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Do Up Your Guest Room with the Best Sofa Beds

  1. Best Choice Products Faux Leather Sofa Bed
  2. Flamaker Futon Sofa Bed
  3. Yaheetech Futon And Convertible Sofa Bed
  4. Novogratz Brittany Sectional Futon Sofa Bed
  5. Milliard 4.5-Inch Memory Foam Sofa Bed
  6. Buyer's Guide

A sofa bed is a perfect accompaniment to a home with a small amount of space. If you do not have a guest room, you can use a sofa bed in the living room. A sofa bed can act as a sofa for the majority of the time, but it can transform into a bed when you need it.

When a guest stays, you can set it up as a bed and change it back into a sofa when they leave. If you live in a studio apartment, you can use a sofa bed as a sofa in the day, so you have the same space as someone with a full living room. At night you can transform your single room into a bedroom by transforming your sofa into a bed.

There are many different types of sofa beds to choose from. The best sofa bed will match your style and fit inside the room you need it for. To choose the best sofa bed, it is important to consider what type of sofa bed you want, what mechanism you prefer, and several other factors we will discuss later in the article.

First, check out the best sofa beds in 2022 below!

The Best Sofa Beds of 2022 in Detail

Best Choice Products Faux Leather Sofa Bed - Best Overall

The Best Choice Products Faux Leather Sofa Bed is available in brown, black, or white. It is a two-seater sofa with cup holders in the center, perfect for movie nights. There are three adjustable positions, so you can relax precisely how you want to. This handsome sofa has a 500-pound weight limit and lays flat to become a full-size bed. When used as a bed, it feels firm and supportive. This sofa bed is supported by strong and durable metal chrome feet. The tufted faux leather is well padded and provides excellent comfort. The dimensions of this sofa are 30.5-inches in length, 65.25-inches in width, and 31-inches in height.

  • Available in three colors
  • Possesses cup holders
  • Faux leather suitable for vegans
  • This sofa bed feels too firm for some people

Flamaker Futon Sofa Bed - Runner Up

The Flamaker Futon Sofa Bed is a faux leather sofa bed. It has a fully reclining backrest that transforms into a bed suitable for guests. The faux leather material can easily be wiped clean of any spills, so there's very little risk of leaving a permanent stain behind. This sofa has a useful cup holder in the center so you can enjoy a drink without taking up extra floor space with a coffee table. The back support maneuvers to three positions so you can adjust it to your perfect level of comfort. The strong padding offers the perfect balance between comfort and support. The chocolate brown faux leather and metal chrome legs provide a stylish and practical product.

  • Easy to clean faux leather
  • Built-in cupholder
  • Backrest adjusts to three positions
  • This sofa bed is quite low to the ground, which is difficult for some people with mobility issues

Yaheetech Futon And Convertible Sofa Bed - Honorable Mention

The Yaheetech Convertible Sofa Bed is available in black, brown, espresso, grey, and white. It consists of a click-clack mechanism that allows the back of the couch to adjust to three different levels. This sofa seats two people and comfortably sleeps one. It has a middle panel that has drink holders and can be folded away when not in use. The faux leather is very wear-resistant, and the cushions are filled with a high-density sponge that will retain its shape over time. This sofa includes two cushions that can be used as armrests or pillows. The sofa legs are made from stylish metal chrome.

  • Available in various colors
  • Easy to care for faux leather
  • Durable
  • Some may consider this sofa bed to be too firm

Novogratz Brittany Sectional Futon Sofa Bed - Contender

The Novogratz Brittany Sectional Futon Sofa is available in 12 neutral colors to match a variety of decors. This sofa bed boasts a ribbed and tufted cushion back and stylish linen upholstery. This beautiful sofa changes into a bed with ease. As a corner sofa and a bed, it is a perfect piece of furniture for a studio apartment or rented room. This product has a high weight limit of 600lbs. It is made from a strong and secure wooden frame. As a sofa, it measures 88-inches in length, 55.5-inches in width, and 31.5-inches in height.

  • Available in several colors
  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • As a bed, this product is too firm for some customers

Milliard 4.5-Inch Memory Foam Sofa Bed - Also Consider

Although this product is not a sofa bed, we thought this sofa bed mattress was worth adding to our list because it is so soft and comfortable. With this 4.5-inch thick memory foam mattress, you will never miss sleeping in a regular bed. This mattress has two layers that combine a 3-inch polyurethane foam base and a 1.5-inch soft memory foam top. The memory foam topping conforms to your body shape while providing good support. This mattress is compatible with the majority of folding sofa bed frames. This memory foam mattress is Queen size, but it's also available in full and twin sizes if you own a smaller sofa bed. The mattress comes with a zippered cover that is machine washable.

  • Two layers for support and comfort
  • Compatible with most sofa beds
  • Zippered cover is machine washable
  • It is difficult to fold a sofa bed closed with this mattress cover on top

Buyer's Guide

Things to consider when choosing a sofa bed

There are many different types of sofa beds to choose from. The best sofa bed for you will fit your style and fit inside the room you need it for. It is important to consider what type of sofa bed you want, what mechanism you prefer, and several other factors to choose the best sofa bed. Read below to see the considerations we recommend making before you make a purchase.


