take a while to get used to

Ashcroft Fine Glassware Twist Whiskey Glass Set - Contender

Like the previous pair of whiskey glasses, this pair of glasses is made with a unique twist - literally. The glass is twisting clockwise, however, compared to the counter-clockwise spin of the other whiskey glass. A minor detail, but it may be important to some of you folk out there, so it was worth mentioning nonetheless. These glasses are slightly taller than the previous glasses and can hold up to 9.92 ounces of whiskey or whatever beverage you have poured in it. What’s interesting, however, is the fact that while it carries more whiskey per glass, the appearance makes it look thin. This gives the illusion that you have way less whiskey in your glass than you actually do. If you want to sneak in some extra sips without people noticing, this glass could be a great way to get away with it.

  • Tall, lean design
  • Deceptively high capacity
  • May be too thin for some

MOFADO Crystal Old Fashioned Whiskey Glass Set - Consider

There’s a reason why minimalism and simplicity have caught on in modern design, and that’s because, for a lot of people, simple is best. This pair of whiskey glasses are a great example of this. While not exactly eye-popping or stylish, the glasses are elegant nonetheless and are a great way to highlight the whiskey itself rather than the glass. If you enjoy appreciating the color of your whiskey, you’ll want a smooth glass such as this to provide you with the perfect view. These types of glasses are also ideal if you enjoy using whiskey stones or cubes. The stones stand out far more with these glasses as they’re very easy to spot. While you won’t have as easy of a grip with these glasses as the twisted ones, you’ll still be able to enjoy whiskey all the same - just with a slightly better view of the actual whiskey.

  • Great for highlighting the color of whiskey
  • Simple design
  • A little more difficult to hold and carry around

Buyer's Guide

Whiskey glass sets can serve both as great gifts for a loved one or as an addition to your own dinnerware. This guide should give you general tips on how to pick the right set of whiskey glasses.

What Is a Whiskey Glass Set?

A whiskey glass set refers to a set of drinking glasses made specifically for the purpose of drinking whiskey. Often, these come in sets of two and are accompanied by accessories such as whiskey stones, ice tongs, and the like.

Why is it important to have a Whiskey Glass Set?

It makes drinking whiskey more enjoyable

Whiskey is a drink that many people fall in love with at first sip, but some need to slowly be coaxed into enjoying its flavors. It’s not for everybody, and it can be difficult to enjoy a glass of whiskey if it isn’t presented right. A glass of whiskey served in a nice, clean whiskey glass, however, can make it far easier for someone to be willing to try out whiskey. This can allow them to fully enjoy the flavors of whiskey and end up being very interested in trying more.

It makes you appreciate whiskey more easily

Whiskey glasses can also have the potential of making appreciation far easier for novices. A great example of this would be the NEAT glass - this type of glass is designed to allow the aroma of the whiskey to largely stay within the glass itself, only allowing the ethanol to rise out of the surface. This allows you to taste the whiskey more completely, which can be great if you have an especially sensitive tongue and want to try out whiskey as it’s made right out of the bottle.

Tips When Using a Whiskey Glass Set

Wash them frequently

This should come as no surprise to you, but it’s important to wash your whiskey glasses when not in use. Even though you use them sparingly, it’s vital you wash them clean as soon as you finish using them, especially if you love showing your glasses off at parties and gatherings. You don’t want any mold, dirt, or hard water spots to build up over time, so regular cleaning will ensure that your glasses look clean and good as new at all times.

Keep out of reach of children and pets

Alcohol is something you should definitely keep out of reach from children and pets, and even the glasses you use for it are no exception. Whiskey glasses are largely made out of, well, glass, and damaged or broken glass can cause some serious injury when left unchecked. Even if there isn’t any alcohol in them, the glasses can prove to be a threat to your child or pet and must be kept in a safe space away from either’s reach at all times.

Be careful when using whiskey stones

We covered a bit about whiskey stones and cubes earlier, but for those unfamiliar, they are cubes made out of either stone or steel and are used to keep your drink cool without diluting it with water. This can be very beneficial to those who wish to preserve the taste of their drink while enjoying it.

However, it is important to exercise care whenever one uses whiskey stones. Though the stones are smoothened to minimize scratches, they are still somewhat heavy, and simply dropping them onto your glass can damage it over time. If you value the condition of your whiskey glass, be sure to gently place and remove whiskey stones whenever you use them to minimize any damage.

Types of Whiskey Glasses

Whiskey glasses can actually differ based on type, and there’s more than just the typical tumbler. Here are some of the most popular whiskey glasses to date:

The whiskey tumbler

This is the most common type of whiskey glass and is the first type of glass that you think of whenever you think of whiskey. It’s used to drink other spirits, too, but whiskey is its most popular drink.

Tulip glass

Tulip glasses, or tulip-shaped glasses, are commonly seen to sample wines and were originally used as such. However, they are also sometimes seen in use when trying out whiskey. They are now often used to help notice the intricate flavors of certain types of whiskey.


Highball glasses are those glasses you find used in cocktails or other spirits. It’s a tall, lean glass, and you often see it used to serve sodas and whiskey mixes. It’s a lot more casual in design and appearance than other glasses, but it serves its purpose all the same.

Whiskey Glass Set FAQ

Q: Does the whiskey glass matter when drinking?

A: If you enjoy appreciating the flavors of whiskey, then the type of glass can affect your tasting experience.

Q: What type of glass is best for Bourbon?

A: When it comes to Bourbon, there really isn’t one true glass type that’s better than the others, so you can use anything from rocks glasses to shot glasses and more.

Q: Do you need to use rocks glasses when drinking whiskey?

A: While rocks glasses are definitely synonymous with whiskey in general, you don’t really need to stick to tradition and use only rocks glasses to enjoy a sip of some fine whiskey.

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