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Organize Your Home with the Best Under-Bed Storage

  1. HERNEAT 4pack with Firm Handle and Metal Zipper Under-Bed Storage
  2. Hersolm 4 Pack 100L Under-Bed Storage
  3. JERIA 4-Pack 100L Under-Bed Storage
  4. NestNeatly SmartCube Under-Bed Storage
  5. Buyer's Guide

Under-bed storage is a great way to utilize the space you have available to you. It is the perfect place to store the things you don’t use daily but don’t wish to throw away. Under-bed storage comes in many shapes and sizes, and there are many under-bed storage products on the market. Later in this article, we will discuss several factors you should consider before you buy under-bed storage.

First, you might like to check out our best under-bed storage in 2022.

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Detailing the Best Under-Bed Storages of 2022

HERNEAT 4pack with Firm Handle and Metal Zipper Under-Bed Storage - Best Overall

Herneat Storage bags offer a convenient way to store a variety of items under your bed. They come in a pack of four and are made from a lightweight fabric that is sturdy and durable. In addition, these bags have double zip closures that are easy to undo and fasten. The strong and easy-to-grip handle at the end of the storage bags makes removing the bags from under the bed easy and you don't have to worry about them ripping. Our favorite feature are the clear windows on the sides of the bags. Most bags have transparent tops but if they're under the bed, they're useless unless you pull the bag out.

  • Lightweight and durable material
  • Clear windows for easy viewing of contents on the sides
  • A strong handle makes removing from under the bed easy
  • The underside of the storage bags do not glide over carpet easily.

Hersolm 4 Pack 100L Under-Bed Storage - Runner Up

Hersolm Under-Bed Storage Bags come in a pack of two or four. Each bag has a capacity of 100-liters providing 400-liters in total. The top panel is see-through. These storage bags are made from lightweight and durable fiber that is also breathable, allowing airflow into the bags which prevents them from smelling musty. When not in use, the storage bags fold down flat. The handle is tough and easy to grip, making pulling from under the bed easy. The storage bags measure 40" x 20" x 7" - more than enough storage space to fully utilize the space under your bed.

  • Provides 400-liters storage in total
  • Pack of four storage bags
  • Fold-flat design when not in use
  • Some customers complain about breaking the zip. However, this may be due to overfilling.

JERIA 4-Pack 100L Under-Bed Storage - Honorable Mention

Jeria Underbed Storage Bags offer great solutions for your underbed storage. Not only do they come in the traditional rectangle shape with a transparent top, but there's also an option for a 6-pack of cubes. Each cube has a 90L capacity with a front-facing transparent window. These are better suited for a closet or garage but we like that Jeria offers the option. The cubes and traditional rectangle are made of 3-ply fabric which is breathable and durable. Whether you're looking for traditional underbed storage or storage cubes for the attic or garage, you won't be disappointed with Jeria's options.

  • Choose between rectangle or cube shapes
  • Made from durable and breathable material
  • Some customers complained about a strong chemical smell.

NestNeatly SmartCube Under-Bed Storage - Contender

The Smartcube Under Bed Storage Bag comes in a variety of storage bag options. These bags have clear windows so you can see precisely what you have stored. In addition, adhesive tags are included so that you can be even more organized! These bags are made from durable and breathable materials that will prevent mildew and protect your possessions from dust. Each large bag has plenty of space to fit towels, plush toys, seasonal clothes, and bedding. The handles are reinforced and rip-resistant and will allow you to slide the storage under and out from under your bed without worrying about tearing. This product also comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • Clear viewing panel
  • Breathable and durable material
  • It does not hold the shape of a rectangle- no reinforced sides.

Buyer's Guide

Now that you have checked out the best under-bed storage options, we recommend perusing our handy buying guide, where we’ll cover everything you need to know about buying the perfect under-bed storage for your home.

