Tracking school reopenings in California

Tracking school reopenings in California

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A year into the COVID-19 pandemic, K-12 public school districts across California are slowly welcome students back to campus. Yet this reopening effort is happening unevenly, district-by-district. This page tracks California's progress using data from state education officials.

How many students can return?

State officials in February began tracking districts where some form of in-person instruction is an option. About 3 million of the 6.1 million public and charter students have the option to return, according to estimates The Times derived from data that school districts provide to the state.

The return figure represents only potential capacity, because it’s likely that many parents will choose to keep their students at home for now. It remains low because some of the most populous school districts haven't reported formal reopening dates to the state. L.A. Unified, the largest district in the state, will being a phased-in reopening beginning April 12.

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Elementary schools opening first

When the state went into lockdown, school districts offered only distance learning. Some are now offering full-time in-person instruction, while others have a hybrid of in-person and distance learning.

Can students return?

In-person Hybrid Unspecified

California Department of Education

Some districts, such as L.A. Unified, remain distance only for now but are planning limited in-person instruction. Elementary school students are more likely to have the option of attending school in person thus far.

What’s going on with school?

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Some areas opening before others

More students have the option to return to campuses in the state's northern and more rural counties — especially in the upper grade levels. Many districts in Orange County have opened, but Los Angeles County's most-populous district, L.A. Unified, hasn't yet given students the option to return.

What's open where?

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Look up your school district

Look up a school district and its opening status for elementary, middle and high schools. Districts safety plans are hyperlinked in the table below.

Enrollment figures do not include charter schools that may fall within district boundaries. Districts without reopening status on the CDPH website are not included.

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