The Valley Line: Fashion show 'goes green'

My goodness, I certainly wasn’t ready for summer last week when the thermometer soared to 94 degrees in the shade. All sorts of heat records were broken in and around the valley a week ago today.

I noticed that folks were getting a little cranky about the heat. At least it cooled off for the weekend. It doesn’t look like more rain is right around the corner, but that could be a surprise from Mother Nature, too.


Oakmont Country Club was spruced up for spring and provided a lovely setting for the recent La Cañada Thursday Club’s eco-friendly “Goin’ Green” benefit fashion show.

Chairman Peggy Touchstone hatched the plan, and helping her carry out the green theme were committee members Beverly Albright, Dee Fisher, Gracella Gibbs, Dotty Greenawalt, Sharon Hubanks, Pat Huber, Jody Platisa and Pat Ryburn.

The very creative Jody Platisa fashioned the dramatic orchid centerpieces for the tables. They were set among green, leafy plants and pieces of bamboo.

A silent auction table was beautifully arranged and inspired plenty of eager bidders among the 200 guests. While they were deciding what to bid on, ladies sipped signature drinks of Shamrock Champagne (in honor of St. Patrick’s Day) and green apple martinis.

After the ladies had done their shopping at the auction tables, the luncheon bell was rung. Judy Cooper, president of the club, welcomed the guests. After lunch was served, the fashion show began, featuring Thursday Club members as models. The fashions were provided by Holiday Hats and Gowns and Coldwater Creek.

Models for the fashions included Val Burgess, Dee Fisher, Dotty Greenawalt, Bobbi Hemphill, Pat Huber, Linda Pebsworth, Karen Poindexter, Jane Roselle, Cathy Sedlick, Alma Tyler, Shawn Whipple and Nancy Wyman.

Lovely La Cañada ladies and guests attending the fund-raiser included Julie Abbott, Jan Akers, Fran Andrews, Alma Barba, Peggy Barber, Fran Bernard, Kim Bartine, Joanie Bartoli Porto, Julie Battaglia, Beth Battison, Sue Beatty, Louise Beggs, Barbara Bell-Sanders, Mary Berglund, Trish Bigelow, Mary Boerger, Maureen Borland, Susan Boyd, Brenda Brisbois, Sally Brodhead, Caroline Broes, Angela Browne, Joanne Bruckner, Elinor Bunn, Marilyn Bunn, Edna Burrow, Peggy Burt, Shirley Callahan, Taylor Carbonetti, Dolores Castello, Gale Caswell, Marilyn Center, Ursula Chapman, Linda Chew, Marian Christensen, Jean Chubb, Joan Cleven, Tina Connell and Mary Cota.

More guests in attendance were Florence Cox, Janice DaVolio, Barbara Dawson, Kate Duey, Sunni Dunlap, Lynn Duvall, Angelica Edelbrock, Dorothy Ertel, Nancy Fraines, Joyce Gharib, Karen Gilmour, Joanne Gilson, Christine Goez, Vera Gragg, Pat Guernsey, Merrily Hake, Marilyn Hewitt, Dena Higley, Ruth Hokinson, Jacky Hollingsworth, Pat Huber, Sharon Hubanks, Lynn Jacobs, Lee Johnson, Elaine Kaiser, Jeanie Kay, Clay Kempson and Aline Kuhnle.

Still more enjoying the benefit were Becky Lankey, Charlotte Leyland, Penny Ledbetter, Kookwha Lee, Evelyn Leflang, Tracy Leising, Kathy Leonard, Trudy Lucey, Linda MacCalden, Lorie Mackenzie, Corkie MacPherson, Katy McCollumn, Joan McGee, Margaret McMurray, Alison McQuay, Denise Mann, Ginny Mann, Lorraine Marsteller, Jewell Matsuura, Cyndy Mayer, Kathy Mayer, Gail Merchant, Nell Merchant, Janet Millard, Lindsay Monroe, Kelly Moore, Martha Moore, Sheri Morton, Penny Norman, Miriam Phillips, Helen Phinney, Nancy Pittson, Marilynn Pixler, Millie Powell, Roberta Raffaelli, Sharon Ramage Wagner, Anita Reid, Marjorie Riewe, Jane Rosell, Pat Ryburn, Cindy Sawyer, Audrey Schaub, Barbara Self, Betty Sheridan, Wanda Silliman, Betty Slattery, Bev Sobraske, Carolyn Stamper, Betty Sweetnam, Janet Thompson, Nancy Thurston, Cheryl Tichon, Jacquie Townsend, Sue Tutt, Alma Tycer, Kim Upton, Eunice Van Valkenburgh, Jill Weinlein, Nancy Wyman and Jean Zink.

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