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Add A Little Spice To Your Dishes With The Best Salt And Pepper Grinders

  1. Home EC Salt And Pepper Grinder - Short Glass Shakers
  2. Himalayan Chef Black Pepper Grinder
  3. Eparé Dual Salt And Pepper Grinder
  4. Willow & Everett Stainless Steel Salt And Pepper Grinder
  5. XinXu Gravity Electric Salt And Pepper Grinder
  6. FLAFSTER KITCHEN Electric Salt And Pepper Grinder
  7. Buyer's Guide

Salt and pepper grinders are an essential tool for every dining table in every household. Salt and pepper are the most basic spices that can enhance the flavor of all kinds of foods. When spices are ground, they tend to oxidize, which causes the flavor to become dull. To prevent this, you need a good salt and pepper grinder that will ground the spices efficiently when you need them, so that you do not need to store ground spices.

Since salt/pepper grinders are a common item, a lot of options are available in the market, and it can become difficult to pick the right ones for you. Our team has prepared this guide to help you choose the best salt and pepper grinders in 2022.

Keep reading to find out about our top picks of salt and pepper grinders, where to find them, and how to choose the best ones for you.

Get freshly ground spices for your meal with the best salt and pepper grinders on the market

Home EC Salt And Pepper Grinder - Short Glass Shakers - Best Overall

This excellent salt and pepper mill set is made up of high quality, BPA-free glass and non-corrosive stainless steel. Ideal for a nice gourmet meal, family dinner, flaunting if you have fancy guests coming over, and serves as a great gift! The best part? We’ve found this one to be highly adjustable - it lets you twist the knob and gets you your desired coarseness with peppers, spices, and salt!

  • They’re affordable, durable, look good, and work well
  • They’re easy to use and easy to refill
  • Not very handy for people with small hands

They offer a 6oz capacity, are 5” tall, and super easy to refill! Lastly, you get a complete 1-year guarantee and just in the unlikely event you don’t like this salt and pepper mill set, you can get it replaced.

Himalayan Chef Black Pepper Grinder - Best Price

A low-cost grinder with many useful functions, this is sure to become a favorite in your kitchen cabinet. No synthetic dyes or other preservatives are used in Himalayan Chef Black Pepper Grinder. Adapted grinders for small and big quantities of Himalayan Chef Black Pepper are available, ensuring that the black peppers remain flavorful.

  • Convenient salt and pepper in one design
  • Easy to see ingredient level
  • Available in adaptable sizes
  • Not that durable

You can see how much pepper you have left thanks to the glass door on the filler door, which makes it easy to fill. Even when you don't need a whole peppercorn, you can open the door and shake it out when you do. When it's time to refill, the clear body makes it easy to see. The top-grind design also ensures no mess when the grinder is put away after usage.

Eparé Dual Salt And Pepper Grinder - Honorable Mention

The Eparé salt and pepper grinder is a 2-in-1 set that allows you to store your salt and pepper in one device. It is made of stainless steel and features a tough grinder that can grind all kinds of spices. You can choose the coarseness of your spices from the settings given in the cap. The bottle is transparent so you do not confuse which part has salt and which has pepper. When the cap is removed the mouth is big enough to easily pour in your spices. It weighs only 10 oz and is compact and stylish at the same time. This will look perfect at a dining table or even in restaurants.

  • Stainless steel makes it durable
  • Option to choose level of coarseness
  • Stylish and compact
  • Not very stable when standing upright

Willow & Everett Stainless Steel Salt And Pepper Grinder - Also Consider

This salt and pepper grinder set is very stylish and functional at the same time. The grinders on both are adjustable so you can choose how fine or coarse you want your spices to be. It is easily refillable and the transparent glass bottles allow you to keep track of your spice levels. The mechanism and stand are made from stainless steel which make them very durable. It will last you a long time because high quality materials are used throughout the whole set. The design is sleek and modern, and it will be the perfect addition to your kitchen or restaurant tables.

