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Next Level Comfort: The Best Women's Bathrobes

  1. NY Threads Women's Bathrobe
  2. Just Love Women's Bathrobe
  3. Rongtai Women’s Bathrobe
  4. Turquaz Women's Bathrobe
  5. Amazon Essentials Women's Bathrobe
  6. Buyer's Guide

Whether you’re relaxing at the pool, making your morning cup of joe, or reading a book on the couch, a bathrobe provides luxurious comfort and an extra bit of warmth when needed. Some robes double as a bath towel so you can get your hair and makeup ready after a shower without getting cold. The finest women’s bathrobes come in a range of styles and fabrics from long fluffy fleece robes to shorter silky gowns. We’ve searched for the best women’s bathrobes in 2022 with great quality fabric and the perfect comfy feel. Check out our favorite picks and tips on choosing the best one for yourself or as a gift.

Best Women's Bathrobes of 2022 Reviewed in Detail

NY Threads Women's Bathrobe - Best Full Length

This gorgeous fluffy full-length bathrobe will have you making excuses to go home and put it on. The large hood and front pockets provide all the comfort and convenience you need. The material feels soft and plush and comes with a belt to secure it. Available in sizes small to extra-large, the manufacturer provides a sizing chart so you can order the perfect fit. Choose from plum, burgundy, black, gray, taupe, white, or pink.

  • Features front pockets large enough for a mobile phone
  • Super soft and fluffy comfort
  • Machine washable
  • Not available in XXL

Just Love Women's Bathrobe - Honorable Mention

This velvet-like velour fabric is soft and offers superior comfort whether you throw it on after work or after a shower. We love the scalloped pattern that gives this gown a truly unique style. With the mid-length style and tie closure, this is the ideal gift for busy moms this Mother’s Day. It is easy to move around in but also provides snug warmth. Check the bathrobe sizing chart for the perfect fit.

  • Ultra-soft and comfortable
  • Available in sizes extra-small to 3X-large
  • Machine-washable and tumble-dry friendly
  • No hood

Rongtai Women’s Bathrobe - Runner Up

Ideal for lounging around, you can keep your mobile phone nearby with the large bathrobe pockets and ensure your neck stays warm after a bath with a thick, soft shawl collar. Rongtai’s gown for women is available in sizes small to XXL and comes in 37 colors and prints. Don’t worry about the belt continuously coming loose as there is an inside closure as well as an exterior belt tie to keep the folds securely in place.

  • Large pockets
  • Interior and exterior tie closure for a secure fit
  • A thick fluffy collar keeps your neck warm
  • No hood

Turquaz Women's Bathrobe - Best Hooded

With 14 beautiful colors to choose from, these full-length ultra-soft bathrobes are the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. They’re easy to wash, lightweight, and durable. The gowns are available in sizes small to XXL. If you’re not sure of the fit, check the sizing chart or even check your mom’s coat size to place a gift order. The robes feature a large hood and front pockets with tie closure.

  • Soft and gentle on the skin
  • Lightweight and absorbent
  • Machine-washable and tumble-dry friendly
  • Not available in 3X-large

Amazon Essentials Women's Bathrobe - Best Mid-length

Where big, fluffy robes are ideal for superior comfort, they’re also hard to pack when traveling. This cotton-polyester blend bathrobe is ideal for the traveling woman and does not wrinkle. This kimono-style gown is available in sizes small to XXL. Although it is lightweight and convenient to pack in a suitcase, it is also soft, absorbent, and gorgeously comfortable.

  • Available in sizes extra-small to XXL
  • Large pockets
  • Interior and exterior tie closure for a secure fit
  • Not as thick and fluffy as other robes

Buyer's Guide

Women's bathrobes are loose-fitting not only for comfort but also to easily fit over pajamas or clothing. Choosing a robe may seem simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you get a product you will love, that fits you, and matches your needs.

Women's bathrobes generally come in three lengths. They can either be above the knee, ankle-length, or somewhere in the middle at mid-calf length. The manufacturer of the robe should provide a sizing chart with their online description. Compare your measurements to those indicated on the chart to ensure you choose the right size. You will want to check the sleeve length (shoulder to wrist measurement), shoulder width (shoulder to shoulder measurement), and robe length (middle of your neck downwards). If you’re not quite sure, check the size of one of your coats as it will be a similar fit.

Besides the length of a bathrobe, there is a range of different styles, colors, and designs to choose from. Spa or hotel-style bathrobes are incredibly popular with a white fluffy texture, pockets, and belt closure. Silky robes, on the other hand, are ideal to wear over lingerie. Hooded-style robes are all about comfort and are great for drying wet hair. If you enjoy wearing your bathrobe around the house, something with large pockets is very handy to keep your mobile phone or keys.

One annoying problem with many bathrobes is that the belts easily maneuver out of place. This means you constantly have to re-tie the knot to keep the gown closed and your body warm. Some designs solve this problem by integrating an interior and exterior closure. This includes an inside strap to keep the gown in place and a regular belt tie on the outside to keep the flaps closed.

Another seemingly insignificant feature to take note of is whether the belt is attached through loops. Belts easily shift up the waistline, come loose, or get lost entirely, and having it attached to your robe while wearing it will keep it at the right height for a perfect fit.

When choosing the material of the robe, prioritize its purpose. Is it comfort, absorbency, durability, or texture you’re after? You’ll also want to take the weight into account as some bathrobes can be much heavier than others.

Cotton bathrobes are soft and breathable. Ideal for people with sensitive skin, they are also hypoallergenic. Satin shares this characteristic, making it a great option for people who suffer from allergies. It is silky smooth, elegant, and very lightweight, yet still retains enough warmth.

Terry cloth is perfect for the bathrobe that will double as a towel with its absorbent properties, while velour fabric robes will make you feel like royalty with the velvet-like texture and soft touch. Fleece is another great choice for bathrobes since it is warm, quick-drying, lightweight, and feels like you’re warmly wrapped up in a blanket.

Like a towel, you’ll want to wash your bathrobe regularly, especially if you’re not just putting it on to make coffee in the morning. A good quality bathrobe that is well taken care of can last a couple of years. Follow the manufacturer's instructions as this will vary according to the fabric type.

Generally, bathrobes can be machine washed in cold water on a delicate cycle with a gentle detergent. Turn the sleeves inside out and remove the belt when washing. Harsh fabric softeners and bleach will damage the fibers, so stay clear of those. It is best to air dry your gown, but if the label permits, you can gently tumble dry it on low heat. Make sure it is completely dry before hanging it back in its place.

Women's Bathrobe FAQ

Q: What is the best material for a bathrobe?

A: The best material for a women’s bathrobe depends on the purpose of the robe. If it is intended to double as a towel, terry cloth or cotton are good choices. Microplush and flannel are cozy choices to keep you warm and snuggly, while satin is much lighter.

Q: Is Turkish cotton the same as Egyptian cotton?

A: Although similar, Turkish cotton is slightly less absorbent than Egyptian cotton, but they are both good choices for a bathrobe. Turkish cotton is ideal for long-term comfort as it becomes softer with use.

Q: Can I wear my bathrobe to bed?

A: A robe is very much like slippers in that you will wear it for comfort and warmth before bed, maybe even while sitting and reading on your bed, but will take it off when you sleep. Robes can also be worn over your pajamas. Although nothing is stopping you from sleeping in your bathrobe, it won’t be very comfortable to wear under a duvet. If you toss and change position a lot during the night, the corners and belt will get tangled.

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