Track the money flowing into the race for Placeholder



The two candidates on the November ballot for treasurer have raised a combined $4.4 million. About 99% of that amount went to Democratic incumbent Fiona Ma.

$4.3 million
contributed to Fiona Ma
contributed to Jack Guerrero

Who has raised the most?

Ma has, by a long shot.

Ma, who led in the primary with 58% of the vote, began the campaign cycle with more than $1.5 million. Ma has received 2,592 donations averaging $1,690 each.

Jack Guerrero, a Republican, is a city councilmember in Cudahy in Los Angeles County and a certified public accountant. Guerrero has received 90 donations averaging $300 each.

Where is the money coming from?

Ma’s support is throughout the state, with big pockets in Sacramento and Los Angeles. Guerrero’s contributions are hard to see on the map, but most of the money he raised came from Southern California.

Who is supporting the candidates?

Candidate committees for the treasurer’s race have contribution limits of $16,200. There were 28 donors who contributed the maximum amount to Ma, and none who contributed the maximum to Guerrero.

Ma’s donors included Julia Gouw, chairwoman of Piermont Bank’s Board of Directors and retired president of East West Bank, and her husband; C.C. and Regina Yin, owners of dozens of California McDonald's franchises; and PACs representing Realtors, plumbers, law enforcement and healthcare workers.

How is the money being spent?

$2.8 million
spent for Fiona Ma
spent for Jack Guerrero
Candidate and primarily formed committee expenditures. Unitemized expenditures are not included. The chart also does not include $25,000 in expenditures for Jack Guerrero that did not include dates.
Fiona Ma
$2.8 million spent of $5.5 million candidate committee funds
Committee funds do not include nonmonetary contributions.

In addition to the amount Ma’s candidate committee raised, it also has $1.3 million in funds, including transfers from previous committees and other miscellaneous transactions. Most of Ma’s spending has gone toward campaign consultants, contributions and professional services such as legal or accounting.

Jack Guerrero
$25,000 spent of $25,000 candidate committee funds
Committee funds do not include nonmonetary contributions.

Guerrero has paid small amounts for campaign consultants and professional services.