  • Adjustable grinder settings
  • Stainless steel mechanism makes it durable
  • Sleek and modern design
  • The stand is not very stable

XinXu Gravity Electric Salt And Pepper Grinder - Contender

This is a modern electric salt and pepper grinder by XinXu, and is a great option if you find yourself grinding spices often. The set is made from stainless steel and acrylic materials which make it very durable. All you have to do is turn it upside down and the device will automatically grind your spices; because there are no buttons or levers to manipulate, it makes multitasking so much easier. You can adjust the coarseness of the salt and pepper as well according to your preference. It also has a blue LED light which allows you to see how much salt and pepper you put on your food. Its modern design makes it perfect for home and restaurant use. The company offers a 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee.

  • Electric so it automatically grinds your spices
  • Adjustable grinder settings
  • LED light included
  • Needs batteries to operate which you will need to replace often

FLAFSTER KITCHEN Electric Salt And Pepper Grinder - Consider

This is another electric salt and pepper grinder set, though it's styled more traditionally compared to the above pick. It is made from stainless steel and has a very sleek and unique design. A gift box is included so you can easily gift it to someone. The stand is made of both metal and wood, and provides a stable base to rest the grinders when they're not needed. This set is a good replacement for the traditional salt and pepper grinders that needed manual work to grind spices. The coarseness is adjustable and overall it is very easy to use. Because of its ease of use, this automatic grinder is an excellent gift for anyone suffering from problems like arthritis.

  • Automatically grinds your spices
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Adjustable grinder settings
  • Can only be operated on non-rechargeable batteries

Buyer's Guide

Salt and pepper grinders are essential for dining tables both at home and in restaurants. From traditional grinders to electric ones, there are tons of options available in the market. We have prepared this complete guide to help you choose the best salt and pepper grinders in 2022. Whether you like the traditional way of grinding your spices, or you want an electric one to make the job easier for you, we have got you covered.

What Are Some Things To Consider Before Buying Salt And Pepper Grinders?

Here are a few things you should keep in mind before you make your final purchase of salt and pepper grinders.


Make sure that your salt and pepper grinder is made from stainless steel. This will allow you to wash them easily and any exposure to water will not cause them to rust. A stainless steel structure and glass bottle are the ideal combination so you can see your spices and monitor when you need to refill them.


The size of your grinders will depend on how often you use them. If you own a restaurant, a large amount will be used. You should look for one that has a large capacity, but is sleek and stylish at the same time. For home use, you can opt for one according to the space you have available at your dining table.

Ease Of Use

If you are tired of twisting your grinders to use salt, you may want to opt for an electric one. These can be operated by the touch of a button or even gravity. If you like the traditional way, you want a grinder that does not get stuck and will smoothly grind your spices.


The design of the salt and pepper grinders you use can affect the aesthetic of your place, especially if it is in a restaurant. You need to make sure that they complement the overall theme of the table and the room. For home use, you want a grinder that looks elegant, does not take up too much space, and matches the aesthetic of your dining table.

How To Pick A Quality Salt And Pepper Grinder?

Once you have decided whether you want a traditional or an electric salt and pepper grinder set, you need to look at a few things to make the final decision. A good idea is to look at the customer reviews to get an idea of the quality of the grinder set. These are honest because they come from people who have used the product.

Also look at the brand of the product. If they have good ratings, check their customer service. You want to be able to contact them easily in case of any complaints or queries. If a company offers a warranty, that is an added benefit because you can get an exchange or a refund if you are not satisfied.

Lastly, make sure that the grinder set you buy provides value for the money you spend. Expensive does not always mean good quality and you should always research a bit so that you can make an informed decision. If a product is too expensive without any real unique qualities, avoid buying it.

Salt and Pepper Grinder FAQ

Q: Can I wash salt and pepper grinders in the dishwasher?

A: It is not recommended to wash your salt and pepper grinders in the dishwasher because they can get damaged. Wash them by hand using warm water and dish soap and dry them completely before use to increase their life.

Q: Why should I use salt and pepper grinders instead of buying ground spices?

A: Once spices like salt and pepper are ground, they oxidize and start losing their flavor. This is why it is important to grind them only when you need them, so you can get a fresh flavor all the time.

Q: Is there a difference between a salt and a pepper grinder?

A: Yes. Pepper grinders use a steel mechanism as it is efficient. However, salt corrodes metal over time, which is why ceramic is used in salt grinders. This is why you should never exchange your salt and pepper grinders.

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