Things to consider when choosing the under-bed storage

Under-bed storage should match your style and your available space. Of course, this is different for everyone, so there is no universal best product to buy. However, you can make several factors and considerations to ensure you purchase the under-bed storage that is best for you.

Check them out below.


Before choosing what type of storage you want, measure how much space you have under your bed. Leave some room to maneuver the storage from under your bed without trapping your hands or fingers. Then, choose a storage option that fits comfortably into the available space.


There are many types of storage you could use. We will discuss the different types of storage below.

Plastic storage containers

Plastic storage containers come in different sizes. They are often translucent so that you can see the items stored inside. However, you can also get opaque plastic containers, although these are not as common.

They also often come with a plastic lid to prevent any stored items from becoming dusty. The smoothness of the plastic allows for smooth gliding across the floor, hard or carpeted alike. The downside of using a plastic container for under-bed storage is that the thickness of the plastic can take up space that might be better saved for items you wish to store.

Canvas containers

A canvas container is more breathable than a plastic container, preventing musty smells from developing after a long period without opening the container. Canvas storage can be made from various fabrics, but a good quality storage box is often made from linen. Many canvas storage boxes have a lid with a zip closure to keep dust away from your items.

A canvas container is useful if you like to get rid of clutter at regular intervals. This is because many canvas containers will collapse down to a flat shape, so the storage container will not take up much space when you have nothing left to store. It is also lighter in weight than a plastic container, making it easier to move the items to another room or another home.


Wooden storage containers don’t have a lid, don’t glide well over carpets, and take up a substantial amount of space on their own. However, if the under-bed storage you choose will be visible, a wooden storage box looks stylish and will make your room look more well put together than a plastic storage box and perhaps a canvas storage box.

Wicker basket

A wicker basket is another stylish option you can use to store your possessions under your bed. They are durable and lighter than solid wooden boxes. Wicker baskets also allow more airflow than the other options, so your possessions will remain fresher for longer but typically don't contain a lid.

Shoe storage

Some products have been made specifically for shoe storage if you are looking for under-bed storage for your shoes. Opt for shoe storage with adjustable dividers so you can fit in your large heels as well as your flats and boots.


For ease of use, opt for under-bed storage with wheels attached. This will make getting items out from under your bed less of a hassle, allowing you to store items you want regular access to, as well as items you only use seasonally.

Vacuum storage bags

Vacuum storage bags are amazing space-savers. They work by reducing the size of your clothes by removing all the air in the bag. However, vacuum storage bags don’t look good simply placed under your bed and will not stack well. They are better if placed inside a storage box or container.

The downside of a vacuum storage bag is that your clothes will come out very creased. For practical reasons, it is best to use vacuum storage bags for clothes you don’t want to wear for another year or next summer or winter. They also work well for blankets and sheets.


Depending on how much space you have under your bed, you may buy multiple storage containers. For example, you could buy a set of storage containers or a single large container to fill the entire space. However, you may find it easier to organize your possessions with separate compartments.

How we choose the best under-bed storage

To choose the best under-bed storage, we consider several factors. These include size, material, durability, and ease of use. We recommend products that we believe are good-value-for-money. We read many customer reviews to ensure the under-bed storage we recommend is popular and tried and tested. We only recommend products we would be happy to purchase ourselves.

Under-Bed Storage FAQ

Q: What should I store under my bed?

A: We recommend storing clothes that are too warm or too cool for the current season. The same goes for sandals and boots. It is also a good idea to store your bedding under your bed, since that can take up a lot of space in the linen closet.

Q: How do I hide storage boxes under my bed?

A: To hide your storage boxes, consider buying a dust ruffle. This is a piece of material that runs from the base of your bed frame down to the ground. You can wash a dust ruffle in the same way you wash a bedsheet. It will not only hide anything under your bed but will also reduce dust under your bed.

Q: What are bed risers?

A: Bed risers are attachments that make the legs on your bed longer. This gives you more vertical space to store items under your bed. If using bed risers, opt for under-bed storage that stacks easily.

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