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Go Straight to Cloud Nine with the Best Silk Bed Sheets

  1. Pure Bedding Silk Bed Sheet
  2. Decolure Silk Bed Sheet
  3. wavveUziz Silk Bed Sheet
  4. Homiest Silk Bed Sheet
  5. Mk Home Silk Bed Sheets
  6. Buyer's Guide

Make your mom feel like royalty this Mother’s Day with a set of luxurious silk bed sheets. The best silk bed sheets are ultra-comfortable, soft, and non-abrasive. Silk and satin (the more affordable imitation version) are naturally hypoallergenic, which means that the fabric is resistant to allergens, dust, mold, and fungus.

Another great thing about silk bed sheets is that they’re suitable for all seasons. The opulent fabric provides the perfect combination of breathability and insulation for optimum temperature control. When it comes to caring for bedding, we understand that convenience is king, so we’ve selected the best silk bed sheets in 2022 that provide all the comfort and luxury you’re after while offering easy care and durability.

Best Silk Bed Sheets Worth Considering in 2022

Pure Bedding Silk Bed Sheet - Best Color Range

This luxurious set includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases. The fully elasticated fitted sheet has a deep pocket design ensuring a secure fit all night. Available in twin, full, queen, king, and California king sizes, the matching set offers the perfect temperature balance throughout the seasons. The sheen sheets are gentle against the skin, breathable, and even pet-friendly for pets who like to snuggle up to you at night.

  • Can be machine-washed
  • Fade, stain, and wrinkle resistant
  • Available in 26 color options
  • Does not come with a duvet cover

Decolure Silk Bed Sheet - Runner Up

Available in a choice of 8 luxurious colors and 4 sizes, this satin set fits securely with an elasticated fitted sheet. The set also includes a flat silk bed sheet and pillowcases. Silky smooth and skin-friendly, the silk-like satin bed sheets and pillowcases are non-abrasive and provide even temperature regulation. Unlike real silk, the wrinkle-free bedding is easy to maintain with a gentle wash and low-heat tumble dry.

  • No-slip elastic-rim fitted sheet
  • Wrinkle-resistant design
  • Anti-pilling
  • Twin size set only includes 1 pillowcase

wavveUziz Silk Bed Sheet - Best Satin Set

This ultra-comfy satin set includes 2 pillowcases, a flat sheet, and an extra-depth 16-inch fitted sheet to ensure a secure fit on even the thickest box springs or mattresses. Choose from 8 opulent colors. Give your skin and hair the care they deserve, even in your sleep. The soft satin fabric reduces tangling and abrasion. The set is made of 100% polyester with a slightly tighter weave for long-lasting durability and comfort.

  • Shrink and wrinkle resistant
  • Machine washable and low-heat tumble dry
  • Stain and fade resistant
  • Not available in California king size

Homiest Silk Bed Sheet - Best Overall

This gorgeous set is available in a variety of sizes including twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king. It includes one fitted and one flat sheet as well as 2 pillowcases. The polyester satin set is available in 18 colors to match any room décor. It is easy to maintain with a gentle machine wash and since it’s wrinkle-resistant it should not be ironed. The sheets are ideal for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

  • Minimizes hair frizz, tangles, and breakage
  • Helps retain skin moisture
  • Optimal temperature control
  • Extra pillowcases need to be purchased separately

Mk Home Silk Bed Sheets - Honorable Mention

Made with polyester and polyester blend, this silky satin fabric not only offers an authentic silk-like experience but makes it affordable to replicate the luxurious look and feel. This four-piece set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases that are suitable year-round. The fabric is breathable, offering optimal temperature control. Unlike other fabrics, this silk-like satin does not absorb moisture and oils, which helps to maintain your skin's water-oil balance even while you’re sleeping.

  • Exceptionally soft and silky
  • Prevents frizzy and tangled hair
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Sharp objects may snag on the fabric

Buyer's Guide

There is a wide range of silk fabrics available with varying characteristics and quality. The non-abrasive, skin-friendly nature of silk as well as its durability makes it a great investment.

