Civility: Etiquette quiz

At this point, I have been writing weekly articles on Civility: Appearance, Behavior, and Communication for the last four years. To check your absorption power, I am offering an etiquette survey, with the answers to follow next week.

1. Conversations: What are six words that help create and maintain small talk?

2. Speakerphone: What are three courtesies to use when using speakerphones?

3. Voice mail messages: What are the four information points that you need to leave on a voice mail?

4. Telephone: When answering the phone, and that person is not there, what do you say?

5. Toasting: When a toast is being proposed in your honor, how do you handle the gesture?

6. Reception arrival time: If the invitation states 6:00 to 8:00, at what time should you arrive?

7. Group connections: How do you politely handle communication with four people at a dinner table?

8. Business card: At a social function, you meet the CEO. After a brief chat, should you give him your business card?

9. Formal invitations: How far in advance should formal invitations be mailed?

10. Informal invitations: How far in advance should informal invitations be mailed?

11. Telephone invitations: These are acceptable, but reminder cards need to be mailed how many days prior to the event?

12. Cocktail parties: What are the best hours for a cocktail party?

13. Invitation expectations: If you invite 100 people, how many should you expect to actually attend?

14. Bathing suit for short-waisted woman: What is a good style?

15. Grief etiquette: What are three gifts that you might give to a grieving person?

16. Introductions: In a social situation, what is the hierarchy for introductions? What is the hierarchy for business introductions?

17. Zig-Zag conversations: Why is this important between two people?

18. Network etiquette: How do you graciously end a conversation?

19. Airplane etiquette: In a three-seat section, the person in the middle is able to have which armrest?

20. Tipping: How much do you tip for services when checking into a better hotel?

Answers will be printed next week.

DIANA OLSON, MA AICI, CIP, is an etiquette and civility specialist/image stylist. She can be contacted through or (626) 584-9761.

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