Tracking the coronavirus in LAUSD schools

active cases
school outbreaks under investigation

With students back in the classroom, L.A. Unified officials are reporting coronavirus cases discovered in the nation’s second-largest school system. As part of its coronavirus tracker, The Times is analyzing the latest figures and watching trends over time. This page will update as new numbers arrive.

The trend

As of February 6, there were 766 active cases detected by the district’s massive testing regimen. Of those, there were five cases linked to spread* at two schools. L.A. Unified serves more than 400,000 students.

* The count of school-linked cases may be unreliable. The district has ended individual contact tracing in most schools, the most common source for this information.

Tracking the coronavirus outbreak

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The totals

There are currently 14 schools under investigation for an outbreak, which is defined as three or more cases transmitted at school over 14 days.

In total, 357 of the 898 campuses on the district's dashboard have an active case, 40% of the total. There are one schools currently reporting more than 10 active cases among staff and students.

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Find a school

Officials have provided the current number of active cases at each campus as well as those attributed to spread at school. Schools in bold are under investigation by the Los Angeles County Public Health Department for an outbreak. Search and sort the numbers below.