To determine the quality of genuine silk, momme weight is a measurement that determines the weight, and thereby value, of items like silk and pearls. Silk is measured 100 yards long and 45 inches wide. It is then weighed in pounds to determine the momme weight. If the fabric has a weight of 16 pounds, for example, the momme weight is 16. Genuine silk should have this figure stated on the product label. Silk bedding should ideally have a momme weight higher than 14.

Charmeuse silk generally has a momme weight between 12 and 30. It is one of the most commonly used silk types, especially for clothing, scarves, and bedding. It has a natural elasticity with a satin sheen on the front side and a muted appearance on the back. Silkworms used in producing charmeuse are specifically farmed for silk production.

On the other hand, habotai silk has a momme weight between five and 15 and is the cheaper version of charmeuse. Also a popular choice for bedding, a sand washing process gives it the same softness as charmeuse but decreases longevity as it reduces the fiber quality.

Other types of silk are mulberry, tussah, and dupioni silk. The silkworms producing mulberry silk are carefully bred and given a specific mulberry leaf diet. They produce some of the highest quality silk. Tussah silk, on the other hand, is made by wild silkworms with no specific diet. The silk is not quite as soft or durable as other types.

Although satin is not genuine silk, it is designed to mimic the qualities and appearance of silk. It is made from polyester with a smooth and shiny finish, is durable, non-abrasive, and breathable, yet is much more affordable. Like silk bed sheets, satin is suitable for year-round use and doesn’t have to be swapped out with different bedding for summer or winter.

Traditional types of bedding are not as breathable and trap air causing body temperature to build up during the night. The structure of silk, however, allows a small amount of air through to naturally provide even temperature regulation. It is breathable, allowing moisture to escape. This wicking effect allows consistent temperature maintenance, which means less chance of night sweats and uncomfortably hot sleeping conditions.

When it’s cold, the natural heat retention properties of silk are enough to keep you warm, without the itch of wool fabric.

When choosing the color of your silk bed sheets remember that colors in your bedroom can affect your mood and sleep. Blue and green are popular colors promoting calm and relaxation. Although you want to choose colors you love that complement your bedroom décor; purple, brown, and gray are said to be best kept to smaller accents and accessories if enhancing sleep is your ultimate goal.

No one likes spending hours doing laundry, especially when it comes to large items such as bedding. You do however want to make sure you give your silk bed sheets the best care possible to ensure they last. Always follow the manufacturer's care instructions to avoid damage.

Silk naturally repels dust, oil, allergens, and dirt, making it easy to clean. Handwashing is the most delicate way of handling fabrics but most silk, and especially satin, can be machine washed in cold water on a gentle cycle. Never use warm water to wash satin or silk bed sheets.

Silk should always be air dried, whereas satin, silk's more affordable look-alike, can usually be tumble dried on a low heat setting.

Regardless of whether you choose genuine silk or satin, never bleach the fabric or use other harsh chemicals as it will damage the sheets and reduce its lifespan. In addition, you want to try and avoid ironing silk. If you really need to iron silk fabric, a light steam is best, or use the cool setting on the iron and only apply it on the fabric inside as opposed to the sheen side. Satin is wrinkle-resistant.

Silk Bed Sheet FAQ

Q: Why are silk sheets better for your skin?

A: Silk repels oils and allergens and does not absorb moisture like cotton. This helps your skin stay hydrated and is especially good for people who live in very dry climates or who have dry skin.

Q: How often should silk bedding be washed?

A: Silk bedding should ideally be washed at least every seven to ten days. If you have satin sheets, they can be machine washed on a gentle cycle in cold water.

Q: Can I use silk sheets in summer and winter?

A: Yes, the great thing about silk is that it is suitable for all seasons and very versatile. The sheets are breathable yet offer the right amount of insulation. If you live in an extremely cold climate you can keep the silk sheets and just swap out a duvet during colder months.

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