Civility: Slimming tips for plus sizes

Part 2

Creating a visually balanced body with clothing is a goal that involves education and knowledge of your assets. Much of this information can be used by every woman.

How many of your clothes do you wear? Research shows that women wear about 60% of the clothes in their closet. With knowledge, much money will be saved.

Here are more tips to help you appear thinner.


Stretch fitted jackets with pants are flattering. Choose fine texture such as cashmere, Merino Wool, rayon or jersey. Emphasize slimmer arms with sleeveless tunics and layering. Wear a slightly deeper neckline, V-neck or scoop neck blouse or T-shirt. This will elongate your torso. Loose and long tunic tops/ cardigan sweaters that skim the bust, tummy and hips will slim the body. A sleeveless tank or camisole under a long vest or a long chiffon blouse is attractive. A longer tunic, sweater or blazer over narrow pants elongates and slims. A single-breasted jacket can be flattering because it doesn’t have to be buttoned.


Longer skirts will lengthen the torso and minimize the bust; one can wear a waistline on a skirt that is slightly lower than the natural waistline; A-Line skirts or A-Line dresses disguise full hips and thighs; and a slightly loose pencil skirt can be worn just below the knees with a longer top.


Pouf skirts, side or back zippers, pockets or large bold plaids, overly large prints and florals, horizontal lines, bold bright colors, sneakers with pants, top-stitching, wrap dresses, over-sized T-shirts, heavy embellishments, bright fabric on heavy hips or bust, transparent fabric over bulges, chunky weaves, drawstring pants and heavy pleats or gathers on pants/skirts.

Helpful websites:

Fully-lined dresses,; jersey with spandex,; sheath dresses with built-in power liner control slips,; super slimming and flattering wide-legged pants, “Magic Pant” by https://www.magaschoni; Not Your Daughter’s Jeans’ “Tummy Tuck Jeans” have panels that lift and hold; shapewear,; slimming tops,; body wraps, modern tank tops and bike shorts,; Spanx, and TC Shapewear. Plus-size clothing can be found at Banana Republic, Saks, Talbots, Chicos, The Limited and Lane Bryant, among others.

I hope that this information educates, inspires, and encourages you to be and look your best. It is not what you have, but what you do with what you have that matters.

DIANA OLSON, MA AICI CIP, is an image/etiquette and civility specialist. She can be contacted at

(626) 685-9761,, or e-mail