There are plenty of sofa beds on the market, so don’t settle for one that doesn’t perfectly match your decor. We found that greys and neutral colors are very trendy right now, as neutral colors are relaxing and compatible with a wide variety of styles and aesthetics.


There are several types of sofa beds. The one you choose will depend on your stylistic preference and available space. These include chair beds, storage sofa beds, two-seater sofa beds or three-seater sofa beds, and futons.

  • Chair beds: Chair beds are perfect for small guest rooms or in children’s rooms. You will always be ready for an overnight guest with a chair bed. A chair bed does not sacrifice much space and functions as a single bed when unfolded.
  • Storage sofa bed: Depending on the model, a storage sofa bed has enough space to store sheets and perhaps even spare pillows. Although it might seem like less of a space saver than a chair bed, when you take into account the fact that this sofa bed will store bedding, as well as sleep two people, it may save you more space in the right circumstances.
  • Two-seater and three-seater sofa beds: Choose a two-seater or three-seater sofa bed, depending on how much space you have. Always check the measurements of two and three sofa beds because there is no universal size for every manufacturer.
  • Futon: Futons may not have the best reputation, but they are really functional pieces of furniture. Whether you’re looking for something inexpensive, compact, or more practical, a futon brings it all. Futons are very easy to assemble and can be transformed from a sofa to a bed in a matter of seconds.


To make the right purchase, you must take correct measurements of the space available to you. When choosing your new sofa bed location, be sure not to block access to doorways, windows, or radiators. If you place a sofa bed in front of a radiator, it will not allow the heat to transfer out evenly into the room. In addition, this will also create an unnecessary fire hazard.

Sofa bed mechanisms

There are several sofa bed mechanisms in use right now. Most sofa beds will use either an A-frame, clic-clac, pull out and lift, or a 3-fold and roll-out mechanism.

  • A-frame: The A-frame sofa bed works by pulling the front out and pushing the back of the sofa down flat. This type of mechanism is common in smaller sofa beds like chair beds and two-seater sofa beds.
  • Clic-clac: Clic-clac sofa beds work by simply pushing the back of the sofa bed backward. Unlike an A-frame, pulling the base forward is not necessary. You will need to pull the sofa away from any walls to set it up as a bed. This type of bed often comes with inbuilt storage.
  • Pull-out and lift up: The pull-out and lift-up sofa bed work by pulling the front of the sofa and lifting the folded bed up and out from the base- like pulling a “v” up to make it one flat piece. Unlike the A-frame or Clic-clack sofa bed, you do not need to push the back of the sofa back. This is useful as most people leave space in front of a sofa, rather than behind it anyway.
  • 3-fold and roll-out: The 3-fold and roll-out mechanism work by removing the seating cushions and pulling out the bed from inside. This is usually a flat folded piece of padded material that acts as a mattress with metal frame legs that unfold.

Mattress quality

Ensure the mattress of the sofa bed is thick enough to be comfortable to sleep on. Also, ensure that it is not too soft or too hard. If you are in a situation to be able to test the sofa bed, do so. Alternatively, read customer reviews to judge how comfortable the majority of people find the sofa bed.

Ease of use

Try setting up the sofa bed before you purchase it if possible. This is especially important if you have any mobility issues, such as arthritis. If you can not set up the sofa bed easily, you won’t use it as one, and you are effectively just buying a new couch. If you cannot make it to a store, check online reviews and see how many customers, if any, had difficulty setting this product up as a bed.


Sofa beds can be expensive but a good investment nonetheless. To minimize the risk of being stuck with a defective product, only buy a sofa bed with a lengthy warranty. A manufacturer or retailer should have enough faith in their product to offer this.

How we choose the best sofa beds

To choose the best sofa beds, we consider several factors. These include how comfortable the sofa bed is as a seat and a bed, available storage, its size, the quality of materials used, and how easy it is to set up. We also read many customer reviews to make sure we only suggest well-liked and popular products.

Sofa beds price range

A sofa bed can cost as little as $70 and as much as $2500. The cheapest sofa beds will support one person, not have storage, and probably not feel very comfortable sleeping on. The most expensive sofa beds are usually larger sofas with storage and a good quality mattress included.

Sofa Bed FAQ

Q: When is the best time to buy a sofa bed?

A: If you see a sofa bed you love, you might be better off waiting until September or January to buy them. This is the most common time for new designs to arrive in the store. In addition, retailers will often put the old stock on sale to make room for new stock.

Q: Is a sofa bed less comfortable than a regular sofa?

A: A sofa bed should feel comfortable to sit on. Do not settle for a sofa bed you do not find comfortable. However, a sofa bed will feel firmer than a regular sofa because the cushions are often placed on a metal or wooden frame instead of springs.

Q: Is a sofa bed comfortable to sleep on?

A: A sofa bed is always more comfortable to sleep on than a regular sofa. However, it will not feel as comfortable as a memory foam mattress on top of a bed frame. A good quality sofa bed will still provide a comfortable night’s sleep, but it certainly won’t be the most comfortable night’s sleep you’ve ever had.

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